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    I will.... right after i recover the monies lost in my recent DCC fiascos.

    stupid Athearn RTRs! ITS SO EXCEEDINGLY SIMPLE! yet it dies on me anyway...
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    Some a random picture... gotta love them Metroliner EMUs. I also need to pick up that trash can. dang those HO scale teenagers....

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    Out of luck, as usual. I've begun to make the change over. I moved my tank cars off the layout into storage, and i bought two Athearn Genesis Boxcars, a P&LE Sieco 50' boxcar, and a SP "UP patch" PC&F 14' door boxcar.

    I also bought 2 new covered hoppers, to replace the grain hoppers that had been standing in for plastics hoppers. I have an Atlas 4 bay DMS Pressuraide hopper, and a 3 bay FMC Chemicals Hopper.

    Finally, I purchases a Conrail P2K U28B. Conrail only owned two former New York Central U28Bs, and somehow, P2k made the New York Central version right, but the Conrail one wrong. The model has a nose headlight, but the real thing have a clean nose. I've emailed walthers about the spare parts, so that i can maybe paint and decal a new nose. If that fails, i'm thinking of buying a junker Athearn U30B blue box kit (ironically a NYC model) and cutting the nose from that thing. I had previously thought of buying that U30B so that i could make a C39-8 (by splicing some hood sections in the C32-8 shell available through A-line/PPW), and now it looks like some of that U30B's parts can go into my U34CHs as well.

    I may also buy an Atlas U23B to go with the U28, Since the U23B is the more modern U-boat road switchers.
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    Some pictures of the new stuff.

    The U28B. Introduced in 1966, It was meant to compete with the GP38 and GP40. Being a transition locomotive, only 148 where built. Most railroads opted to either update their U25Bs to 2,800 hp, or buy the newer U30B, if didn't already purchase the GP40 and GP38.

    On conrail, U28Bs 2822 and 2823 were the only units, both being original New York Central units. the First 47 U28Bs had U25B style carbodys. 2822 and 2823 were the first U28Bs with the new car body "U-boat" car body that we all (or atleast I) love so much. The pug nosed style would continue through GE's universal series to their Dash-7 locomotives.

    In the end, the U28Bs are the oldest operating U-boats, and are infact some of the only U-boats still operating anywhere.

    Model wise, the #2822 is probably long gone. My books all list it as scrapped, but without a date. Still, it is an interesting locomotive, and not to mention it has pretty see through grills... I have yet to run it though. I assume since it is a p2k it runs nice.


    U28B #2822 and GP38 #7868 pull their train out of the yard. While they were competitors on the market, they work as a team to generate revenue.


    These Atlas Pressuraide Hoppers are perfect for my layout. Originaly, I passed them up, because they had crazy pipes and things. However, it didn't take long for me to realize these go perfectly with Protech Plastics on my layout, so i had to buy it. That, and i love the coporate logos on these things.


    Another atlas Chemical Hopper. I like this one because its short. the extra space for locomotives to straighten out and couple on my cramped layout is great. I just need to fixt the accumates. they don't work well. I have to ask how you unload a hopper like this. I notice it does have a pipe on one side, but that might just be an air line or something. still, cool logos.


    I picked up this P&LE Boxcar, to start replacing my old tank cars. It definitely needs to get weathered one of these days (to bad i couldn't find any of those pre weathered cars floating around) gotta love the ACI plate ( the black rectangle with the colorful lines). they used these like a car barcode, only they got dirty or painted over by kids, and stopped working.


    I also picked up this boxcar. Its reasonable to assume boxcars get pooled all over, so out of the SP boxcars sitting there, i picked up the one with the UP patch, so that it can get alittle diversity on the layout, as opposed to all the "regional" equipment.


    And Finally, Trains beat Trucks ( sorry Truck Lover!)

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    Hahahahaha its okay G.E.C. sign1sign1

    Nice pics!!! Those hoppers and boxcars are nice :thumb: :mrgreen:
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    Introducing my second locomotive purchased this week, an Atlas U23B.

    The Prototyp U23B was the second best selling "U-boat" locomotive after the U30C. the U23B, produced 2 years after the U28B production ended, was basically a late model U30B with a V12 FDL prome mover, as opposed to the U30B's V16. the U23B was the direct competitor with the GP38/GP38-2 series, although the U23B was greatly overshadowed ( 481 U23Bs as opposed to over 2,600 GP38/GP38-2s).

    The Conrail U23B here was among the last of any U-boat Models to be produced, before GE moved over to it's Dash-7 line, Conrail #2798 being the last U-boat made.

    The model itself took an hour to assemble (alot of checking prototype pictures, painting hand rails, drilling holes for grab irons) But runs alright. Its probably the last locomotive i'm going to buy for a while. I'm thinking about taking the DH165AO decoder out of my EL U34CH, and putting in my U23B so that i have atleast one conrail locomotive with a decoder.

    Here are some pictures.

    U23B #2735, freshly painted, idles on the interchange. Ofcourse, with all the smoke these monsters belch, its not going to be clean for long.


    2735 wastes no time getting to work with U28B 2822.

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    Looks like good news today. Walthers will let me order the part (although undecorated, but thats ok) for the nose on my U28B, so that I can make it right. I just need decals.

    I wethered my U23B today, so now it has all the grime a busy U-boat like it should have.

    The best thing i've seen today is pictures of Conrail 3401, a third phase GP40-2. These were originally ordered with all sorts of crazy nose marker lights and such. I just happen to have the Athearn model of Conrail 3401. Originally i was very upset, because i could not find any pictures of 3401 with the Conrail Quality logo, and also because the nose lights and things ( as well as the model's 81" nose as opposed to the prototype's 88" nose) were intimidating enough that i didn't want to hack up my model.

    Today while searching for pictures of the Illusive U28B 2822 (i have found only 3, pictures, and only 1 picture of it's sister, 2823), i bumped onto two pictures of 3401 around the 1990, In which it had the Conrail Quality scheme, AND regular old class lights.

    I found the 3401 (now 3069) on Norfolk Southern as well, and it matched the other pictures. There was no renumbering or anything so far as i am aware of. The only real change i need to make is the basic details, and to move the euipment box from behind the conductor to behind the blower housing. I can do that!

    Its a good day today!

    Here are some pictures of the weathered U23B.

    Its pretty much basic stuff right now. I painted the grills, trucks, fuel tanks, and pilots polly scale grimy black. I also dry brushed grimmy black around the exhaust, as well as aroung the radiators, where soot tends to build up on U-boats. I might actually tone down the black with some floquil Conrail blue later, but I'll see what you think.

    I then brushed some pollyscale tarnished black around the center of the tank to make it darker, and then drybrushed polly scale rust all over the locomotive, wherever it looked rusty on the photographs.


    U23B 2735 and GP38 7868 pull their tanks to Port Reading.


    You gotta love the variety. I've been feeling good with all this new GE power. I mean, when it comes to diesels, on models as well as in real life, all you ever see is the familiar angular shape of EMD diesels of various sorts, and with all my GE locomotives, ranging from electrics such as the GG1 and E33, to the 44 tonners, U34CHs, U28Bs, U23Bs, and to modern B40-8s, its nice to see some difference.

    These locomotives are the same size, but look completely different. be honest, U-boat or GP? what do you prefer?

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    Well, we have here 2 units that have been on the back log of things to fix (along with the E60CP, Metroliners, and U34CH 3351) for a short while now. As mentioned aboe, GP40-2 3401 will be getting details and such accurated to the 1990's configuration of the locomotive. (and of course, the new U-boats will get some details as well)

    My GP40FH-2 is also looking much nicer these days, and it also needs alot of details soon. I finally am getting around to milling the rest of the frame. I cut one chunk out of the right side of the tank, but its hard to see in the picture because it is so dark (of course, once i weather it, you should be able to see it). The other side still needs some work. My biggest concern is that i'm taking enough of the fuel tank out of the frame that they may be structural problems. The area behind the fuel tank is mostly open, so i need to remove alot of the rear end of the tank. I know there were some air tanks behind the fuel tank, so maybe i'll be able to put "tank details" over some solid pieces of the fuel tank, to help hide it. I just get nervous that the frame might crack, because at that point, there is nothing you can really do (which is why my E60CP has been sitting there so long).

    in any event, I hope to get this thing running soon. the frame and all was an undercorated GP50, and it came with what looks like an NWSL motor, so i'm hoping it runs nice. I might save up for a loksound decoder, because there is certianly more than enought room in the cowl.

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    finally got around to cutting up the frame the right way for the GP40FH-2 (the NJ transit engine above). now i just need a PPW weight/ motor cradle, since the motor came hot glued to the frame when i originally bought it. All the other moving parts can probably use a cleaning as well.

    Finally, I can get things rolling. now I just need to touch up some of the decals (the white reflective tape keeps flaking off, even though i painted clear coat over it), and get some headlights for it, and i'll have the basic engine up and running.

    pretty soon after i save some money, i'll have to start getting all the detail parts for it, and maybe a decoder.
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    Here are some pictures of the cut down frame. I took off about half an inch of the tank on a standard GP40/50/60 frame. the cut ends right at the forward side of the rear shell slot thing.

    I cut the tank in three pieces. first cut the out the "sides" of the tank with a dremel tool, so that it would be easier to get rid of the main chunk. then i took a small hack saw and cut out the major chunk left, revealing a nice surprise pictured below.

    I did have to leave alittle bit of it so that the frame would hold together, but there appears to be airtanks of some kind at this location on the prototype, so i should be able to cover this up. even then, its all dark under the locomotive, and even though there is fresh exposed steel, once the shell is on, you hardly notice it anyway.

    the modified frame for the GP40FH-2


    this picture makes you wonder what its like on the inside of your locomotives.... looks like i got the bubble right down the middle. This is gonna hve to get filled in with modelers puddy someday.


    The GP40FH-2 shell sitting comfortably on its new chassis. Now i can start getting the motors and gears hooked up. I'll probably put the couplers on now, and double-head it in a farewell to the U34CH train. (no, the U34CHs aren't actually going anywhere)

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    Well, I put down the GP40FH-2 until i can get a motor cradle for it (originally, the motor was hot glued in place). I also need to figure how i'm going to do the lighting on it, but no big deal. I'll make sure i pick up the right lights when i order stuff for my U34CHs, and the new E60s.

    I again picked up my E60CP to continue work (as well as 2 new E60CPs, but i'll get to those in a minute). by leaving it alone for a while, it gave the epoxy resing a much longer time to set, and now the chassis is solid, fixing the crack problem.

    however, a new problem has appeared. In order for the coupler pocket to be a prototypical height, the "ceiling" of the coupler pocket needs to be more or less flush with the bottom ed of the shell. However, in order to get this height, the chassis comes down so low that it drags on the rails. It is probably because i'm putting part of the bachmann plastic "tank" over the milled down tank of a C44-9W frame. I suspect i need to mill down more of the metal frame to get the tank to pull up to a prototypical height.

    However, at the same time, this totally destroys the coupler height, if i where to use the original "slot and tab" of the shell and plastic tank to hold the E60CP together. the Shell itself would sit too high above the rails. I'm thinking this is going to need more modification of the plastic "over tank", or more grinding, (grinding being the thing i least want to do) and It looks like though, i will have to do some heavy grinding of the bottom of the c44 chassis, atleast as thick as the plastic of the bachmann tank. that should allow the tank to fit nicely in on the c44 frame. At the same time, i will need to find a way to adjust the coupler situation. Perhaps i will cut the original coupler pockets off, and instead install new shell mounted couplers, or maybe just ty to install them in a different way on the chassis. I'll need to tinker with this, so i'll get back with that soon.

    On ebay today i won 2 undecorated American GK E60CP dummies. For me, that is a big deal. the American GK kits are among the rarest E60 models, and are also arguably the best E60CP models you can find. they have Athearn style drive mechanisms, metal pantographs, and better details. While it is a dummy, i have the C44-9w powered mechanism parts that i can use for atleast one of them. The other will probably get setup with NWSL or PPW parts, depending on what is on sale, lol. I'm wishing i saved the picture with the parts diagram so i can see how it goes together. In any event, it should not be a big deal to power these beauties.

    These are going to be painted and detailed as an Amtrak E60MA (the modern versions that ran until 2003 on Amtrak) and the other as a NJ transit E60CH. with the Bachmann E60CP, i should have an E60 for any time period or railroad in New Jersey. As you might expect, i'm totally happy right now. To me, the E60 is the U34CH's electric soulmate. they were both big 6 axle GE freight machines put into passenger service. they almost go hand in hand. The NJ transit E60CH will also make a nice change to the usual ALP44/U34CH combo.

    Speaking about all this NJ transit stuff, i recently ordered back issues of Railroad Model Craftsmen with articles on NJ transit equipment, including an interesting article that supposedly shows how to kitbash an ALP46, and Comet IV coaches/cabs. Needless to say, i'm anxious awaiting their arrival. An ALP46 on my layout would be amazing. few people have the GP40FH-2, and now i can own a even more unique model.
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    My American GK E60CP kits have arrived. Like a big dark dinosaur, they are parked on the interchange track of my layout while i make space for them. One will be NJ transit E60CH #958 (if possible) and the other will be an E60MA.
    The HHP8 would eventually replace the E60MA on Amtrak, but not here. Still, its a nicy shiny locomotive....
    U28B #2822 and SD40 #6345 sit on the engine track while GP38 #7868 and U23B #2735 pull their train from the yard
    7868 and 2735 leave the yard.
    The sun sets as NJ transit cab car is pushed into the station by an ALP44 way in the back
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    Gec....great work!!!!!! I would have replied sooner but when you start ripping into engines....I can't add anything to the conversation....but it doesn't mean I'm not lookin'

    Keep up the excellent progress!!!!!!
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    Great shots of those Conrail units! I don't even mind thinking that they would have originally been a lovely shade of black. :) Speaking of black that GK E60CP is scary looking, like something out of a James Bond flick!
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    lol thanks! I do get pretty technical alot of the time. I need to work on that. after a while, people probably don't even know what i'm talking about. I take lots of pictures, but i should really better illustrate the ins and outs of my projects sometime, lol.

    Yeah, i'm actually thinking of picking up some Penn Central E33s, and if money permits, an IHP E40 ( aka the EP5) and painting in for the PC. the conrail cyclopedia has a picture of a Penn Central Unit that ran into conrail for about 6 months, but supposedly did pull atleast a few trains at that time. Alot of the electrics i like to model kept their Penn Central paint for a while. I'm going to have to find out how long predecessor schemes lasted until they got the dress blues, because personally, the blue is driving me crazy. I went and put all my locomotives on my shelf, and the top shelf was all blue, lol.

    As for the E60, i agree! at first, i thought the kit might have been out of scale, but these things really are that big and boxy! If you like black, you might be lucky enough to find the Penn Central versions, as American GK made them in both CP and a freelanced CF version (only Bachmann's shell is accurate to the E60C, which is ironic, because American GK's CP version is superior). You know those electrics would look cool....

    As far as these undecorated models go, they will look less frightening after I paint them, so they won't look like giant shadows. I found a set of NJ transit decals, only to find that I no longer had a spray can of black and silver paint (airbrush needs a new needle valve... wall1), other wise I could have had it painted today, and built tommorow before i head off to camp. Oh well, hopefully by the time i get back, the motors and parts will be here. I think these would make an excellent how-to thread on building kit locomotives, since they go a bit more in depth then your regular Athearn kit, while still having the basic parts.
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    #958 is coming along. hopefully next week it will be finished and running. I just need to extend the disco stripes, and add the rest of the kit parts, as well as some of my own detail parts and the powering parts when they arrive.

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    Well, here we go! I finally installed DCC in my 44 tonner, which was keeping me from leaving the DCC on all the time. With this installation, my DCC rostered locomotives are as follows-

    NJ transit ABB ALP-44 4405
    NJ transit GE U34CH 4167
    Conrail GE U23B 2735
    PRR/CABX GE 44 ton switcher 9337
    PRR GE GG1 4905
    Union Pacifc Alco Challenger 3976

    Yes, I do notice the large amount of GE engines. I sent some decoders back for repair at digitrax, and they will be back shortly. they will be installed in Conrail GP38 7868 and GP40-2 3401, as planned.

    In other news, i've finnaly lit up the nose light in my U34CH. this is supposed to be on when in reverse or in push-mode, an besides, more lights are cool.


    I've also finished painting and decaling the other side of the E60CH, visible here. It is all built up as far as the kit goes, minus one pantograph because the base piece for it has gon missing. I'm thinking of getting sommerfeldt pantographs though, since they are more realistic.


    958 pulls into the station.

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    looks like the nose light only laste da few hours. It works, but the heat started to warp the nose of my U34CH. luckily, i caught it before the damage became noticable. the plastic is sunk slightly behind the nose sand filler, but you would never notice unless you held the model in your hands, even then, its something thats easily ignored. if worse comes to worse, i'll fill it in with some modeling puddy. My dad says to try a resistor, and then see what happens. I'm also thinking of getting an LED, but i think that might be more painful.

    I got my returns from Digitrax today. Surprisingly, both decoders were permanently dead, although the one that died randomly appears to have had a real problem (unlike the other one, where i shorted it out accidentally).

    I guess i'll have to install these decoders in again and see what happens.
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    well, i've been running my layout on DCC the past few days, can't say it hasn't been working out. more pictures for this thread soon ( i know i've started sending more of my pictures to the weekly photo thread)
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    Looks like i've got my Amtrak E60MA ready to get decaled

    Numberboard Detail-


    the painted shell


    Meanwhile, 958 picks up the last few passengers of the day


    Busy streets!


    sailing into the sunset


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