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    Aha! There they are!

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    Here's the 'interchange' at Murdock's Landing. In the overall operating scheme, this is where some trains terminate and others pause before continuing on up the branch to a town (along the garage wall). Where this is located...along the 'aisle' next to the car, in the middle of the garage. The garage door would be to your right, and the timesaver to your left.

    There's a little enginehouse for the "Critter"...this structure was started back in 1997 (I think) and needs finishing, but it's just long enough to hold a 44 tonner so the Model 40 fits with room to spare. The main track forms a basic loop with 22" radius curves. If I expand the peninsula area by 6" more towards the car, I may be able to use 24" radius plus run the track at an angle to the edge of the layout for a nicer look. We'll see. After spending more time in that room staring at the space and positioning the timesaver where it might go, I think that would work just fine.

    Anyway, the inner track infront of the station is the 'interchange' track and/or storage track for cars destined for the timesaver or up the branch. Freights come out of staging (see the next pic) and either terminate at ML and return or head up the branch, following the inner track around an 18" radius curve.

    The spur running behind the station will run down a steep grade so the switcher will only be able to take a few cars at a time, but that's okay since space is tight on the landing anyway. Ocali Creek runs from one end of the layout to the other behind the entire scene, visually separating the branch as it climbs through the mountain, briefly popping out of a tunnel along a cribbed cut before ducking back into a tunnel headed toward the town, located above staging (not drawn yet).

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    This staging area is actually from another sketch, but generally it's what would go in the space along the garage wall. An aisle would run in front of this area and the town at the end of the branch line would be located above this staging effectively hiding it. Access from the staging to the rest of the layout is via a wye, so trains can appear at Murdock's Landing along Ocali Creek from either direction, and also just make laps around the loop before returing to staging.

    Yet to be sketched...probably tomorrow, are the town and a mine branch. The mine branch will come out of the town and head back toward the peninsula but will end opposite the town on the other side of the aisle (and the other side of the ridge from Murdock's Landing).

    I haven't figured grades yet, but they'll probably be pretty hefty. Trains up the branch will be short anyway, so helpers may not be necessary.

    Okay...whaddya think?


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    OH, and the staging tracks could all be extended another foot, as the cable box is high enough for them to pass under with plenty of room to spare and less critical for access than the power box. The longer sidings are for through trains, like longer passenger trains and coal drags that wouldn't go up the branch but merely pass through the scene.

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    Nice when you draw this what do you use?>
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    A plastic planning template made by CTT Inc. from Dallas TX. It's part number 5000 and is green plastic with cut-outs to trace the curves, turnouts, crossings, etc. I also use a flexible ruler to measure the curved sections for grade purposes. It's something I found at Michael's in the drafting section. String works for this purpose also, but this was a cool tool to purchase. Also I use an 18" metal ruler with non-skid cork on the bottom and some clear plastic curve tools with nice spiral curves on them...aids in drawing easements, etc.

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    good stuff galen, its a pleasure to watch you progress as i myself am at the same point of trying to plan a layout in my double garage and i have a similar size to work with , i only wish i had half the knowledge you have on trackplanning as im stuck and dont know what to do, as you said earlier in this thread id love to have some sort of continious running as well ,im very interested to see how you will incorporate that into your layout as well as if you will run multiple levels...?
    anyways i shall wait and see, keep it up mate.
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    Multiple levels...the thought has crossed my mind, but only there and only then in a 'mushroom' format. Actually, half a mushroom, out on the peninsula section. But I think the plans I'm sketching now are evolving away from that option.

    Perhaps I should post the other duds that I haven't continued...maybe in a gallery. We'll see. Thanks again for the encouragement. And thank the good Lord for caffeine, my constant planning companion.

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    Galen, your good stuff is so good, I find it hard to believe you have "duds".
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    Perhaps they're only duds in the eyes of a perfectionist?

    This morning I was thinking out in the garage and effectively expanded the area I've got to work with by accepting the possibility of shifting my work desk. I've defined a new area for sketching and drawn out the other items to be included, like existing dioramas, the timesaver and the desk. Later tonight I'll scan that in.

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    Galen at the rate your going all you have to do is go to the garage enough times and you will figure out how to use all of it for the layout!
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    UGGGHH! The expanded area is great, but I keep swinging back to something simpler...torn between complexity and simplicity...I really just wanna run some trains (other than my son's battery operated Thomas stuff!)

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    I wish I had specific advice or suggestions that I could give from once seasoned modeler to another...I can't (cuz I ain't seasoned:D , YET!)
    But I would say this:
    You have waited a long time for the room and opportunity to do this. Patience, more than anything, is probably what's needed. You're still defining the space available. While that's evolving so will your ideas as to how to use it. There is no doubt in my mind or anyone Else's that you will be "running trains" on a truly outstanding layout soon enough.:thumb:
    Most people would be thrilled to have a layout as nice as those you design (I know one personally;) ) even one of your suppossed "duds". You just need to take some extra time to take it to the next level (the one YOU will be thrilled with!)

    Just relax and have FUN
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    New Area

    Here's the promised scan of the new area...sorry for the tiny text. If anyone is interested I can email you a larger version. I had to cut it way down to fit the attachment requirements.

    View attachment 31631

    This drawing includes dimensions and pertinent data for the desk. The chair slides under on the left side of the desk, with three drawers on the right. I want at least 30" wide unobstructed by layout to work with, but the area beyond that on the right side over the drawers can be under the layout if necessary...so long as the desk drawers aren't blocked by layout legs.

    The breaker box and cable box need an aisle access, or can be situated over the desk. The breaker box is tall and I'm not sure how high it is off the ground, but I don't think it's high enough for trains to successfully pass under it (like on a narrow bridge or shelf) or over it. If it were a foot higher on the wall....oh well. The cable box IS high enough, at about 54" or so on the bottom edge.

    Any questions? Come on, guys, let's see what you've got! GBR, where are you?


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    Murdock's Landing Town LDE

    Here's an LDE (Layout Design Element) for what I'd like to see included in the town of Murdock's Landing, the town where the Timesaver fits in. This is a backwoodsy river landing town with a station along the river (with former connections to sternwheeler service) and not many other industries. A small business called "Ocali Outfitters", located inside the curve, provides goods for folks heading into the hills...prospectors, moonshiners, etc. Wagon repair, saddles, and other supplies are provided with rail service providing the occasional flat car of hardwood and supplies in crates.

    There's a little cinderblock and glass brick engine shed, built on the site of a former wooden structure with stone foundation (think John Allen's prizewinning enginehouse) which burned down. The structure itself holds an MDC Critter, painted in OCRy's Southern Green and Red scheme, while an adjacent siding under a corrugated metal add-on holds the mantua Shifter 0-4-0. These locos handle the switching chores on and around the landing.

    An Alexander FM Coaling Tower sits inside the wye, with the loading spur for the hopper transfer runs behind it by crossing the passing track. The water tank is just outside the wye, with pump house drawing water from the river. A WS Caboose Coal and Sand facility (not shown on sketch) is also located along the enginehouse spurs between the track and the river.

    Tracks leaving the town head either to staging yards, and/or meet up to form a loop. This is essentially what I'd have as the minimum features of the town/area. The wye is for turning locos/passenger trains for a return trip. If the 'BTLC' connection is included, then finished lumber on flats and in box cars is brought in from the Big Tujunga Lumber Company by a Shay with Bobber caboose, while other logging supplies are brought down by the OCRy.

    I have no strong desire to model the mill and logging camps, so even on a larger railroad this would still be a connection to staging. If I could ever afford a BTS McCabe mill or even the FSM mill I'd consider modeling that aspect so I could bring logs down out of the woods on skeleton cars. The BTLC even has a couple Sierra shorty passenger cars to serve the camps and communities along its line that would run into ML and return.

    This could be a stand-alone layout, but I'd really like to incorporate it into a larger system, with an interchange with the VGN or N&W, or both. Currently I'm leaning toward designing a larger system that can be built in stages with temporary return connections for loop running until funds and time allow for expansion. Location of this element as drawn is along the aisle next to the car and furthest away from the garage door. Minimum Radius is 18"...which is fine for the shorty equipment. The longest stock on this line would be the 60' passenger cars of the OCRy (open platform Northeastern kits...fun fun fun...the Combine is already finished, mostly).


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    nice planning , i've got to get my stuff together man , your project is running exact same space as mine and atm same stage of build so its great for me to see your design evolve,
    i might have to ask you a few questions in the coming weeks/months :)
    anyways goodnight i had a late one last night talk soon.
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    Galen, if I remember correctly, your timesaver had a dock on it. Did it have tracks on the dock? I'm just thinking that if it does, and you are able to make some changes to it, it might be fun to make a barge and tug diorama on a cart and use it to take cars off and put them on the timesaver. I think your dock only had 1 track on it, so it would need some addition to get 3 or 4 tracks to a barge.
  16. ocalicreek

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    I don't think there's room on the timesaver module for a carfloat as it is now...but with a foot or two addition it'd be a neat touch, and would allow the timesaver itself to be located physically in another part of the room. Seems like John Armstrong had an idea like that for his example layout in his Track Planning for Operation book. Hmmm...it might just work.

    More of the 'ping pong' shelving came down yesterday, and when I find a home for the paint and other deadly chemicals on top of the last segment, it'll come down too. I've got a week of vacation coming up starting 11/10...so hopefully by then I'll be ready to finish cleaning out this garage and making a more usable space. There was a light at the end of the tunnel, then my inlaws visited and while that was helpful in so many ways, it also created more stuff to store (but also a great big attic usable attic space to store it...). Now after last night that light is shining again!

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    Hello All...

    The ping pong shelving is completely down! I am left with a pile of lumber, mostly 2"x6" planks...could be ripped down for legs if/when I have a tablesaw. But the car can fit in the garage again and once the furniture/stuff for donation has been hauled away (hopefully Friday) I can have a better visual on the space available. At that time I'll take a few more pictures so you can see before/after shots, as well as the dioramas I'd like to include in the future layouts.

    Planning pulse as of today...I'm leaning toward a mainline loop and staging arrangement for running any and all of my current roster plus whatever I may purchase in the future (always wanted one of those sweet 2-6-6-6's...) with the timesaver/ML somehow incorporated into that scheme. (Rather than including the full loop and point-to-point interchange branch line, mining/logging connection, etc.) We'll see. Still no plans just jumping off the page at me.

  18. fuzzyloggin

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    go for it mate, i know exactly what you mean, im throwing round all sorts of ideas aswell.
    its good to see you moving forward as well , its funny to me how similar the things your doing are to the things im doing to get the garage and layout area ready when we are on the other side of the planet, anyways as long as you keep posting on the gauge i will be along for the ride with ya :)
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    Duds and the planning process

    Here are some planning 'duds' to illustrate some of what I go through in sketching out ideas. I know, I know, duds isn't exactly an accurate term as every sketch is productive in a "now I know how NOT to do it" kinda way. But that's what I'm calling them anyway.

    I'm not going to comment on each one individually, but I will say that the perspective is different on a couple. For some the top of the page is the aisle, for others it's the garage wall. Look for the two little dark blotches along one side...in every plan these are the breaker box and cable routing box.

    But even that illustrates a point...I imagine different scenes differently, and the scene or scenes that inspire a particular plan may flow out of the pencil better when the page is turned that way. Sure, I could turn it around before writing text but that'd be too easy.

    Okay, enjoy. [Fuzz, hopefully you may find some inspiration in these.]

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    View attachment 31904

    View attachment 31905

    View attachment 31906


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    Planning Process

    Here's an 'LDE'/Schematic/Scene approach, kind of a broad brush strokes idea sheet of the overall operational arrangement of the various componants. The big question marks circled in between the scenes are for whatever may go there, whether it be scenic or another track element. Also, this in no way indicates how these componants will be arranged physically, except in a linear progression sort of way.


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