? Worst decision ever!

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by darkcurves, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. TexDoc

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    Internet Trains

    Best advise, never order anything from internet trains. Worst dealer you can order from. They never have anything in stock that you order, never respond to inquiries, and frankly, stink on ice! Way too many reputable internet dealers out there to choose from. Scratch these guys, demand a refund and go elsewhere. This dealer has been the target of disgruntled modelers for years.
  2. darkcurves

    darkcurves Member

    They have finally shipped my order after i threaten to cancel my order. Infact i sent them an email to cancel my order, but the next i got was the stuff got shipped.

    I have learnt my lesson here. No more for me. Just hope they didn't screw up my order now.
  3. MadModeler

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    Here's hoping you get your order okay.
    That is the worst customer service I have heard of yet. Reminds me of when I had subscribed to a couple of newspapers for home delivery and finally told them where they could put them. I told one guy "I find the box on the corner gives better service and value for my money" when cancelling the subscription.

    I prefer to make the trip to the store to purchase my stuff. Yes, it is feasible in my situation so I know not everyone can exercise that option.
    I have a few Hobby Stores that I'm very happy with so I'll stick with them.
  4. darkcurves

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    I am always extremely satisfied with MB Klein. I guess i will stick with them and perhaps Trainworld.
  5. csiguy

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    i have never bought anything from m.b klein, but have heard nothing but good things about them. trainworld though in my opinion is about the best. the prices are good and they seem to ship things very fast. however lately i have found that for the bowser and proto 2000 kits, frankos rail depot is about the best. his prices on these items are the best i have ever found and again he ships things out very fast.

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