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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by ocalicreek, Sep 25, 2006.

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    Thoughtful responce, but I'm with Galen on this one too. I'm more for the layout and scenery than I am the trains and operations.
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    Galen, why not do a combination of the methods mentioned. You can design a few switching sections for various places on the layout to get an idea where the mainline will run. Then pick one spot on the layout where you will do an awesome scene for run throughs. You build the mainline, and then do the scenery on that one "railfanning spot." Now you can run that train around the layout and through that favorite scene. The only pitfall I see is if you get to fascinated with watching the train run through that scene, you won't ever finish the rest of the layout.
  3. ocalicreek

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    That's a risk I may just have to take! Thanks Russ! :)

  4. ocalicreek

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    Another option is to build a staging section for the timesaver (I had actually already begun this before I got the call to Washington) and include the small enginehouse.

    THEN I'd build a separate loop layout, like a 5x9 with strong scenic emphasis...little if any 'operation' other than possibly a couple staging tracks to vary the trains making laps.

  5. ocalicreek

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    Okay, so I'm revising wmg4 (the scenicked and relaxed plan posted above in post #95) with eased curves where visible and a connection with the BTLC (Big Tujunga Lumber Company) that will come from the upper left, across the scene above the tracks then into a tunnel leading it over the staging tracks, finally down a pretty steep grade around a 270 curve to a connection with the passing track on the loop. Yes, don't worry, I'll draw it out...much easier to see. It may be too much track...we'll see.

    I've been sketching various 'diorama elements' and looking at linking them together, but nothing seems to offer me what this plan does, so I'm going ahead with it.

    okay...lunch meeting. Happy Thanksgiving everybody...and safe travels if you're going somewhere.

  6. ocalicreek

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    Ugh...the closeness between the rear tracks and the inner turn is causing me fits, adjusting the radius to create more space, but losing the straight sections to cut down the s-curve, etc.

    SO, this plan is now on hold in a stack of others while I contemplate yet another scenario.

    My wife was helpful, (I guess...we'll see if the idea has use or not) with a good idea to put a small staging yard above my desk on the wall opposite the timesaver, accessed by a removable section in front of the breaker box. It'd only be there during operating sessions so as to maintain easy access to the box.

    Now the tracks on this yard would be MAX 5'8", assuming a turnout is placed before the breaker box and two tracks cross on the removable section, a badlands on which no trains would be able to stay more than the time it takes to pass by. The remaining tracks and switch ladder would all be less than 5 feet. If I lay the turnouts with close frog-to-point distance then I could squeeze 4, maybe 5 tracks with decent length.

    NOW the possibility of a point to point from this little yard, through some scenes, ending at ML, could work because the distance traveled at a good slow speed could take some time to make it from one end to the other, especially with intermediate stops in between.

    And this morning's inspiration (well, late last night it came to me but I was already in bed and didn't feel like jumping up to sketch it down...I have done that before) was to modify the first G&D with Gorre becoming Murdock's Landing and timesaver access, and Daphetid becoming the line off to the staging yard above the desk.

    Essentially, John's plan gets stretched and pulled taller and thinner with the same basic twice-around schematic and branch up to Daphetid, and, like John, I'd move the turntable/roundhouse outside the loops to become the town of Murdock's Landing.

    Perhaps later tonight I'll get a sketch up. We'll see. I'm also working on something cool for Illus and eventualy Big Jim (if he hasn't built something yet...just kidding Jim).

  7. Illus

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    You must be half Energizer Bunny. :thumb:
  8. Chessie6459

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    Just keeps going and going and going.sign1

    I have been reading through this all. It sounds like you have a Great Idea on the way.:thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
  9. ocalicreek

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    Part Energizer Bunny, part Couch Potato, and very little in between. In a zen-like way, I'm still seeking balance in my whole life, but especially my model railroading.

    You know, sometimes I'm just tempted to do a train-set makeover as a series of articles for one of the magazines. But the reality of my ability to work on it consistently, due to my paid employment's crazy schedule, has usually shot that idea down before it left the drawing board.

    Well, now I'm in a place where that dream layout empire is still elusive and a long way off. So perhaps I can give this train-set makeover thing a go as a series of articles here on the-gauge? Whaddya think? I mean, folks are already doing that, essentially, but this would be a bit more intentional on sharing the step-by-step nature, etc.

  10. 91rioja

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    Forum Clinic? Why, yes.


    I would be all for it. Your wisdom and insight that you have provided to The Gauge community is greatly appreciated. You have even gotten me to rethink my whole operational schema (thanks buddy :rolleyes: ), and it is driving me and my wife crazy (well mostly me). I would welcome a forum clinic sponsered by the great, wise Ocalicreek.

    By the way, have you visited the Railroad Archives at Virginia Tech's Imagebase? They have some great pictures and stuff from railroading in SW Virginia.
  11. ocalicreek

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    Indeed I have. There's some great inspiration waiting to be uncovered there.

    Also, check out the library of congress images online. One I've found most interesting from a modeling standpoint is this:


    Also some b&w shots from the depression are fascinating sources of prototype detail if you're into that era.

    Galen (the great, wise Ocalicreek, apparantly)
  12. 91rioja

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    I found the Library of Congress stuff today as well. Lots of good railroad maps, and you can download them if you can open a JPEG2000.

    It's been rather slow today at work. . .
  13. Nazgul

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    Besides the obvious people who would benefit from a train set make-over clinic (those who have train sets now or are going to buy them), there is no doubt that we would ALL benefit from such a clinic especially with you at the throttle. So from a TOTALLY selfish standpoint (BAAAHHAAAAWWWAAAHHHH!!)....I say: GO FOR IT!........did I say that out loud?:oops: ....I mean: Great Idea Galen! :thumb:
  14. ocalicreek

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    Okay...I'll be gathering plans from past MR's, planning books, etc. as I re-sort and re-label my magazine boxes. (white cardboard from Ikea...closest one is in Seattle, or a click away online...need more!) I had begun to do this down in CA, but have only gathered them together in one area of the garage up till now.

    Not sure if I'll actually buy a new train set, or just work with what I've got. I'm leaning toward using a 'beginner' plan from one of the magazines, however. There have been some interesting plans that could use a little 're-imagineering' to take them to the next level.


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