Eastern Tn logging on the DG CC & W RR 1928

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  1. Bill Nelson

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    tiny B.S. lumb.co mill .jpg cribbing 2.jpg tiny  Cave Cove Bridge bridge.jpg tiny .3 s_m donkeys.jpg tiny terrapin  knob .jpg As threatened in Dr. Tom's thread here is some stuff from just south of Dr. Tom. Logging up on Gorre County's Iron Mountain, watch your step!

    As stated we are just a few ridge lines to the south. the Geology is a little different, once you get south of Sand Mountain, but as you can see there is a lot of cross pollination going on
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  2. Doctor G

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    Great scenes Bill!!!
    Glad you got the hang of picture posting. I will look forward to more. You are helping revive the logging section on this website.
    Doc Tom:wave:
  3. bigsteel

    bigsteel Call me Mr.Tinkertrain

    wow,more grrrrreat logging photos,everytime i come on here theres something new,great job bill :thumb:--josh
  4. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Active Member

    That bridge is a work of art! :thumb: And that's a great layout, as well! You guys are a real inspiration. Thanks for sharing.
  5. BLinny

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    Howdy Bill

    Hey Bill I see you made it here as well how are things going?
  6. Bill Nelson

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    The Cave Cove Bridge

    The Cave cove bridge is even more insane than it appears. The original inspiration was those arched truss bridges the Union prefabbed durring the civil war. The passing sidding @ Terrapin was once too small for two five car trains to pass. This was a big problem, as it was , and is , the only passing siding on the mountain. believe it or not ( photo's will follow) the terrain uphill from Terrapin is Sander's Ridge, visible in the pictures, Sander's gorge, and Perry's gizzard lie beyond that, a horrible twisty tourtured path up an 8.5% grade to Ridgemont Tn./ State Line Ga, and the interchange with the Narrow gauge, which goes eiven further, up to Gegoukayoosa, a shelf Hung off the 45 degree sloped ceiling.

    To extend the passing sidding to a usable size I had to cribb in the mountainside. If you look down hill down the tracks in the pictue of the cribbing, you can see the lower end of that crazy passing siding, on an 8.5% grade, out on the Cave Cove bridge. At the lower end of the of the bridge, there is a stub switch!

    Needless to say, a slow order is in effect perminantly!

    I'll try to add more photos. I still need to find an easier way to size the photo's, as I'm doing it by trial and error @ this time, offten making the images smaller than they need to be.

    Bill Neison
  7. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member

    Hey Blair


    I made it! I got 2 extra pick ups added to that Mantua 2-6-6-2 tender axles. when I cracked the locomotive to try to add pick ups there, I found that the black wire from the connecter to the tender went to a little eye that was screwed onto the frame to pick up from the frame. The Chinese painted the frame, and then screwed the eyelet to it. No wonder it ran bad.

    I'll have more time to play trains, I got laid off on thursday. They have gotten rid of all of the smart , honest and trustworthy folks in management, so it was a relief and an honor to be the first tech to go. My assistant service manager told them that there is stuff I know how to fix that nobody else knows how to fix . They fired him.

    Jennifer has had some asthma issues so far that keep me busy @ the emergency room last night till 3 am & going to see Dr. Bill ( Tom's brother) this afternoon

    Bill Nelson
  8. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member

    small gizzard.jpg flume small.jpg further up Iron mountain, in Perry's Gizzard

    coming up from Terrapin, you go through Sander's ridge on a short tunnel and end up in this maze. There is the Strong & Perry lumber company, and then further up the north fork of Crooked Creek, you can see the flume that powers the water wheel @ the s & P Lmbr Co.

    Bill Nelson
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  9. ytter_man

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    You guys do great work! Lookin forward to more :) Thanks!:thumb:
  10. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member

    small  terrapin  landing.jpg small BDP.jpg Meanwhile back in terrapin

    Here are some picks of the log loading @ Terrapin. The monster donkey is kitbashed from rio grande models pieces, It skids logs up here from way down in the bottom of Cave Cove (the aisle). this camp is a joint effort of the Berghausen-Shoemaker lmbr. Co., and the much smaller Strong and Perry Lmber Co.
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  11. Doctor G

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    Great Shot Bill!! Love all the detail. One of the few logging model pictures I have seen that has the log load chains on the logging cars correctly. Like you have it, top log should compress and tighten the chain.
    Looks good.
    Doc Tom:winter1:
  12. steamhead

    steamhead Active Member

    Great pics of a really neat RR....You guys have done some excellent work..!!
    Did those top logs ever wander off leaving the load loose...?
  13. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member

    logs and binding chains

    20 years ago, I used to use loose logs like Dr. Tom ( Alias Dr. G) does. with the combination of too tight curves (Toms are tighter) and 8.5% grades, my logs shifted, causing operational problems.

    I made a jig on a chunk of styrafoam I stick bamboo skeweres into the foam aproximately where the stakes would be on a flat car, and I pile the logs in glueing them with tacky glue (a thicker than usual white glue you can get at the craft stores). as a log loader would, I carefully select the logs so that at the top center there is a trough, for the center, Binder log, which is left off untill the rest is glued together.

    After the glue sets wrap on the binder chains, and glue on the binder log in the trough on top.

    For years I picked up sticks in my woods to cut into logs. I still have all of those, but most of the logs I cut now are brom crepe myrtle bushes my wife planted @ the end of the driveway. the flowers are nice, but the bushes have to be cut to the ground each winter, or they grow to small tree size, the bark detail is very nice . that is also what is used in my massive cribbing efforts. The crepe myrtle has to be cut with a sharp limb lopper, a saw, no mater how sharp the saw is it makes that fine bark frizz up, and it takes forever to try to clean it up with a singlr edge razor.

    when I'm flush I buy lots of scale chain. when I'm not I get some chain @ Hobby lobby at the jewelry supply section. It's too big, but not so much it ruins the whole scene.

    Bill Nelson
  14. Mountain Man

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    A work of art, but all that highline rigging gives me a headache! :mrgreen: (Just kidding - it's admiration bubbling to the surface!)

    I now understand what I used to regard as the peculiar love of logging rr's as a hobby, coming as I do from a mining state. Thank you both for sharing your outstanding work.

    In my next life, I want to build a logging outfit.
  15. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member

    The high line rigging is easier than it looks. I used fishing line swing swivels, as well as brass pulies made for the model boat guy ( I do that too) . the wire rope is button thread. it is not tied to the drums on the donkey, it wraps over the top of the drum. passes through a hole in the skid, and through another hole in the scenery, to a big fishing sinker that keeps the line tight, yet gives when you snag it with your elbow, so you don't break the spar tree, or send the donkey flying through the air.

    way up on the top of Iron mountain, there are iron mines, and I have some iron furnaces in Montgomery Furnace between Terrapin and Crooked Creek.

    Bill Nelson
  16. Mountain Man

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    Looks perfect however you did it!
  17. BLinny

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    Bill Nelson

    Hey Bill so you got that Mantua fixed? ready for the sound unit? I should be able to see you guy tomorrow. I have been sick again so I have been trying to get rid of it once and for all hope to see you and Doc Tom tomorrow

  18. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member


    ain't but one way to tell. I'm planning to be there unless Jennifer's asthma returns. I'm on vacation! I'm unemployed next week, but when you have been working for Morons that is liberating (If of course, your spouse is intellegent , and securely emploied in a lucrative feild, and you are handsome, witty, and wealthy!

    Did the decoder work elsewhere? I'm figureing that painted frame was a killer, as on one rail that locomotive was only picking up on one wheel! we will see how it does, and add extra pickups if needed!

    We need to know If DR. G will be there, If he is comming, perhaps my beautiful and tallented wife will allow me to drive her speeding ticket red Miata. so the good Doctor can see it .

    I'm @ dgccandwrr@wildblue,net send me an e-mail so we can stay in touch, and perhaps help dave demolish, I mean fix the club layout!

  19. Doctor G

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    Hey Bill and Blair,
    You betcha I'll be there for more good times at the CLUB!!!!
    Bill, with all this crappy weather you best leave Jennifer's Miata in a nice spot. I have parked my green beauty 1999 Miata for the past 4 days and been driving the old trusty 98' Ford Ranger. Miatas are tough but we just don't want to muss up their cool good looks with road sand and salt and grime!!!! Might end up looking like one of my Shays!!!!
    See you all.
    Doc Tom :wave:
  20. BLinny

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    Steam Decoder

    Bill yes the decoder works fine it moved my AC6000 down the track with no problems looked strange with the steam sound coming from it if you plan to help dave work on the layout let me know I will lend a helping hand so we can get things going again

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