Gundam GP03 Stamen

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  1. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member

    Ok, I have been building but have no pics. Need batterries. D'oh!!

    I've started to texure the legs now too so I may consider releasing the Stamen figure and then later relasing the backpack and accessories at a later date when they're ready. Not sure yet though.
  2. Soaring

    Soaring Middle School Student

    Go ahead, I'm in for waiting for the Entire Relase :O I don't wanna try this until I'm finished with the To Do's, the view of a link is....unrelenting ^.^

    Can't wait for those build pics!
  3. 4x4paper

    4x4paper Member

    take your time I will wait
  4. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member

    I've been working on it lastnight. Still no fingers as I wanted to try and add strength to these joints. In particular, the shoulder. I put most of the evning into this and have had a fair bit of success. I need to add my improvised parts now to the model part sheets so you guys will have what you need. :)

    I also built the part for the manipulator arm. It makes the forearm very bulky looking but I designed it from plans so it has to be right. Although it looks out o proportion at the moment, probably because the other arm isn't built yet to balance the upper body out?? We'll see anyway.

    I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I'd started texturing the legs? Well, if I didn't, I've started texturing the legs! LOL

    So once these fingers are done I'll be working down from the waist so we'll be seeing how the legs shape up soon. ;)

    Here are some pics of the Stamen as it is now. Note the lighter next to him for scale reference!!!!



  5. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member

    Also, I've re-uploaded the GIF to show you the wrist movement. It's working now, I had to resize it as it was too big. D'oh!

    Anyway check it out guys. Go back one page and it's there, post #350. :)
  6. CJTK1701

    CJTK1701 Banned

    Rollin, rollin, rollin........ Wow Skip, you never cease to amaze me.:thumb:
  7. Soaring

    Soaring Middle School Student

    That hand join is epic! I'm guessing...a paper ball joint trapped in by the forearm structure?
  8. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member

    Nope. No ball at all in this. Every joint is similar in design to the shoulder. If you go back a few pages you'll see that and see what I've done for the wrist. The wrist joint is tricky to assemble but very effective I think.

    The joint is inside the forearm so it doesn't stick out too far. Then the hand is slid over a pin which allows it to pivot, giving you two directions of movement.

    Again, sorry if that's difficult to understand. I know what I mean but find it hard to explain in words. :)

    Thanks Joe. Compliments like that are always appreciated, plus they feed my ego which is good. LOL So long as it doesn't go to a persons head! ;)

    Well, he's sitting here on my desk. I keep looking at him. LOL I just can't get over the size! I keep holdin him in the air to get an idea of his final height. Better get back to those legs! LOL
  9. Soaring

    Soaring Middle School Student

    Well, paper ball joint doesnt seem Too Far-fetched sign1
  10. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member

    No, it is possble I guess. Though it would really add to the difficulty of a model. Imagine having to build loads of tiny balls for joints!! Ooh, I don't fancy that. :(
  11. Lex

    Lex Dollmaker

    Yea I am also investigating the possibility of a ball joint, it seems feasible but is very complicated... And surely we don't need those on Gundams >_<
  12. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member

    No way! LOL Building the ball it's self would be ok, but what about the ball socket around it?? Surely that would be really difficult? Especially trying not to leak glue inside the joint?

    Thinking about tha makes my head hurt! :)

    I've now textured enough to ba able to build the waist, thighs and feet. Just need to do shin/calf now. Lower leg, we'll call it that. LOL So we'll have some new pics soon. Now, finally off to build those fingers.
  13. rlc321

    rlc321 Gundam designer wannabe

    wow skip this is looking amzing my fingers are itching to give it a go cat wait for it. who am i kidding i can wait ill wait till the whole master piece is finished and ready then i can get my grubby lil fingers on him lol.
    keep it up
  14. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member

    Thanks Rob. Hope it lives up to expectations. :)

    I have one more fingr to make and I'll hve a new update.
  15. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member

    Hand Is Done!!

    I've done the hand now. All is well there. :)

    Time for a short food break I think, I'm starving!!! LOL

    Here are a few pics tor you all. Each finger moves at the base only, there are no individual knuckle joints. Though you could do it. With a little initiative. ;)





    I'll leave it to you guys to figure out what it's doing here in the last one. Had to pixellate it as the are kids around. LOL :)

    Also, Soaring, you asked about the wrist joint earlier. Here it is with the hand off to try and show you what I meant. I'm not very good at spoken explanations. :)


    Hope you're still out there and interested guys. There's planty more to come. :)

    Next, I'll be starting on the feet. I really want to test and show the ankle joint. I have a few concerns here so I'd like to jump to those and work my way back up to the body.

    Later guys.
  16. CJTK1701

    CJTK1701 Banned

    LOL, ROTFLMAO. Love the hand Skip and the way you're making the joints makes perfect sense to me. If it works stick with it.
  17. ThunderChild

    ThunderChild Active Member

    Spectacular work Skip! Can't wait for the rest!

    Re: the pixellated pic, you just couldn't resist. could you? :D LOL
  18. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member

    Nope. Sorry. LOL :)

    At first I thought of using it as my new avatar but then thought it wasn't very PC. Plus people who did't know me may think I'm not a very nice person!! LOL

    I'm torn now. I started texturing the shield. This is the biggest object of the whole model. Because of this I'm tempted to build this before the legs and feet. Just to see it and get a better idea of the final model height.

    What do you think? Shield? Or legs? I'm swaying toward the shield.
  19. Soaring

    Soaring Middle School Student

    Psssssttttt. This is your the legs....o.o
  20. Getter1

    Getter1 Active Member

    Outstanding Skip :D

    Love the pixilated shot ;)

    I agree, do the legs. Get him off the ground :) That'll give you the idea of height no doubt.


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