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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by green_elite_cab, Oct 14, 2006.

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    G.E., I resist coming into the HO forum being an N Scaler because I know all too well (having been in HO) what products are available that I can't get in N. Well, I'm happy I stopped by and caught your posts. It comes across to me that you enjoy running trains. The best part, your layout reminds me of the years I lived in NNJ. I worked in Paterson, right along RR Ave. and used to drive around the old yard. Hung out at Suffern, NY where they parked all the U34CHs, went there for overnighters on Friday/Saturdays waiting for the long freight that would come thru at 2 or 3 AM and drop cuts into the yard in the pitch of night.

    The U-Boats were great especially in winter when you could see the flames of exhaust escaping as a jet and the rythmic throb of their prime movers as they wound up.

    I'd love to go on and on.

    The last few shots above remind me of so many of these things. I have a cab car and coach- Bombadier cars- I need a Boat! Man if only they rolled all this out in N. And I'm a juice fan- GG1s, E60s- 'cha!

    Okay, I'll stop now and hope you'll post more.

    Thanks for the ride.

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    Thanks! its good to know my layout is creating the desired effect! I always was curious weather or not my layout really captured the look!(i live in South Jersey, lol. I go up north to see my family)

    As for an NJ transit U34CH, thats with in the realm of possibility. Microscale makes N scale decals, and the only really noticeable difference between a U33/36 is the lack of dynamic break vents, and the tell tale noselight. I think its worth a shot! just need a N scale U-boat now.

    I definitely don't plan to stop taking pictures anytime soon. I've finished decaling my Amtrak 610


    One more U-boat!

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    figures i'd have bad luck. I didn't realize i had glue on my finger, and then i touched a windsheild!

    I have a plan though. i put some micro krystal klear on the window, then i pressed wax paper over it. the micro kyrstal clear should fill in the rough up glue areas, and hopefully, the wax paper will keep it flat. In effect, i'm "resurfacing" the window. If that doesn't work, i'll buy seperate parts from Bachmann when their new E60CPs for HO scale come out this september (to close to Halo 3, i'm gonna be broke!).
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    It the news!

    E60 Update

    I ended up adding to the price of stuff for my locomotives.
    I'm estimating that its costing me around $250 and up for EACH E60 i'm doing, maybe alittle more for the E60MA since it requires alot more detail parts.

    for each E60MA i bought

    1-Digitrax DH165AO decoders
    2-Athearn 1.5volt light bulb/headlights (the DH165AO is set to use them from the package, no more burnt out lights!)
    3-Kato F40PH Amtrak Style strobes (atleast someone makes them! i ordered many for my other locomotives and cab cars
    4-Wind deflectors
    5-sand filler hatches
    6- light amplifying headlight lenses
    7- can type antennas
    8-sinclair antennas
    9-K5LA horns (for E60MA only. 610 had these as opposed to the usual unique PO1235)
    10- another lense set for the E60s if the other don't work out
    11- Class light lenses
    12-Atlas AEM7 Air conditioners (E60MA only)
    13- Atlas U30C mu hose cluster
    14 Atlas U30C coupler car bars
    15 Atlas AEM7 insulator box (E60CH only, i saw a similar item on my old Bachmann E60CP model, so i bought it in case. It wasn't present on the E60MA when i looked later)
    16 Atlas AEM7 style windshield wipers

    So yeah, this is adding up for these. I hope nothing happens to these models, its becoming very involved. I already payed $70 between the two off Ebay, and almost $200 worth in powering parts for the both of them, and now all these detail parts. I should submit these things to contests some time. It just occured to me though that i forgot to buy air filters... but thats ok. I'll save that for another day.

    Speaking of E60s, i preordered one of the new DCC equipped (hopefully less agrevating) Bachmann E60CP units, Amtrak Phase II #971. I'm taking another $100 gamble i guess, i hope they are as good as i expect. If not, i can do something about it. atleast i'll have an E60 for each time period and road in New Jersey.
    in the future, i hope i can get some Viewliners to model the Crescent and other heavy amtrak trains pulled by the E60MA.

    Cab Car modifications
    I ended up buying an TF4 function only decoder for my NJ transit Cab car. Hopefully, since i have all the lights and things i need, i can get my cab car lighted with a headlight and tail lights, which would really help the realism of my NJ transit trains. Depending how it all works out, i might do my SEPTA cab car up soon. Since i was ordering strobes, i got extras for my cab cars and my other NJ transit commuter locomotives. Some of the horns and Sinclair antennas i ordered will go to my cab cars as well.
    of course, i might hold off on this externally. I have a article from Rail Model Craftsmen on making Comet IV cabs (the second to latest incarnatation of the Comet car) which had some other suggested modifications, but I may also order the IHP Comet III shells and work from there in the distant future. Right now, the Comet II cars match the E60CHs and U34CHs i'm currently using on my layout.

    New Grade Crossing and other layout remodeling
    Since I was remodeling that corner of my layout, i decided to extend the road off the layout. I have some extra Styrene sheet to make the roads with, as well as some GC laser wood track inserts on order. Eventually i'll try and find a canteliever style grade corssing flasher like on the North Jersey Coastline
    I also plan to scratch build a loading dock later on from some styrene sheet i have.

    Engine Upgrades and repairs
    I bought new lights for my old Athearns, which lost their headlights when i went over to DCC. I also bought large 1.5 volt lamps to replace the larger bulbs in the U23B. since the DH165AO decoder in the U23B runs 1.5 out of the package (although disconnecting a certain "AHD" bridge thingy allows to run larger lights, i'd rather not tamper with it.). These large lights will go into my EL/ NJ DOT U34CH, which has had really dim lights for no apparent reason even on DC.

    I also bought a new insulator detail for one of my Amtrak AEM7s.

    My SEPTA AEM7 should be able to leave the shops by next week, when i get new Gear cases for it from Atlas. I also bought new Pilot details, so the only issue should be the slightly damaged marker light on one end. Every way else, the model should be able to recover from it's nasty fall.

    I also finally will be able to put a new sand filler hatch in my SD80MAC. it was missing when i got the model, and my hobby shop never found it or got the part from kato, so i ordered it myself.
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    Check it out guys! my parts from Atlas came today, so i started detailing my E60MA. I'm particularely proud of it, it only needs some more detail parts that are all on the way, like Class lights, Headlights, horns, Antennas, underbody details, and other small things. It already looks better then most E60MA models i've seen, so i'm really happy with it.

    I used spare wire to make the HEP cables. I was happy the wire fit in the holes in the castings!

  6. green_elite_cab

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    I detailed my NJ transit cab car alittle before i left last week.

  7. green_elite_cab

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    I'm going to try and detail my E60CH some this weekend. I know i havent been online in a while.
  8. Neither have I.

    You've been busy!

    Looks just as incredible as ever.

    Hey, your "Guess these trains" pic...the one on top is easy, UP 4-6-6-4 Challenger!

    If you're ever thinking about selling it...:twisted:

    On another note, wow, this thread is still going? :roll1:
  9. green_elite_cab

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    Yeah, but i haven't reallyhad much to update it with, and even when i do, few people comment here anymore. I've focused alot of building my locomotives, but i suppose my tast in locomotives isn't ineteresting to most, or at the very least, no one has anything to say.
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    your thread is great G_E_C but its still pretty warm and like me,most people are till outside,going to shows,honey-do's,etc.but this thread is still reat and your engine detailing is impressive.keep up the great work :thumb:--josh
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    Well I just got a new E60CP the other day, one of the new Bachmans. Not to bad! pictures soon.
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    G.E.C, your stuff looks great!
  13. Jeezu, STILL going strong?

    If at any time you fee as though your layout and stuff is just getting to be too much, feel free to ah...unload a few around here, know what I mean?


    But seriously, keep up the GREAT work!
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    I still have some room! I just got 4 more NJ transit cars, a new E60CP, North Island refinery, and with luck, an Alco models Brass E44 electric.

    those things are so ridiculously rare and tough to get.
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    Once again, CAB shops victoriously, adding a new electric to his growing juice jack roster.

    This one is VERY special......

    its an E-44! they were the last electrics built for the PRR, and this is the only available HO model of one. I might patch it for Conrail, or paint it totally blue, depending on what Conrail did with it. Or i might leave it, since i have no Penn Central. Its not in the best condition, but there is nothing about it that can't be fixed in less than an hour.

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    Smart Looking!!!!!!!!!!! :)
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    Wow, you really changed that E60 Amtrak into something! Nice work.
  18. green_elite_cab

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    yeah, i still need to do some work on it.
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    Beautiful. Just Beautiful. I must ask why you want to repaint this beauty, for it's fine right now!(except for what you say is not working, of course:p) Also, a certain Gauge mod likes it like that...:mrgreen:
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    Ohmigosh! Look at that!!! Its beautiful!!! For the love of mating worms, leave it alone!!!!!
    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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