Eastern Tn logging on the DG CC & W RR 1928

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  1. Bill Nelson

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    The advantage of out little plastic I beams, is we can have a location on each side, so the tab on a log car would have the log dump of one of my sawmills (who can have just one?) and a log car on the other end, so once the log load is removed ( dumped into the log pond), the tab is turned over, and now you have an empty to deliver!

    Bill Nelson

    Clarksville Tn
  2. Bill Nelson

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    smlsou rvrbr.jpg sml hrlw yard.jpg sml hlw  engine  facilities.jpg sml #1@ Hrlw.jpg south Harlow

    Yes...and a Navy pattern percussion Colt. --- those are sweet shooting little guns! I wore one out, repaced it with a reproduction Remington old Army; which has a beefier frame, but doesn't aim its self like the Navy Colt

    past the Imperial desk and chair the DG CC & W RR goes under the Southern mainline's Crooked Creek bridge. Note: This far down Crooked Creek it is Navagatable. The steam boat is not in a permanent spot yet, may never be. I want to make a barge for it, and deliver logs via barge to South Harlow. Next to the Southern bridge is the Harlow water works.

    next is a photo of Harlow yard, then a photo of the engine facilities. the cuts behind the turntable will be cribbed with timbrers, I'm going to put a big tannery behind the engine facilities, with one of it's siddings up on a trestle, it's going to be a big project.

    I also included a photo of #1, put into service on Christmas day in 1964. The old Mantua General, has had several rebuilds and paint jobs, and is in need of another. Allas, it's suited only to the Valley Division, which tends to get neglected. Next to #1 is #5, also a Mantua General, but with a Carry conversion Boiler, an MDC tender with a cannon coppier motor in it.

    Bill Nelson

    Clarksville Tn
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  3. Doctor G

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    Merry Christmas Bill

    MERRY CHRISTMAS Bill. Now don't shoot Santa or any of them deer with all those guns of yours!!!!
    Doc Tom:cry:
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    Bill...Love this layout as well.....Both of you guys' layouts have brought a new dimension to the hobby....(for me, at least..). I would have never thought someone could keep as focused on one aspect of RR'ing as you guys do. The results speak for themselves...:thumb:
  5. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member

    staying focused!


    I lived in Clarksville for 10 years before encountering another model railroader (Clarksville @ that time had a population 68,000). Tom was The first modeler I ran into, and our railroads were both pretty much fully conceptualized @ that time. The biggest change to our concepts; which happened independently, but simultaniously, was the desicsion to back date our era from the late 30's to the late 20's. That change was inspired by our operations, wanting to acurately reflect the busy heyday of these RR's in Eastern Tn., instead of the lazy decline, as the railroads creep toward Cutout, and the inevitable colsure of the mill, and scrapping of the line.

    After Tom and I started working together, it was probably another ten years before we were there to help found our club. When our club abandoned modules, and built a permanant layout, Tom built a logging area. I was absent for a while, due to the chronic illness of a child, But now I'm back I'm working to consolidate the clubs coal mines and logging operations into The J. E. Patterson Coal and Lumber Co. , named in honor of a club member who shared our interests, and who has passed away. The J.E. Patterson Coal and Lumber Co. is largely based on the operations of the Sterns Coal and Lumber co, of Stern's Ky., and their Kentucky and Tennesee railroad.

    Under the clever disquise of a memorial, we have embarked on a vicious campaign of land grabbing; staking claim to large tracts of underutilzed territory, and working to make the J E P C & L Co a if not the dominant theme of the railroad. This is made easier, as the rest of the Guys, excepting Dave, who is a rabid L & N guy, are not focused.

    Tom came to his interest in logging from living in the mountains, and hiking the trails; I came to it from my father's personal experience, and his collection of books. There is no telling how much we have learned from each other over the years.

    Tom and I have different artistic styles, He works fast, making things happen now; I work slow trying to get every last tiny thing right, so nothing is ever finnished, but when I get close , it starts to look good. This difference helps inspire us as well, as Tom over the years has focused in tighter on details, and I have actually made an effort to get whole scenes closer to finished

    Bill Nelson
  6. Doctor G

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    The Queen City Model RailRoad Club

    Bill and I are having a lot of fun spreading the joy of logging and mining to our fellow members of the Clarksville "Queen City" Model Railroad club.

    Here are a few pictures of our joint effort. Bill has generously supplied two great steam engines for the betterment of the club a 0-6-0 and a Bachmann 3 truck Shay. This is the logging area that we have gradually forested and will be one of the suppliers of raw materials of our up and coming large lumber mill complex.
    Doc Tom:wave:

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  7. Bill Nelson

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    smlJEPC&LCo#32.jpg #32

    Since Tom took those pictures that Shay has gone back to the DG CC & W RR paint shops for a paint job. It is photographed on my work bench in front of a scratchbuilt hull for a RC paddle wheel steamer, which is one of my many digressions from my primary hobby.

    Currently in front of that latest shipyard effort, Is a Mantua 2-6-6-2 tender engine that needs to go back together after getting DCC and sound, and make a trip to the painting and lettering shops.

    the 0-6-0 is a Proto 2000 USRA with factory sound and DCC. They put two speakers in it, and it is hands down the best sounding locomotive @ the club

    Space for a decoder in the Bachman Shay is very limited, but Blair found a z scale decoder that we finally got shoehorned in that tender. The Shay was too stiff for most of my track, and so was underutilized as a M & N G engine working the interchange @ State Line. It gets a lot more use @ the Club

    Bill Nelson
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    Today's progress

    My wife has 3 12 hrs shifts in a row ( she is a pediatric cardiology nurse @ Vanderbilt Children's Hospital in Nashville.) So I was up @ 4:30 am packing up her 3 lunches, 2 dinners and 2 brekfasts; Vandy has a deal with a nearby hotel, so she can stay for 1/2 price, so she has a htel room for two nights. #1 son had a virus, so I've been tethered close to the farm, and missed church.

    I did go up to the RR room and start some ballasting, ground cover in the area around the turntable in Harlow, and the Ore transfer in Ridgemont, directly avove it. working on the ground cover made me think that I needed to get my *** in gear and work on the cribbing, si I went down to the Garage, fired up My modified Dremil 4 in table saw, and cut up a big pile of yellow poplar into timbers for the cribbing around the turntable in Harlow, and for the next layer of the bracing around the ore transfer.

    After staining the wood ( with furniture stain- colonial pine) and painting the wood for the ore transfer (gray spray paint) I took a break, and put a pressure line on my 98 Suburban's power steering . I must report that hat was a joy! . Everything excepting the actual removal of the old hose and the installation of the new one went very smoothly. And the bottom side of an old suburban with 160,000 miles, which has just had a leaky power steering pressure line, is going to be nice and clean.

    After restoring the power steering sml  Hrlw cribing.jpg sml  ore  transfer.jpg to my monster truck, I went back to working on the cribbing, and made some progress.

    here are some pictures

    Bill Nelson, trying to work fast like Dr Tom.
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  9. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member

    sml Hrl ttcibbing.jpg Hrlw tt  deep cut.jpg Cribbing around the turntable

    Did I tell you I like cribbing? Once I get the cribbing right, then I can design and build the big tannery on the hill behind the turntable, Then I have to make some bark cars, and some tabs for the cars that handle the unprocessed hides. No. I have no plans to model the smell.

    Bill Nelson
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  10. Doctor G

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    HI Bill,
    Looking good. I see some real progress there and the cribbing really is good.

    Have you considered a Yankee Scented Candle such as the one pictured to bring the aromatic ambience you are looking for?????
    Doc Tom:thumb:

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  11. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member


    I'm specificaly not looking for the odor! don't recon they sell a candle with Tannery smell, probably not rotting meat either, which would be real close.

    When I was a kid there was a company near Cincinnati that made fur coats. Getting behind one odf the trucks with raw hides on the road was enough to make you consider giving up breathing.

    The tannery will have to have dedicated boxcars to bring in the hides. Once they have had a load of raw hides in them, you can't use them for anything else!

    I'll have to make some Bark cars as well, and figure out a good way to make Ho bark. the bark will probably come from the log camp staging @ Murray with the log train to Crooked Creek, and then to Harlow with the regular freight. It probably would be a bad Idea to add anything to the operations on the mountain division, it's too busy up there as it is.

    Bill Nelson
  12. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member

    Camp@ Terrapin.jpg cleaner camp

    Tom had a picture of the camp cars @ camp 5. As you can see here, the Berghausen- Shoemaker Lumber Co prides itself on keeping the little shacks nice
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  13. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Active Member

    Very nice! It must cost them a bit to keep them painted so nicely! :thumb:
  14. Doctor G

    Doctor G Active Member

    Hey Bill,
    There was a tannery on the way to school in Chattanooga and it too stunk badly!!!

    Yankee Candle Company will have to work extra hard to capture that smell!!!!

    Doc Tom:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
  15. Doctor G

    Doctor G Active Member

    Yes sirree, those are very nice camp cars. I think Berghausen- Shoemaker Lumber Co appeals to the married logging family as those skid houses would definitely make the "missus" feel at home. I suspect there are flowers on the tables inside too.
    Doc Tom:cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:
  16. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Active Member

    Peel the bark off of appropriately-sized twig/logs, dry thoroughly and run through blender until satisfactory result is obtained? :cool:
  17. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member


    In actual practice they peeled the bark off in sheets ( at least that was the practice in Penselvania) so they flattened it out and stacked it on flat cars that had wooden lattices to keep them in the car. so the blender us right out. (peat moss through the blender is houw I got the forest flood debris under the skid shacks)

    The crepe myrtle logs I use for log loads and logs in cribbing, bark is to stringy and doesn't peel well. there will be big stacks needed on the dock at the tannery, as well as on the bark cars ( I will need at least six of them!)

    I notice some one rated me up with some stars, so I'm in the same league as DR Tom, Dr G, or whoever he is.

    I have been trying to cramm the DCC **** in the tender of the 2-6-6-2 I'm trying to ready for use @ the club

    Bill Nelson
  18. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Active Member

    Well, oops! It was just a suggestion, based on modern de-barking methods.

    How about some of that crinkly crepe paper, appropriately sized and painted?
  19. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member

    sml jepc&lco #41.jpg sml jepc&lco #41.jpg Bark

    That might be a possibility, especially for making up the body of the stack, possibly with some difficult to extract natural materials on top.

    enclosed is eary work on the 2-6-6-2. I need another can of dull coat, this one is splattering, hopefully an even coat will help cover the splattered one. I also need to do the #2 pencil graphite thing to the smokebox

    Bill Nelson
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  20. Doctor G

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    Hey somebody had to give you some stars for those pretty logging camp cars.:wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave:
    Happy New year Bill!!!!!
    Doc Tom:cool:

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