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    Here are couple of Insignias for you. They should be the right size for the backboard. The Raptor Insignia with Galactica is my version. Fighter Squadron is BSG series. I am working on individual squadron insignias.

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  2. Thank you very much Silver.
  3. Rebuild/Reconstruction

    I've decided to make some change to Silvers design, which is a great design by the way. The launch tube doors, lights, intercoms, tubes, vipers, raptors, tool boxes, and everything else but the kitchen sink will be added. So much for a personnal life:rolleyes:. I added side by side of the old and new project. I could use some help with doing up file for everyone to down load. I just don't the puter' skills. All additions are being scratch built as I go. I'm using foam board for most of construction process and cardboard in others.

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    OK "HUSKER" One of the reason I do not make the bigger models is for lack of space. That project looks about the size of you computer desk!!!! I was wondering why there were no post lately, I can see why now. Very Ambitious and off to a good start. Do not give up on the triple bay It may come in handy, especially if you have to travel and show off your work. That big boy is a stay at home unit.
  5. Bay's

    Silveroxide, No chance on giving up on my original project. I needed to see if some of my ideas were applicable to your original design. I open to joint operation ( human and cylon colaberationsign1 ). Reference photos are tough to get for the deck lay out, so I refer back to my DVD's and site photos for any details i can grab. Your Raptor looks amazing. Have you thought about doing the stealth viper, how I would love to see that. By the way foam board dimentions are 1/8" x 20" x 28". I found the grid foam boards at Wally World ( Wall Mart ). I find it useful in planning my layout.
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    Before you go any further, draw and color in the guide lanes. Those overhead beams will hamper the drawing and coloring.
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    there are two stealth able ships in the nuBSG world, one has four small DDG-62(sounds like a US navy destroyer class code) engine which is seen on season 2 and 3, the other, may only have two specialized engines, Mk7 type canopy, forward swept wing and a slimmer profile seen only very briefly on Razor....

    well id like to build a split-quad hangar, so that it totals eight slots, split on the middle red lanes for easy display, on which i display if possible all the small ships/fighters of nuBSG, from raider, to stealthstar.

    and all the nitty gritty things needed in BSG universe to keep them running.
  8. And I thought I was ambitious in my build. I would like to see it once you complete it. My approach will be only three bays with launch tubes. I may add an launch control center, still in the air on that one. I'm ajusting as I get more photos for reference which delays the process because of lacking material on the subject.

    Are you designing the stealth vipers or have the referencr sites?
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    Bay Items, reference.

    Here are a few reference photos. The first gives the end wall. that is the access to the landing and take off deck. There is one of the command corridor overlooking the hangars.

    This are just a few that I hope will help you a little.:wave::wave::wave::wave:

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  10. Got more photo to post this afternoon. New project coming along well as to be expected. Silver thanks for the photos, they will help a great deal.
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  12. Thanks, this site is a huge help
  13. Attn: Bsg fans

    New photos of my progress on this project. Slow going but getting there. When I'm finished, I hope it will as good as some the awesome kits I've seen on this site.

    Maybe i'll send to Silveroxide for reverse engineering.sign1 Thank for the inspiration Silver.

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    Launch tubes.

    Looking great so far. Careful on the launch tubes. Try to make the V shape covers removable or it it is going to hamper the launch tube details as well as the painting.:thumb::thumb::thumb:

  15. I've precut the bulk heads for the lauch tubes already. I'm finding more and more I want to add as I study the layouts, so I having to pull back and regroup on the details I need and the ones I want to add. I almost feel like I'm building this display for a competition. wall1 Need to ensure my colors ( grays ) are correct for the support structures base and the tubes . :confused: A buddy of mine will help with the lighting piece. :twisted: The red zone will be crimsen red outlined in yellow. You Raptor looks awesome dude.
  16. Hanger Deck

    Made some progress today, hope to further construct later tonite. wall1

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    Doing great guy. I bet it is getting tight in those corridors for the details.

    Season is over, so lets re-cap, The Queen/Madam President is dead, Adama became a hermit on the high ground. The evil Cylons are gone. Thrace did a disappearing magic act. Gauis Baltar is thinking about another Harem. Where were Helo and Athena if the remains of a little girl with a stick were found thousand of years later. Over-all it was a good ending.
  18. Thanks, just alittle tighter than expected. I love building this thing, however the end will come.

    I was a good ending for the alotted time, 4 hours for the would have been better.
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    Launch Tubes

    In the Classic Galactica, they had an observation control room looking into the Tubes. "See pic". This area is not represented in the re-imagined series. If they had a window, it would probably fit into the center V section and have a view of two tubes. Just an idea!!!!!

    I am taking a break from The series and I am doing some Warhammer Flyers. I don't know if I will post it here or in the games forum. I am almost finished with the W40K Lightning and will do the Warhammer Thunderbolt next.

    I can't wait to see you build finished:thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb:

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    you will finish to totaly make the ship :mrgreen:
    i hope you have many space at home..
    it's wonderfull :thumb:

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