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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by UP SD40-2, Apr 30, 2006.

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  1. UP SD40-2

    UP SD40-2 Senior Member

    THANK YOU Wayne, for the complements:D . to answer your question, NO, the SP units were probably NOT that clean at the take over:D . HOWEVER, here at the UP "Rock Valley Sub"...tooth1 , we PRIDE ourselves with our CLEAN units:thumb: :D ...although sometimes, engines slip through the systemhamrtooth1 . THANKS!:D -Deano View attachment 28868

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  2. cn nutbar

    cn nutbar Member

    hey deano---check these out.i came across a couple of pictures from my photo collection---sorry for the poor quality but i tried taking a picture of the picture using my digital camera---but i think you get the idea---i don't remember the year these were taken,but you can see where some of uncle pete's old units ended up---i think they're sd 40's---#s 5930 and 5931---so i guess it's ok if you ever want to run some cn power on your layout---hope you enjoy,nutbar


  3. MilesWestern

    MilesWestern Active Member

    Yes, I would like it, but it's on an SP injun! :curse: I suppose we're even now for the UP engine I "dismantled" to make my doodlebug! :rolleyes: :D

    Also, a suggestion:please spray the rear grill on the tunnel motor Black to give the effect of weathering, and a see-through inplication! :)
  4. doctorwayne

    doctorwayne Active Member

    Nice work on your gas car, Miles.:thumb:

  5. UP SD40-2

    UP SD40-2 Senior Member

    nutbar, THANKS, for posting those pics:thumb: . i was quite surprised to see the old UP power in your neck of the woods, VERY INTERESTING:thumb: :D . **Miles, i patched that engine LONG before you started your doodlebug:D , but i will say we are now even:D . BTW, NICE JOB on the doodlebug:thumb: , looks about ready for paint;) . when can we expect to see it finished:confused: , cant wait to see how it turns out!:D . AS FAR AS the SP, patched for UP ( :D ), no miles, it is NOT finished, sad fact is, i only have 6 engines out of my WHOLE collection that i could really say are "completed":oops: tooth1 . my plan is to finish them ALL this winter(along with 5,000 other projects:rolleyes: ):thumb: . :D -Deano
  6. MilesWestern

    MilesWestern Active Member

    sign1 Yes, my list of 5,000 othr projects pretty much sums it up! :rollleyes: I remember seeing the SP engine patchesd before I did start my gas-electric! :)

    I wanted to wait for F-M week to post this, but I couldn't wait this long! :oops:


    Sunlight glistens off the hood of a Fairbanks-Morse H-12-44 in the late afternoon of August 12th 1954.

    (Note: The Walther's F-M i one of the best runner's I've come across! It PULLS tons of cars, switches at very low speeds, and manages to look nice while doing all that, thanks to Raymond lowey! :thumb: IndustRAIL design really makes a difference, doesn't it?)
  7. UP SD40-2

    UP SD40-2 Senior Member

    Miles, YOU HAVE ONE OF THOSE!!!, OUTSTANDING!!!:thumb: :D . i have 2 in my FM collection:D(of 12:thumb: ) , a CNW, and Milwaukee Road:thumb: . here are 2(poor) shots of them, i didn't have a good camera at the time:( . these pics are from a switching layout my dad and i built about 4yrs ago, this same switching layout has now been Incorporated into dads NEW layout:thumb: :D . they ARE GREAT RUNNERS!:thumb: i have installed LokSound in BOTH!:D glad you got one, they are hard to find now;) . :D -Deano View attachment 28887 View attachment 28888

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  8. MilesWestern

    MilesWestern Active Member

    I know!! There's an NKP one (looks REALLY good, and modified) on Ebay, ONE! I'm SO glad I got mine from a fellow member at the trainclub for only $25.00 It was quite a deal! :thumb: ...of course, I can only remember buying ONE (out of forty or so) locomotives at near-full price, and even that was 20% off, all my other 39+ locomotives have been from Trainshows(YES! :) ) Friends, The Trainclub ( :thumb: ) or from Garage sailing (Yes, Garage sailing!) I frequently purchase from trainworld, and their prices are SOO low, that's just insane, I can't figure how they make any money! :rolleyes: Well, I'm a good customer!

    The only thing my loco lacks is a good paint job :( Time for microscale decals! :)
  9. UP SD40-2

    UP SD40-2 Senior Member

    Engine Totals & Roads...

    Cripes Miles!, your going to out do me!:eek: :D sign1 i just counted my WHOLE collection, thats EVERY HO engine i have TODAY, NOT counting the Athearn Big Boy, BLI UP AC6000, or Tower55 UP SD70ACe i have preordered. here are my totals: 35 UP's, 7 CNW's, 4 Milwaukee Roads(all four are FM's:thumb: ), 1 GBW, 1 WSOR, and 1 primer gray Shark. thats a GRAND TOTAL of 49 engines!:thumb: :D ALL but one, WITH SOUND!:thumb: :D the ONLY engine that DOES NOT have sound is an old AHM Milwaukee Road C-liner(see pic), still runs, but just NOT worth remotoring it for sound, haven't ran it in 6yrstooth1 . i WAS into N scale for 3yrs, have 16 N scale engines, 3 now on a shelf, the rest in a box:oops: . since i have gotten into HO & sound, doubt i will run them...i did NOT count them in the total. **HEY!, just thought of an idea! ANYONE ELSE want to list there engine totals? PLEASE DO! i would love to know what YOU GUYS HAVE!:thumb: PLEASE list the ROADS, and TOTALS, like i did: 35 UP,etc. announce1 REMEMBER FOLKS, THIS IS NOT A CONTEST!, just curious to see what others have:thumb: . :D THANKS!-Deano View attachment 28889

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  10. doctorwayne

    doctorwayne Active Member

    Hey Dean, if you want to remotor that AHM C-Liner, you could try the easy fix that I did on one for cn nutbar. The chassis from the Stewart AS616 (I think that's the model) is pretty much a drop-in fit as I recall, although it's been a few years since I did it. The correct sideframes for the trucks are available from Detail Associates, and just snap in place. If you want more info, I'll ask him to bring the loco along next time he visits, so that I can check out exactly how I did it.

  11. MilesWestern

    MilesWestern Active Member

    Here's how that 40 breaks down:

    -4 locos are DCC'd
    -those and about 10 more are good locomotives with good/great/wonderful quality
    -12 are are Athearn Bluebox, with hit&miss detail (from really great to "hey, where did my handrails go?" :rolleyes:
    -5 are marginal runners, future kitbash ingriedents, or just sale items, or shelf fillers :rolleyes:
    -The rest are Sold (ala P2k NKP SD9 :cry: ), cutup for scrap (ala UP GP18), or sitting demotored awaiting the torch (like an model power RS2 that caught on fire while I ran it oneday!!! :eek: )

    On my railroad, it's run revenue, or face the dollar, the deadline, or the darn torch for project fodder!
  12. Thoroughbreed

    Thoroughbreed Member

    2 Norfolk Southern dash8's (Athearn blue box)
    1 Norflok Southern sd40-2 High Hood (Athearn blue box)
    1 Norfolk Southern gp38-2 high Hood (Athearn blue box)
    1 CSX ac44 (Athearn blue box)
    1 Santa Fe dash 8 (Athearn blue box)
    2 Southern Pacific ac44's (Athearn blue box)
    1 GE demonstrator ac44 (Athearn blue box) patched for NS
    1 Southern Pacific sd40t (Athearn blue box)
    3 Norfolk Southern gp60's 2 operayion lifesavers, 1 in southern colors (heritage) (Athearn blue box)
    1 Santa Fe E6 model power
    1 BNSF warbonnet dash9 Bachmann Spectrum
    1 Southern Pacific dash9 (Athearn blue box) MRC Collectors edition
    1 NW sd40-2 (Athearn blue box) currently on cannabolism for the following project
    1 Rail Power SD90mac chassis and shell, motive power from the above sd40, not quite finished
    1 santa fe 4-8-4 northern 3781 , waiting on repower kit from bowser
    2 sd45's, 1 up 1 sp (Athearn blue box)
    1 dd35 undecorated, waiting for parts to replace a bad rear truck (Athearn blue box)
    3 alco pa's 2 a units and a b, santa fe chief livery (Athearn blue box)
    so total, that's 25 total.

    Haven't started convertin to dcc yet, but the sd90 will be setup with it when Im done. I'll prob be usin this nce D13SR, as it can be adapted to all athearnt blue boxes.
    All I'm needin to get the drive train right is the long spines between the motor and worm gears. Then outside detail, handrail set, air tanks, snow plow, mu lines and of course the paint. I know it;s gonna be a UP, but hopin to get it to be an heritage scheme. Stuck between the d&rgw or upcomin sp scheme. Not too big of a cnw or katy fan schemes.
    Any help with suggestion on wire to use for thr handrails, or otheritems, would be greatly appreciated, as from what I'vr understood, rail power is no longer in business.

    I'm gonna use the ns road units to pull freightfrom birmingham to cols yd, and pick up outbound freight to atlanta. I'm gonna use the SP mixed bnsf to pull intermodal mixed with my new 4 open accurail autoracks and impacks as a thru to jax. The Santa Fe cal limited will leave out, with 2 trans con sleepers, onto memphis and further west. It will be met by my son's pa-pb-pa chief eastbound into memphis. He's currently assembliang a mow train, a couple of flats, a crane w tender, gondola. he's already got a flat with a 3 bay hopper wreck on it, we did a good job of mutilating that car with heat sources, to put that nice crease in it multiple times.
    As for track plans, I'm thinkin of a 2 track mainline, 2 level witha helix on one end. I got all the time in the world for it, as my daughter's not leaving for another 2 years, but got big plans for her room already:D She say's "dad, ya can't be measurin yet!!!" I said, jest wait, when your gone, and ya sister clears out also, I'll hae 2 adjoining bedrooms to use.sign1 [​IMG] for starters, no curve radius smaller than 28 deg, my riverossi's have body mounted kadees, and that 4-8-4, or sd90mac, wont look good on small radii.
    So right now, I'm just collecting rolling stock and building it, and boxing it up. Will start with the dcc as soosn as I get this sd90mac going and then go for the dash 8's and 9's.
    Sorry, so sloppy and discernable, under influence of pain meds from recent back injury at work. Now you know why I got so much time to get back into my hobby again.
  13. caliban

    caliban Member

    here's my list. I simplified it a bit.

    Amtrak: 16 (3 w/sound: 2 Das8-32BHW, 1 P42), (Atlas, Athearn, Kato, P2K, Spectrum, Walthers)
    Caltrain: 4 (PFM, P2K, Spectrum, Walthers)
    Other Commuter: 11 (Athearn, Kaslo, Walthers)
    RDC's: 4 (Athearn, P1K)
    SP: 6 (1 w/sound: RSD-15), (Atlas, BLI, Intermountain)
    Conrail/CSX: 5 (Athearn, Kato, P2K)
    ATSF: 2 (Kato, P2K)
    P&W: 2 (Atlas)
    Ocean Shore: 5 (my "home rr") , (Athearn, Atlas, Kato, P2K, Spectrum,)
    Heritage: 2 PRR, 2 NP, 1NYC (2 w/sound: GG1, Mikado), (BLI, Intermountain, P2K, Trix)
    other: 3
    German Rail(DB): 16 (Lima, Roco, Märklin, Piko, Brawa, Mehano)
    on sale: 3

    That's a total of 79, 63 if you count only the american prototype locos, not counting the 3 on sale. A few of the locos are dummys, but only a handful! I'll have to reduce the number of locos by order of the local government (wife), but will equip more locos with sound.
  14. Russ Bellinis

    Russ Bellinis Active Member

    Railpower was bought by Athearn a year or two before Athearn was bought by Horizon. It makes a good fit, because much of Railpower's line was scale width hood versions of what Athearn was building with wide hoods. All of the new Athearn r-t-r locomotives that are coming out, that are models that Railpower formerly made are upgraded Railpower shells. Some of the old Railpower stuff was kind of crude. the new Athearn versions have much better detail on the shell.
  15. spitfire

    spitfire Active Member

    Lists! I love lists! Loco's!! I love loco's!!! Put'em together and ..... well...even better!!

    I was kind of shocked at how many engines I have until I saw your totals guys. Now I feel like my collection is totally under control. :rolleyes:

    1 CN SW1200 (P2K DCC added, no sound)
    1 CN S7 (BLI, DCC + sound, repainted from PRR)
    1 CN RS10 (P1K DCC + sound)
    1 CN 0-8-0 (P2K, no DCC or sound)
    1 CN Mikado (BLI DCC + sound)
    1 CN Hudson (BLI DCC + sound, limited edition)
    1 CP FP7 A & B units (Intermountain DCC + sound on A unit)
    1 NYC Hudson (BLI DCC + sound)

  16. Clerk

    Clerk Active Member

    Val. Where did that hudson come from. Out of place?? lol
  17. UP SD40-2

    UP SD40-2 Senior Member

    WOW!!! Wayne, i feel VERY HONORED, that you would take the time out of your schedule to help me out:D , for that, I THANK YOU!:D :D honestly though, for now, that old engine to me just isn't worth the time to do it. i have a TON of higher priority projects going on now, and Proto has a C-liner out now i have seen online at places for just over $60, and the Proto's detail beats AHM's by 1000%;) . i have considered getting the Proto several times, to run on dads transition period layout. sad fact is, since i have gotten my four(soon to be 5)UP steamers, thats ALL i seem to run there these days:thumb: . Wayne, just to know you would be willing to help me out MEANS ALOT TO ME!:D and I DO THANK YOU!, for the offer:D :D :D -Deano
  18. UP SD40-2

    UP SD40-2 Senior Member

    Val, Miles, Thoroughbreed, and Tobias:wave:, THANK YOU!!!, for posting your engines & totals! i found it VERY INTERESTING;):D . most of you had a VERY diverse selection of road names:D :eek: . i like how you folks listed what brand the engines were too!:thumb: i should have done that, though if you go through this thread, you will find i have engines in my collection that go from Tower55 & BLI, to Bachmann:thumb: . **Val, i think YOU NEED MORE ENGINES!:D **Thoroughbreed, GOOD LUCK!, on your 2 bedroom layout plans:thumb: **Tobias, NICE SELECTION of engines!:thumb: ...and Miles, the crew on MY layout, the "Rock Valley Sub", DON'T take to kindly to those that "cut up" UP ENGINES!:curse: ;) tooth1 sign1 THANKS FOLKS!:D -Deano View attachment 28928

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  19. doctorwayne

    doctorwayne Active Member

    NYC Hudsons (and Pacifics, E-units, etc.) were found in Toronto on a regular basis. They were used on run-throughs out of Buffalo, over the TH&B, and then CPR tracks to Toronto. I used to see them in Hamilton, Ontario. As a small kid, I lived across the street from the TH&B's coach yard, not too far from the train station. The TH&B itself was, in those days, controlled jointly by CPR and NYC, and all three lines contributed motive power to the passenger trains.

  20. caliban

    caliban Member

    Hi Deano,

    I'm more on passenger locos. I've 8 AMD-103, 9 F40PH (Walthers, Kato, Spectrum, PFM, IHP), 4 Dash 8-32BHW, 1 F59PHI, 1 F59PH, 1 AEM-7, 1 ALP-44, 1 GG1, 1 HHP-8, 1 Acela Express, 1 E8, 1 FM Trainmaster (SP Commuter).
    The roadnames: Amtrak, Amtrak California, Caltrain (San Francisco), Conndot (New Haven), Metrolink (L.A.), Metro North (NYC), New Jersey Transit, PRR, SP, Tri-Rail(Miami), West Coast Express (Vancouver).
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