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    My Lutjens has a nice hole in one of the vertical formers thanks to one of my cats, in addition to stealing a piece of a car build causing me to abandon it (I wasn't real happy with the overall look anyway). I'd be searching for a nice high / inaccessible storage area if it were me ;)
    The framing looks good. As far as photo-etch details, I know that a few of the hobby places carry generic ladders and railings in most scales. You might be able to find some of what you want doing it that way.
  2. The Hermit

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    todays update has no photos since i forgot to recharge my blackberry

    boy the 2mm card i used to reinforce the decking is a very very hard thing to cut
    i think i got a work out from it

    but i tell you the result is worth the effort it is very similar to a real wood deck now... lol
    i think it can even hold kitty now

    just i case i will hold off on attaching it to the superstructure till i finish the lower which i wil start on now and make a major push before bed tonight

    i am very gratefull to have a job that gives me a 3 day weeked every week other wise i would be worried how long this build would take sign1
    sadly i am still buying more and more models to build even though i will only be like 10% done maybe whne i complete the superstructure

    i encourage all of you to buy romans models so he will keep building these exceptional models
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    I agree about the 2mm card. I went out and bought some utility snips like what is used for vinyl flooring. It's the only way I could manage it and still make good time.
  4. The Hermit

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    i really made some progress today
    the entire superstructure minus 5 pieces is complete
    i will tidy up the rest tomorrow night
    i see this as a milestone in the project and get some much needed satsfaction from it

    i have test fitted the 2mm deck to it and it seems very rock solid now

    much as i had hoped for in the first place...

    hope you enjoy the pics

    well im going to try again tomorrow
    they seem awefull washed out from the lcd

    but i sure am tired its 630am :cool:

    till next time

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  5. eibwarrior

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    Lookin' good Hermit. Sounds like you're burning the midnight oil to get this model going.

    Starting to take shape.
  6. The Hermit

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    no update tonight i have to write long letter to friend in russia and play warcraft as well...
    never enough time....
  7. The Hermit

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    quick trivia
    can any one tell me the EXACT EPISODE that my avatar is from?
    and only post if you think you are right... lol

    and no you cant bust out the old st dvds.....
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    Naked time ?
  9. The Hermit

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    and it will be so obvious when i say it
  10. The Hermit

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    its from the space seed episode

    right as he is yelling KHAAAAAAAAN!!!!

  11. The Hermit

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    well the structure is finally done

    and i have gotten A good start on adding the hull

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  12. eibwarrior

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    Good looking start on the hull plating Hermit...

    How's the fit? Are you applying the hull pieces directly to the formers or are you using a piece of hull red paper underneath?

    Quick question since you are ahead of me. On the hull structure, pieces 25a, b, c etc... There are tabs drawn on these formers. These do not cut out and bend do they? Do they remain flat? I suspect they are there for future hull pieces to attach... It's a little confusing.

    Thanks in advance Hermit...
  13. The Hermit

    The Hermit Member

    i am using the hull structure joints since it will hide the white underneath
    i too am going for a unpainted hull for now since there is so much detail listed on it
  14. The Hermit

    The Hermit Member

    Long Time No See

    well i decided to paint the hull like i see the great masters do
    and its no picture of the week but damn i like the results..
    and seeing how this is my first ever ship model ill continue to develope my technique
    i really dont know why the pictures are tinted green

    guess its my crappy bb camera :p

    ill try to get some better ones

    and yes im spray painting over carpet

    bachelors can do that :cry:

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  15. The Hermit

    The Hermit Member

    heres a better one

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  16. cgutzmer

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    Coming along nicely! Thanks for the update! Got enough paint so you can make the whole carpet red? ;)
  17. The Hermit

    The Hermit Member

    actually im pretty good at aiming except when kitty runs across the crosshairs... sign1

    here is a better on with me holding it in the light
    gosh it sure is shiny, im using krylon and im really liking how its turning out
    but my camera is crap and doesnt do it justice

    but painting the hull really does give it a extra dimension that wasnt there before
    and i wouldnt be surpised if the hull was now waterproof after all the paint i have put on it. im suprised how much paint it sucked up before i even started getting a full cover on the hull

    all in all im giving the experiment a 8/10 with better results anticipated on the next model

    some things to consider from other masters
    i will brush paint thinned down white glue on the whole hulland truly sanding down the entire hull before adding the running plates (thin red lines) and the paint so i can truely sand every thing true and smooth.

    unless any one else has some pointers on hull finishing...

    and having never done boats before this is turning out to be one of my funnest and favorite builds..

    i have 2 more days off before thanksgiving so ill try and get the hull finished

    thanks for checking the thread out..:thumb:

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  18. In answer to you unfinished wor, I think you are off to the right start. This build thread will push you to finish it since all of us will be REALLY DISAPPOINTED IF YOU DON'T. How is that for pressure??
  19. I think really smooth is over rated. You ever seen a really smooth hull on any ship that isn't fiberglass? They are full of imperfections. Some of the best modeler's in the world deliberately weather, distress and otherwise modify their work so it doesn't look so darn perfect. Many of the construction techniques of the time required lap joints on the hull plates. So if I were you I would stop trying for perfection and go for realism.

    Just my perspective.
  20. The Hermit

    The Hermit Member

    oh i realise what you mean and i dont mean that the whole hull be smooth
    just that the join marks be invisible
    me wants the hull to have that dented cubie wavy kinda look that the real one has

    and so far it really matches that

    my goal was to make the join marks invisible so the hull looked like one long piece of paper with all of the grid and dents showing like the real ship

    appriciate your imput!

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