? Worst decision ever!

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by darkcurves, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. jbaakko

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    I never had any luck with them, wait a month and a half, finally, after about 3 dozen emails, I emailed to cancel my order, and the replied within minutes.
  2. Go Big1

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    This topic kind of begs the question, what do you all consider to be the "top of the line" internet train stores? I have only ordered from -- main page, and Trainworld - 718-436-7072, and both places offered decent prices, and speedy shipping. I would state that with, if you call in your order, you better know exactly what you want, because they seem to be a "just the facts" kind of operation. I have also heard many good things about Tony's Train Exchange, DCC Train Systems, Decoders by Digitrax, NCE, Soundtraxx, QSI, Lenz, LokSound, DCC Locomotives by Broadway LTD, Walthers, Bachmann, Atlas, but have not ordered from them.

    So, for many of the internet saavy Gaugers out there, who would you list as your top 2 or 3 internet shops, based on price and service?
  3. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    Well, my local shop ( also does mail order. In fact, that's how he got started.

    His site is not like an internet store, but he definitely can get you almost anything, and is very knowledgable and professional to deal with.

  4. rekline

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    I have ordered from a couple of places,, and tonys and had very good service from them. The biggest problem is when an item is not in stock, it never gets shipped sometimes (completely backordered out of existance) so I need to read the status more carefully. No charge on the card until shipped and only for the amount that was shipped. I have been happy. For track items, I generally prefer my LHS because I can get it immediately which is usually when I am finally building something.
  5. steamhead

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    Hi...I've dealt with Walthers, Hiawatha Trains, and Loys Toys (sadly, no longer in business...:cry:). I would rate them as A+. Internettrains rates an F-....
  6. CRed

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    I've heard good things about Wholesale Trains,but have not used them as of yet.Here's a good place also...

    Ulrich Models Hobby Store Home Page

    Very good experience with them.The owner actually won an item of mine on Ebay and we ended up talking a bit,very nice and personable guy.

  7. csiguy

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    like all of you folks, i had a bad experience with them to. when i talked to the represenative on the telephone, i was told the items i wanted were in stock and would be shipped the next day. well again after waiting for two and a half weeksi called them and was told my items were on back order and they could not tell me when they would have them back in stock. but they would notify me when theyhad them . all i ordered was about $30.00 in paint. needless to say i immediately cancelled my order.
  8. wickman

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  9. TexDoc

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    I think we all find a favorite and the reasons vary. I had a dealer that I did business with for over fifteen years, but a couple of years ago his shipping got so slow, several mistakes on orders so I tried a few different dealers. I am very happy with my primary dealer, Chuck at Feather River Trains. There are several others, but you gotta bond. Chuck is my "go to guy." As you shop around you will eventually settle on a favorite, and the reasons will be your own.
  10. steamhead

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    Hi guys....I really want to know if anyone has actually RECEIVED a shipment from Internettrains..?? I think they're just scamming you (us) for your $$'s use for a few days and then return it when the iron gets hot....
  11. hickstmj

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    Has anyone purchased from
  12. Specter84

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    I've only ever received an order from them once, but Wig-Wag trains seems really good, both service and price.

    My wife got into my "wishlist" spreadsheet right before my birthday, and started emailing them. They made sure she ordered exactly what I wanted. No complaints at all.

    The only glitch, for most of you, is that they are N-scale only.

  13. MadHatter

    MadHatter Charging at full tilt.

    I'm not defending Internet Trains at all.

    You know of course that Model Power is constantly out of stock of Flex Track because of a licence agreement breach with Bachman. Before the hobby shop where I used to work closed we had a problem for months of receiving flex track from MP.
  14. darkcurves

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    Actually it's not really about that, just that their customer service is terrible.
  15. Brian_in_ONT

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  16. Pitchwife

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    I have no experience with them, however you might try placing a small "test order" with them and see how well they handle it.
  17. darkcurves

    darkcurves Member

    As of today, they have been promising to send by "tomorrow or in two days time" but nothing doing. I have sent them an email to cancel my order give me a full refund. I wonder how long that's going to take.
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    Trying to post

    You suggested I say hello to our community in our Introduction forum. I sent an E-mail asking where "Introduction forum" can be found. No reply to date and I still can't find the "Introduction forum" Thankswall1
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    Feel free to post in the Gauge "Caboose" forum, or even "General Talk". That's where we usually meet people.

    Let me welcome you to the Gauge train forums, looking forward to hearing more from you.:wave: :wave:

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