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Oct 23, 2014
    1. scifimodelfan
      Hi there, I was wondering if you would be re listing the BSG smaller Celestra in the download section. The link no longer works. Thanks for your time.
    2. arisraiser00
      hi skupilkinson can you send GP03 stamen to my
    3. Darth Windius
      Darth Windius
      Hello Skulpilkinson,

      First, I apologize for yhe previous massage, it was fo Andrew "Skip", and not for you.

      A question please: the downloads parts of "BSG Defender" have disappeared from the Download Section. Is there any way of getting them back please?

    4. Darth Windius
      Darth Windius
      Hello Skip,

      Thanks and congratulations for all your works....

      I am sending a question about Enterprise decks. I've seen on LHVCC (and mentionned in some threads here) decks wich where supposed to be sell on eBay, ut I can't find them anyway now. Can you help me, and indicate where and how they can be bought?

      As for me, considering the quality of the models you have release for free, it's quite a good thing that we participate and help you through payments of some of your models; and your whole work is worth the prise of these two decks.

      Thank you in advance for your answer, and "Long Life and Prosperity"....

      Greetings from Bordeaux, South-West of France

      Alain aka Darth Windius
    5. amedcalf
      Hi Skup

      Hows it going. Hope that Barricade is coming along ok.

      Have you seen Claudio's site, seems to have been hacked!!!!!!!

      laters mate
    6. RC1136
      Hey if you do make a Republic Commando piece lemme know pls im a big fan of them Thx
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