help getting Transformers.War.For.Cybertron models

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  1. hellbringer17

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    have you found any news on the textures? these models are all great, but kinda useless without them.......unless someone knows a wayto make textures from scratch?
  2. yperihitikos

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  3. yperihitikos

    yperihitikos Member

    Good news, everyone! I have managed to open the xxx files. But so far I haven't found any models in a useable format, other than Unreal Engine's "SkeletalMesh" format, which I don't know how to convert. If anyone has any ideas, then let's hear it.
  4. blaar

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    I might be able to help, send me a "skeletalmesh" and texture and I will try and convert it for you.
  5. yperihitikos

    yperihitikos Member

    Sure thing. Just pm me your email.
  6. Eyeonmal

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    The pics of the New Transformer game "Fall of Cybertron" look awesome, if someone made a design of that era it would be pretty rad. Will have to learn the ropes...
  7. blaar

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    Got the files, but I am still trying to figure out what to do with them .... lol. It is a lot harder than I expected.

    For now I think it is easier to rip them with 3D ripper instead.
  8. TheCreation13

    TheCreation13 New Member

    could someone make a colored bumblebee in war for cybertron form please

    this is my email

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  9. TheCreation13

    TheCreation13 New Member

    could someone make a photon burst rifle for me from war for cybertron

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  10. Johnnymuffintop

    Johnnymuffintop New Member

    Any chance you could upload the vehicle mode Bumblebee model?
  11. hellbringer17

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  12. NatsumeRyu

    NatsumeRyu New Member

    This thread is the primary reason I've joined these forums, actually - so let me do a quick rundown of why I'm here before I get to asking questions. :)

    I'm a costumer. A TransCostumer, to be precise, and have made models of my costumes for my reference when building in the past (I'm in college for video games so I've got 3Ds Max, Maya, UDK, etc.) I've done a Movie!Brawl costume, and ever since then have really wanted to be a WfC Brawl. However, knowing I could actually get a model fairly close to what was in the game was more tempting than anything else, so I've held off on it in the hopes that the model would be captured at some point.

    Ok, so now let me get on with the questions and such. Number one, where are you guys at currently? I've read thru the thread and looks like there's been issues and resolutions galore, but I can't keep straight what people need help with. Specifically, given time, I can fix or entirely re-model a mesh. I'd love to help you guys out (I know others who would like to do WfC Megs and Optimus), so give me a place to start helping. :) If you're curious about my past experience with pepakura specifically, I've helped Nintendude of the 405th forums create, and fix a few meshes over the past 6 months. I'm also in a build of the Mark V Mjolnir armor from Pep files at the moment. :)

    So if there were any questions still open regarding 3D stuffs, shoot again and I can certainly tell you what's up, or otherwise try to find a solution. :) I'd love to see a whole library of these guys online someday. :D

    Yeah, just like you can get Laserbeak off of it too.
  13. yperihitikos

    yperihitikos Member

    Sorry I was away for so long (once again). Dump time!

    Zeta Prime

    Zorbas the cybertronian. He's even clapping his fingers. Opa!


    "They said I could be anything, so I became a jerk"


    "First we crack the shell, then we crack the nuts inside" is not something you want to hear from your gf.
    Rumble had a weapon inside one of his claws. It looks like a high-def energon pistol, so I kept it it on the file. He's a good shot with it too. Blew Prime's head off his shoulders.
  14. yperihitikos

    yperihitikos Member


    This is probably the most competent decepticon in the entire transformers multiverse. It kinda makes me wonder what he thinks of the rest. "Sqwak", probably.


    *Wub* *wub* *wub*
    Soundwave in robot and beatbox mode. The background, "simple_wallpaper___vinyl_scratch_by_fknspitfire", isn't included. Credit fo it goes to fknspitfire, and hasbro and Studio B for the character.

    Btw, you guys might want to hurry up and download the files. There's no telling if (when) 4shared will come across the files and shut my account down, like they did to Nintendude some months back.
  15. hellbringer17

    hellbringer17 Member

    i'll just leave this here.......

    link commercial links allowed

    My apologies for the link error! I have an Optimus Prime 3d model that should work, if anyone wants it PM me and i will be happy to send it!

  16. WuLongTi

    WuLongTi Web Ninja

    What an awesome thread! I joined the forum just to participate :D

    Sadly a lot of yperihitikos's links are no good :(

    Warpath and Ironhide were good, but none of the others would work.

    NatsumeRyu: I'm also an avid costumer and I REALLY want to try making a transformer costume using techniques that I've learned from Halo and Ironman armors. I'm really interested in taking a stab at some of the Prime cast, but all I've found so far is the StarScream done by Razziembessai on DeviantArt. Have you been able to find any other models?

    I want to do one of Arcee, but I'd not be adverse to any of the other 'Bots either. :)
  17. WuLongTi

    WuLongTi Web Ninja

    Thanks a lot mate! I had no idea that there was a forum for transformer costumers :D

    I found one thread where a person was working on a costume of Arcee, though it looks like she's going with a plushy fabric costume. Where my rendition would be done in fiberglass/resin, include animatronic weapons and stand about 8' tall. :thumb:

    I find most transformers costumes to be somewhat lacking.. it seems like most of them are either spandex or painted cardboard :( It's so rare to find anyone that takes the skills learned in making fiberglass Halo or Ironman armor and apply them to Transformers. I intend on being among the first! lol

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