Experimental Tanks and Paper Panzers, Which would you like to see in 1:72?

Discussion in 'Armory & Military' started by MilanX3, Nov 6, 2012.

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    I can use any 3 views you guys need from the ones I have saved..suggest and tank and we can make a group effort out of it. If its a WoT tank it has a nice brushed steel texture as part of the model...Tank of the month?? :)

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    You can link to the pictures by copying and pasting the url's by pressing the Yellow box, past the URL into the box that appears. That's how forum's share models legitimately. If it doesn't work, it means they don't want to share. Right Click "View Image" and use that URL that appears in the address bar. Like so:

  3. MilanX3

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    Hi Zath,

    The forum to forum pics were not what stopped me from posting, it was images that came directly from the game itself in its internal programming. There are very few layouts posted by anyone usually for this information so I refrained from posting it as all the info. to find what anyone needed was described in detail by No. I'll have to build more than the VK2801 for more postings. If you build one yourself from the layouts I made please post some pics on this thread.

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    It would seem on the side subject of the P.1000 Ratte, someone has already gone to the trouble of making a paper model.

    http://papercraftparadise.blogspot.com/search/label/World of Tanks#.UY1bzrWmhfY

    And from what I've gathered it is actually from World of Tanks, and it was extracted from last year's "April Fools Day" video where it was put in and numerous tanks attempting to fight it were little more than props against the Ratte obliterating everything like it was a toy.

    So perhaps it's still buried somewhere within the files (haven't bothered to look) and on top of that it tells me that the files within the game can indeed be extracted in some way or another, and made into printable components to model yourself.

    VERY interesting stuff.
  5. ----zathros---

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    What a Behemoth, great link too. Thanks for the info. :)
  6. NobodyUknow

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    No problem, it was actually put up there in April, and I just hadn't noticed...

    Just goofing around today browsing and saw it, I had to double take, not really believing that not only did it already exist, but that it looks pretty darn good.

    Moreover the potential that its game data being made into a model may lead to other WoT tanks being converted gives me a lot of hope.
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    Anyone know how to say Jackpot in Russian???

    Check this out guys:

  8. NobodyUknow

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    Holy moly, I may have found the holy grail of WoT-extracted paper tanks!


    It's in Russian, but in browsers like Chrome you can auto-translate to at least make it intelligible enough to poke around, and it -seems- to be the original source of the P.1000 Ratte I previously posted.

    There is a seemingly nice model of the Maus (better than most of the kits as far as textures goes really!) and even an E-100 in desert camo and it has some really good detailing in the pictures I've seen...


    Get it while it lasts, it -may- be made "for sale" at some point, I dunno because I can't really determine what the plans are for it on their website, but for now, it's free on the Russian World of Tanks website, and while the instructions are all in Russian, it appears to be a simple shape/build so the pictures in the instructions should be sufficient.

    Maybe in time more of the models in-game will be uploaded to their message board and we can all have fun with them.

    I don't see any convenient way to get the models, and from what I can gather through my VERY VERY VERY basic Russian-to-English, I think the idea is of course for their developments to go up for sale at a website store, but I have no idea how to find/access it if it even exists yet...

    But it is at least a start and they seem to have a bit of a production going on and might get a lot of the WoT tanks into real life which would make me plenty happy.



    Figured out a little more on how to get -some- of their older models, including a neat KV-2 and an IS-3 plus some miscellaneous light tanks which would be cute and fun to have around as well.

    You HAVE to click the pictures of the model you want and it -should- go to a viable link to download them. But again, get them while they last, anything good likely won't last...
  9. MilanX3

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    Hi Guys,

    I was able to translate with IE, when you first click on the links be sure to click to stay on the Russian World of Tanks forum. There they have the models for free, each with a pic and title.

    They come from the website for worldofpapertanks, and that project exists to make the World of Tanks tank out of paper to be modeled. From what I understood they were created to be sold and built in either 1:25 scale or 1:35..quite large indeed. It is the source of the Ratte. Each model is published as a .pdf book. I had seen these before and thought they were just Russian publications of tank information, but it looks like it was for models as well. I think the ones available, certainly the Leopard, were for sale before, but now have been made free. Some are really impressive, like the Maus, Ratte, IS-3 and even an SU-26 with a diorama of Russian soldiers around a winter campfire as part of the model. They chose some unique models to issue and surely they will issue more. That link is the link to the Russian World of Tanks modeling section, and surely more will be added.

    It is interesting to see how they re-designed the game models to be printed and built as paper tank models. On the worldofpapertanks site they discuss future projects as well, looks like a Tiger (P) is in the works, whether it will be free or not I have no idea.

    Each tank once you click on it on the larger page has a link to the .pdf download. I was able to get all of the ones listed in the link. Yamayo!

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    I use the tank viewer and it is a great program to look at all the tanks from the game. It was no longer being updated, but the programmer took to updating it recently so a new version can be downloaded. A great research source!

    If you alter your tank models make sure to save copies, as to not mess up your game.


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