Experimental Tanks and Paper Panzers, Which would you like to see in 1:72?

Discussion in 'Armory & Military' started by MilanX3, Nov 6, 2012.

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    Well with the model editor, I merely started up the program, I didn't bother trying to open, view, or fiddle with anything in it because I really don't know much about it or the models themselves in the game...

    I would think that if they could be extracted in some way however then they'd be wonderfully detailed and -mostly- complete models ready to be made into paper models if they could be unfolded... What that would take to accomplish however I honestly do not know.

    While I know a great deal about the history and design of the experimental tanks in question, I can't really offer much on how to make their models or extract them from WoT...

    I'll poke around the internet some more in the future and see what else I can find and perhaps someone else has some more knowledge on how to make something of the resources available to us...
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    Hi No,

    Sorry, I think I was not clear enough in my last response. For me the WoT Tank Viewer program never worked at all, and I was just wondering if the program itself worked as opposed to whether or not you tried seeing any of the models.

    If yours did not work, then maybe it is just no longer supported. If it did work, then I likely did something wrong. It seems to be the only open source program that can show the models in 3D.

    So when I downloaded it I got a .zip file, opened that and got a few messy files. Inside those I found the setup file. Opened that and it loaded the program. When I tried to open the program it told me I was missing the MSVCP100.dll file and did not work. Did you have the same problem? Do you know what this means or how to resolve it?

    Thank you for all your advice, you have been more than helpful. I actually already built two sizes of the VK2801 based on your advice and would be happy to share that model layout with you if you want it. Just let me know!


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    Well, after a little tinkering, fumbling, and then finally reading the instructions as I should have from the beginning, I was able to load a model :mrgreen:

    Step one was the sticking point for me, that folder "wot_temp" on C: drive is possibly what was causing you trouble... It's used as a dumb/hash folder for the program to use to shuffle data back and forth.

    Once you've got all that fun stuff, sorted, you can actually poke around and look at models.

    I pulled up a T30 tank, but the files are available for all the tanks, and since they all follow a uniform format and design parameters, I don't foresee any compatibility issues there.

    To load up an entire tank requires 4 loaded primitives:


    They should be loaded in that order, just keep choosing "add primitive", and the entire model will populate. Keep in mind however you can't export an entire model all at once, you can only export one piece at a time. Like the Chassis, Hull, Turret, or Gun.

    From my fiddling around, it seemed easy enough, but once I've exported the .obj and .fbx for each component of the larger tank model, I don't know where to go from there...

    I -think- that's where 3DS Max or Maya comes in, and I don't have either, nor the experience on how to use them.

    Perhaps with the obj and fbx files they could be cobbled together into a model that could then be flattened and printed to make a paper model from...

    As to your missing file, the file "MSVCP100.dll" is an easily fixed error, you just need that .dll (dynamic-link library) file on your computer so that the operating system can use its instructions to understand how to use files within a program and make it work.


    Start there, it's a Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86), and within it -should- contain the fix for your specific lacking file.

    It's almost certainly an issue if you run a 64-bit operating system (x64), some programs that are written for a 32-bit operating system (x86) don't understand to install all of their instructions in the correct places for an unfamiliar operating system. A 64-bit OS can readily use 32 bit software, but it sometimes needs additional instructions to refer to in order to use it correctly.

    That redistributable -should- fix the error, but if it doesn't you need to place that file "MSVCP100.dll" in SysWOW64 folder among the myriad other .dll files the OS uses.

    You can do a Google search like the one here:

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    hi there

    As to your original question ? what about:-

    UK - Tortoise
    UK - Black Prince
    USA - Boarhound
    USA - T27 Armoured car

    regards Paul
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    Hi No,

    So after downloading the missing X86 .dll file, the 041 version did boot up after I opened it as an Administrator. Once it opened, I fiddled around with it and the list of tanks came up and they opened. I dont plan on changing them at the moment, but just to take pictures of the different sides of each 3D model using the prt screen so I can bleach the images and get the track pictures I need for each tank. Also I can use it to confirm what parts go where from the layouts. The program is no longer being supported, so I hope it still works down the road. This latest version 041 of WOT Tank Viewer was updated until update 8.4 on the game, but should work later on as well.

    The information copied for 3DS and other other program, is this needed for altering the models from the WoT Tank Viewer? To just see the images, does it damage the game at all? Do I need to make another folder so it doesnt muck up the game? Right now the WOT Tank Viewer brings up the tank simply by clicking it on the right side of the page from the list of tanks there. After that, if the image comes up, what else do I need to do so my game and Viewer works as it should?

    You have been very helpful...I included my altered VK2801 with found side view drawing tracks added for your and the forum to build!


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    Hi Paul,

    The Black Prince, whether it is the churchill or matilda version, shouldnt be a problem. I think the biggest issues is the churchill chassis front as you have to build internal walls as the front of the church. is sunk into the body.

    For the T18 Boarbound, I dont know much about it as it is a US armoured wheeled vehicle from what I see. I did a cursory search for it as a blueprint and all I found was a T17 Staghound and Deerhound. Do you know if they share a similar chassis? Do you have drawings of the T18 Boarhound?

    For the T27, I did not find any drawings either. I can see why you would want models of these two, they looks quite impressive. I need at least one side view drawing and a top view, or the same info. from similar vehicles so I can cut and paste the images to produce the top and sides I need. The Deerhound and a side view of the Boarhound might give me enough info. to make a T18, but with no drawings of the T27 I cant do much. If you tell me about what vehicles they are kin to and find me some images and drawings I may be able to piece them together...a great challenge indeed.

    Usually wheeled paper tanks are not as good as ones with tracks as you have to sacrifice alot of details or have to put in alot of work to get the wheeles looking right. My models are usually simple so I try to work the wheeles into a larger side piece. See the BM-27 Uragan pic I added for how I do wheeled vehicles.

    Please pass on any info. on the T18 and T27 and ill see what I can make.


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    Well, potentially, fiddling around with the files -could- alter how they work in the game, which is why I HIGHLY recommend making copies of any files you want to change or just mess with, and only extract/open the COPIES of the files.

    That way you can change things or do whatever you please with the copied files, and have no effect on the game itself, it's merely a mirror image you're changing.

    If you extract the files as described in the program's instructions, it says you can alter them and so on in programs like 3DS Max and Maya, but I don't have those programs so I'm not sure what all can be done there...

    Perhaps there are ways to put the extracted files into another program like pepakura (or something similar) that could then unfold the model into a printable form.
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  9. Paul_n

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    Hi there

    I had some drawings of the Boarhound but cannot lay my hands on them at present.

    Hear is a colour side view :-


    Still only a side view :-


    These are mainly ficrinal vehicles for war aming , but the Boarhound half way down is real enough:-


    Yep need to find a top/rear/sid view

    regards paul
  10. MilanX3

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    Hi No,

    Yes, with the Paint program to view the layouts I copied the files. I will likely not change them in any case, but I did do it for safety reasons.

    For the WoT Tank Viewer, I tried using it on the copied files but there are files it needs to make the list of tanks to view, and I think this can only be done by linking the program to the main game file. Once you link it to the main game file, it works beautifully, but I found if I took just the complete the model files and try to use the Tank Viewer on them it does not pull up the tank list. I will not alter them in any case, I just use it to take pics of the tank angles and see how the layouts are suppose to look as the actual 3D model. I would like to find out how to use copied files however for safety reasons, but atm it seems fine. I have made a drawing for the Object 212 out of these programs and with your help!

    To do it with copies I think id have the copy the entire game, that might become more problematic when I play down the road.

    3Ds Max and Maya, I know you dont have them, but r they free and what do they do exactly? Just other 3d program options?


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    Well I can tell you right off, that 3DS Max and Maya are VERY expensive programs, and take quite a bit of "getting used to"... $3,675 for 3DS Max or Maya (from their website).

    I've more or less taught myself "basic level photoshop" from just fiddling with things over time, but 3D modeling hasn't been a necessity for me, so I never invested the time/effort to learn...

    I would look around for a free or cheap solution that can handle what you're trying to do, which is basically just to take an existing model and convert it to a file you can then unfold into a flat pattern to print...

    I'd guess things like 123D Make -MAY- be able to accomplish a similar task, but I honestly don't know, but it's made by Autodesk (makers of 3DS Max and Maya)


    Take a look, and research it a little, it might be helpful...
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    I have read this thread, it is so loaded with information, that I truly believe more pictures are needed. Anything this well expounded upon need pictures for the rest of us dullards! That is a really nice tank model by the way. :)
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    Who will build the Ratte? :D
  14. NobodyUknow

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    Well, one problem with the Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte is that the specifications for it were more or less "make it weigh some 1000 tonnes and sport 283mm cannons", and that was basically it.

    The same was more or less true for the P1500 Monster, except it was expected to sport a single 800mm (K)E Cannon, like that of the Schwerer Gustav cannon which was intended to more or less be a "world beater", but was preposterously impractical and wouldn't have actually been possible with 40's or even 50's era technologies.

    The P.1000 also suffered from being preposterous. While some documents suggest that the twin mounted 283mm cannons that were supposedly going to be on a possible P.1000 prototype/product tank had actually been made in a twin mount turret as per the P.1000's specifications, nothing is actually proven and the possible turret and guns usually referenced to be for the P.1000 were simply put into a shore defense emplacement like a Pantherturm near Trondheim in Norway, and it is little more than speculation that they were ever anything other than a set of "replacement" cannons/turret for an already existing ship like the Scharnhorst and Gneisenau, that no longer had need of them since they were now sunk/dismantled.

    Many artistic interpretations have been made of varying detail as to what one could have looked like, based on the "wish list" that Der Fuhrer was asking for it to be. But most boil down to a giant shoe-box, with a naval turret on top, and bristling AA cannons all along the back of it which would have done little or nothing to actually protect such a big, slow, and obvious target...

    I do however think there was a 1/144 Landkreuzer P.1000 "Ratte" by Matuo Kasten a while back, but it likely costs about the same as a kidney on the black market... I guess it is plastic, never bothered to look into it other than to gawk at images.
  15. zathros

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    Bu Rhino for $100 dollars or $299 if your a student, and you can do almost anything 3DS Max can do, which is really for animation, not making models, and you will have enough money to build a really awesome computer, as opposed to just buying 3DSMax, which cannot be opened with virtually anything and is pricing it' way into obsolescence. IMHO :)
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    Hi Paul,

    Sorry for the late reply. I think with just the one side views it can be difficult, albeit not impossible to make these models. Like many UK and American tanks, many parts were used on other vehicles. To do the research to find parts involved doing research on the pieces of the actual tank in order to find other alternatives to make a complete model of the subjects you suggested. If a good side view is found, then a top and part of a front is needed to complete a basic model. The work is in the research, as is the reward as you can learn alot of smaller details about these vehicles in the process. Can you recommend other vehicles that are part of the same family that might be more well known and have a greater source of drawings?

  17. MilanX3

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    Hi No,

    Thanks for all your advice, I'll certainly look into many of the programs you suggested in the future. Right now I can get most of the images I need to do WoT models. Today they released the 8.5 update and there are some interesting models that have been added. Are there any subjects you would like me to attempt to make a layout of for you?


  18. MilanX3

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    Thanks guys,

    What No says is very true, I found some drawings of battleship cannons a few weeks back and the Ratte and its sister "ship" seemed to return the idea of tanks on a battlefield into the concept of a true landship. Regarding making a model of one, it should be simple as long as the drawings are available. You can also size it as you wish, and as far as being overweight, its paper, so a model made from a giant expensive block of resin or plastic isnt much of an issue. The Ratte might be easy actually, as it is just a box on a box with two pencils sticking out of the front. Might be more interesting modelwise building the actual ship.

  19. zathros

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    Post simple 3 way views and I can bang out virtual models and patterns for the simpler boxes in an instant. If someone else does the textures, well there you go. :)
  20. MilanX3

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    Hi Zath,

    Yes, I agree with the pictures. I refrained from putting in examples of what me and No were speaking about as I didnt want to violate the rights of the World of Tanks people by using their images as I am not sure what is permitted or not, so most of the info. directs readers to where and how to find the information on their copies of the game only.

    I am glad you liked the model, the VK2801, now renamed the VK28.01 and I encourage you to put one together with your own skills as I'd love to see what can be done with the layout by a professional modeller. The parts from the WoT come together exceptionally well, No's suggestion to use the layout really left me with perfect cuts and fine fitting joints...meaning it went together quick and well. Regarding other pictures, are there any on this thread you think would be more useful than others? I have only made the VK2801 from the layout of the game and none others yet, so I didnt add much. I think I put it up in the free models forum with my VK3601 and VK3001H..they seem to be popular.

    Regarding the costs of different programs, I guess it depends on how much time and effort you wish to put into your hobby. For me, I took to paper to save alot of money and displace many resin and plastic models for free and make models that were not yet available. I also dont usually have alot of free time, so when I do make one of my paper tanks, I design it to be as simple and quick as possible with an acceptable amount of detail. This means no larger models, less realism, but quick builds and army builders. Half the fun is learning about the tank I find, and the model building comes with this process. I think for me to invest in a proper 3D program I would have to marry it with a proper 3D printer and a method for making my own models out of different materials. Do any of you guys have or use a 3D printer and use a specific program as well? For 300 for a program and 400-600 for a decent printer, it might be worth it if it functions as you want it to. Thanks for the advice.

    Cheers Zath, No, Paul and the fan of the Ratte!

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