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    1. battman2036
    2. the4ce
      Sure :)

      You will need the following programs:

      -X3 ModManager
      - Autodesk 3DS Max or GMax (GMax can only import them)(you can find GMax at

      1. Open X3 ModManager and click on the 'Open' button, chose a .cat file from the X3: Reunion directory.
      2. Search for 3D models (example: ( file) objects\ships\argon\argon_M3.pbb) and the textures, (example: ( file) dds\ and dds\ then extract them by right click on them.
      3. Read this and do what it says. (you need to convert the file from BOB to BOD)
      4. Read this (this is how to open DBOX2)
      5. Open DBOX2 and click import and wait some minutes until the model apears.
      6. Put textures on it and extract the model in what format you want.

      I hope it helps. You can look on and for more help.
    3. Death03
      Hello,I'm a X3 gamer and a model builder.I've saw your Buster sometime ago.It's impressive.And now I decide to learn to design some ship on my own.I'm studying from some HW model sites.But It's hard to get anything about the model extraction.Maybe cycrow has something on his site,but his site is down by now.Could you please tell me something about X3 model design?Thank you.
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