Eastern Tn logging on the DG CC & W RR 1928

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  1. Bill Nelson

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    Smaug is not cooperative, where happy if he stays up there and leaves us alone

    Bill Nelson
  2. Fluesheet

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    Bill, I looked back through your thread, but couldn't find a reference to how "the #2 pencil graphite job" was applied. Is it too simple to assume that you simply "color" the smokebox with a pencil?

    Also, regarding the dullcoat, is it typical to have good and bad cans? I sprayed a test car the other day (my first experience with this) and it was not close enough to a mist for my taste - the coating was not evenly applied. Throw it out and try another?


  3. ytter_man

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    ^I've heard that putting a can of dullcoat in some warm water (though not all the way up to the nozzle) before use can help it spray more evenly.
  4. Bill Nelson

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    #2 pencil trick / dullcoat

    The particulars of the #2 pencil treatment was not described carefully.

    Here goes, get a #@ pencil really sharp (a dull one will work but the edges wont' be as easy to control.

    I rib the pencil's tip on the wanted area ( smoke box primarily), but the fire box is alsi a legitimate target fir graphite paste.

    They used graphite paste in places where the metal got too hot to keep paint on it,

    I also , using my artistic licence, I use the # 2 lightly to highlight details such a pipes, valves, pumps. If you over do a little art gum eraser can smundge it, or clean it most of the way off.

    Dull coat must be handled carefully, and allways test on a non critical surface Good advise for any spray paint can. shake them up really well, and after use shot it a little with the can upside down. that shoota a little propellent straight through the nozzle, which God willing, will blow any residue off the nozzle, which is one of the probable culprets in splotcy dullcoat- the others being a can that has not been shook enough, or a can that is past it's prime (this last being purely speculative, as the Bad cans I have encountered have been in my posession for a long long time.

    sticking the can in hot water is a fix, if the problem is that you are almost out of propellant. the heat expands the propellant, so the last few squrts will come out of the can stronger with better results, and as a bonus few squirts.

    Dullcoat is some thick stuff, so when it's splotchy insufficient propellent pressure might be the problem, in which case warming it in hot water might be helpfull.

    Bill Nelson
  5. Fluesheet

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    Thanks for the replies.

    Re: the #2 pencil, this may be just what I'm looking for. I haven't been happy with paint colors I've used in this area, so this represents a good second (and close to prototypical!) solution.

    Re: the Dullcote, the can I was using was unopened before I sprayed my test subject, but was several years old. I'll try warming it some anyway - it's a little cold in my basement, possibly it wasn't happy with that and was protesting...

  6. Bill Nelson

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    smltremtrls.jpg SMLoldlbcoach.jpg SMLconsolidations.jpg Found in the closet!

    I have been cleaning up the closet in my family room. this closet has had hobby stuff in it since I built the closet. Sharing the closet with the hobby stuff was cameras and related supplies, the LP collection; seperated into three stacks Jennifer's records, My Grateful dead and dead related records, and My non dead records, as well as Cd's video tapes, Dvd's, games puzzels and assorted little kid parifanalia.

    I started cleaning this closet from the top shelf down, and then started from the bottom up There are two shelfs yet to deal with, but they shouldn't hold many big surprises.

    I found two large shoe (probably boot) boxes full of treemaking supplies (lots of woodland scenic stuff, which I put in a plastic container that I had cleaned out a bunch of little kid parafinallia from.

    I also found an old derilect coach body, a Labelle kit tht I built back in the 60's to house my first steam coach We should evaluate this coach for use as a shed @ the club, and we should test the 2nd steam coach, to see if it likes the club layout.

    Those Trees annd some that are ready to go up in the RR roam would let me fully forrest Tom's Bend, which I didn't dare do in the age of little kids, as the trees would have gotten knocked off faster than they could be installed. also I need to fully forest that little piece of mountain that intrudes on Harlow where the biscuit co used to be.

    Also look at these consolidations in the shops! And look at that #6 has a dcc plug in it. I was going to rob the decoder from Thomas #10, because the stupid system wouldn't allow an 01, and see if it behaves., at the club. Not sure I need 2 consolidations on the valley division, along with the 2 Americans and the two 2-4-4-0s that already live there, unless they like to run together and could be doubleheaded. another possibility would be to assign one as a switcher for Montgomery furnace , so it could pick up ore cars and coal cars in Crooked Creek and deliver them to the furnace. we will have to see. I don't know how many amps that open frame motor pulls, but it's made into the NWSL gearbox, and I'm not touching it if I don't have to

    Bill Nelson
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  7. Doctor G

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    Hi Bill,
    I swear you have a hobby shop full of goodies there in your house!!!

    Cannot wait to see them in use.

    The Consolidations are nice. Looking forward to seeing them in action too.

    Doc Tom
  8. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member

    SML mnshnstl.jpg SMLgizWstl.jpg SMLs&P& still.jpg Gorre County moonshine still

    Over in Gravestone county there was a conversation about a donkey looking like it could be sued as a still.

    Well that got me thinking (or as close as I ever get), that The still up in Perry's Gizzard hasn't been documented in these photo's. I'ts not far out of the way (nothing is in the Gizzard), but it is almost impossible to see due to the outragious topography of the region, and the very limited view points available.

    The first photo shows Jack Jones' still, Jack, famous from the Grateful Dead song BROWN EYED WOMEN , where in it is noted "Daddy made whiskey and he made it well, cost two dollars and it burned like hell." You can tell this scene doesn't show easuly by the white plaster that is visable. over the years all the white spots that are easily visable have been darkened with washes.

    While the first photo was cropped close, so as not to give off it's surroundings, the other two are cropped wider, and show some of the surroundings in the Gizzard, and even Crooked Creek, way down in the valley below. In the later photographs You can see how the still dissapears into the scenery. I need to work on that scene, add a stack of firewood at the very least.

    Bill Nelson
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  9. Doctor G

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    Hey Bill,
    That still was hidden well!!! I never spied it before and I have seen your nice layout boo koo times. I know it has been there several decades what with you quoting long ago Grateful Dead tunes!!!
    Doc Tom:p
  10. Mountain Man

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    She's only a bootlegger's daughter, but I love her still...

    Ah...romance. :cool:
  11. ytter_man

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    Love that still scene :) Awesome stuff guys! :thumb:
  12. mydadiscrazy

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    Hi dad!
    I can see your I can look at your train pictures now.
    Love you.
  13. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member

    Hi Em,

    Be sure to check out the your unique equipment thread to see my projects, and check Dr Tom's ( Dr. G) C & S, it has come a long way from the days when it took up one stall in a garage.

    Love Dad.
  14. Bill Nelson

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    SMLtTTLGDKwplkgfrSPl.jpg Readying Terrapin for the Surry Parker!

    If you have been following the development of the Surry Parler loader/skidders in the thread

    Picture thread of your Logging, Mining, or unique industrial equipment.

    or even if you haven't they are getting Close! Mine will live up here in Terrapin Tn. at the log loading deck. the deck is raised up on cribbing, like everything in Terrapin. I have added some decking over the ties, so that the legs of the Surry parker can't fall through the cracks between the ties. this will give the machine a good foundation, so that my problems will come from something else!

    Bill Nelson
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  15. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member

    SMLnwscnrxt#1.jpg SMLscnrxt#2.jpg an addition

    That log loading landing, and the log camp, are on a very narrow six inch wide addition to the original plan of my railroad. The original passingsiding @ Terrapin was way to small, and would only hold a three or four car train. That was a big problem, as the passing siding is the only passing siding on the mountain. this would not allow two full size trains (a locomotive, four log or ore cars, possibly another freight car and a combine or caboose ) to pass each other, and caused big headaches for the dispatcher, who had to keep one train short.

    I fixed that problem by rebuilding the bridge deck for the Cave Cove creek bridge, which used to be single track. Now it has a switch on the bridge deck at the north (down hill) side of it, and most of the bridge has two tracks. this greatly expanded the passingsiding, making operations on the mountain much easier.

    The extended passing siding requried changes to the scenery, so while I was at it I added six inches to the layout and put the log camp @ Terrapin on those six inches. It was a big challenge to fit that in that location, but without that addition, all my log camps were on staging, and the only modeled source of logs was the reload from the narrow gauge @ Rigemont.

    I have started annother, although much more modest extension of my RR, although this one will involve only scenery. I have always thought the scene around the church @ Perry's gizzard was too cramped. the church is shoehorned in between the cut leading to the lower tunnel portal, and the edge of the layout. When I added the fith level @ Gegoukayoosa, the cliff behind the church was extended out toward the aisle to support the narrow gauge on top of the cliff at wildwood, as it climbs toward Gegokayoosa.

    I'm going to add some foam blocks, between the South Fork of Crooked creek at the edge of Perry's gizzard, and the falls, as Sander's Creek pours out of Sander's Gorge, and get a narrow strip of realestate, with the cliff going up to wildwood behind it, Sander's creek on one side, and the cut for the RR on the other side, with the piece of land ending at The South Fork of Crooked Creek.

    This will give me enough room for a graveyard next to the church.I have some Woodlands scenic's tombstones, and with those, some more trees. and maybe a split-rail fence, I can make a real nice scene, helping focus attention on that church, a very nice scratch build. my first successful attempt in syrene,

    Bill Nelson
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  16. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member

    SMLnwscnryext.jpg more foam

    put on more foam this is my first real attempt at foam scenery. we will see how it goes. Next some carving & vynal spackling leftover from the work I'm doing on my 130 year old kitchen . That has been fun. I'ved fixed thge ceiling, which made the cabinets look bad, I've started work on the cabinets, and now they are starting to make the walls look bad. the floor has looked bad for 10 years or so.

    Bill Nelson
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  17. Bill Nelson

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    SMLsmlw;.jpg SMLbgngtdrveF.jpg a close up of the mill

    On the parrallel Maple Valley thread, I said I'd post a close up of the big mill. to show some construction details of this large foam-core based structure. While the walls are thicker than scale, the excellent appearance of the painted balsa exterior and the quick construction time compensate for that . The windows are cut up from City classic's skylights, as I needed big windows up on the cutting floor, to let lots of light in for the workers, and to let me get a glimpse of the cool Keystone locomotive works machinery, if I ever get around to building and installing it.

    In the other photo you can see some of my experimental carving of the foam on the scenery extension near the gizzard and Sander's Gorge

    Bill Nelson
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  18. Mountain Man

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    Outstanding work - I think you're going to need a bigger layout pretty soon!
  19. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member

    larger layout-not likely

    It's unlikely my layout will get larger, the Southern staging is two feet above floor level, and the rail head @ Gegoukayoosa is about Six feet two and a half inches off the floor. Gegoukauoosa itself is a shelf hanging off the ceiling. I still have narrow gauge track and a turntable to add up there, but it will be mainly staging unless I go even further nuts. When it is amost complere, then it's time to add interior detail to the buildings and other tiny details that couldn't be bothered with while I was working on the big picture. I also have some On3 stuff I want to play with.

    My RR is in the attic of an addition to the house. The kids are grown and fled, the house is too big now, so no more additions are likely. Moving is not likely unless something happens to my health, that would prevent me from taking care of the big 130 year old house and the 21 acres of woods. My wife and I are hermits, and so we really like the seclusion we get here, but due to the bend in the Cumberland river, we are the last house in the woods, off a dead end road in the country, but we are less than a mile as the Crow flies from Downtown Clarksville, and are only ten to fifteen minutes away from Downtown, so we have the best of both worlds, and an excelent view, so we like it.

    Here is the view from my front porch. the building with the big Tower is the montgomery County Courthouse.

    Bill Nelson

    Editor's note; spoiler alert SMLvfrtfrntprch.jpg late in this thread the layout is rebuilt to be considerably larger,
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  20. Mountain Man

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    Very nice. I'm a hermit, too, although I really do like people - everybody should own a couple. :cool:

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