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  1. Got this idea from Silveroxide and extented on his design. Adding the back wall later this week hopefully. :cool: My mark VII viper has proven a difficult project to say the least of my pains. Having more success with the sealth viper and hope have pic of it, no build up pic though/sorry. Hope to do the ole girl justice.

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  2. fr33lancer

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    Very nice and the Viper looks great! This will be a nice project to look at.

    You know I look at some of the BSG models you guys have made and really am in awe sometimes. I started a couple and have had little success, I just don't have the time (peace and quite) on my free time. One of these days I'll get the Galactica made. Till then I'll just lurk here and admire.

    With the end of BSG I'm already a bit nostalgic for the old girl as I think her time is coming to a close soon.
  3. I agree, the've only scatched the surface of the BSG world. I wished there was more tech data for ships and cylons. If you have any ideas to impliment feel free to share.:mrgreen: I think Silveroxide has us (BSG fans) all with his builds. You have to thanks Jay and Paragon for designs and improvements.
  4. silent_lord

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    wow looking good.

    is that viper plastic or paper? cant be paper
  5. Thanks, got alot of my ideas from Silver and Shin.
  6. silveroxide

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    Looking good so far Adama. Can't wait to see the bay with the mechanic's tools of the trade. Soon I will get back to modeling, my contract is almost up.
  7. Silver, think JayBats could do a showroom Viper. Maybe add Apollo, Starbuck, Kat, or even racetrack. I think that would be really cool to build along the battle worn vipers. wish I had the savy to do it. Start on the extra's this weekend. It can really get you, this card model monster. Always something to add or improve especially in Scifi.
  8. Behind Schedule

    Didn't get to start anything this weekend. Never plan and improvise when possible. just printed out the tool boxes and start to scratch build some of the hanger equipment. Still considering the addition of the launch tube. Here are some updated photos. Finishing the back walls tonite and numbering the bays like the photos.

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  9. silveroxide

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    One of my options, was to use automotive pin striping for the ground/deck guides. The striping comes in different widths. Don't forget the seperated panels on the back walls. The squadron emblems on the back walls was another option that I used and not BSG SOP. (Standard Operating Procedure). I am assuming that you are not done yet but don't forget the lower wall is a shade of gray. Keep going guy, looking good.
  10. Lapinas

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    Where can I get it? :)
  11. sjsquirrel

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    Yeah, where can we get this great diorama kit? I love what you guys are doing to display your models. I usually stick em on a shelf next to all my other models where they can clash. BSG Viper next to a dragon, next to a ship, next to a business card sized fiddlers green airplane......

    I'd be grateful if you would make this hanger bay available for download. If I ever get around to building half the BSG ships out there I'd love something like this to add to the collection.

  12. Hanger deck bsg-75

    Hi guys, If you go to Silveroxides' site, you can get the template there with the measures. I used his idea by tripling the bays. I am working the plans on how to build this one and post it soonest, but I have to finish it first while weeding out problems with my first scratch build. I haven,t had the time lately. This weekend is completely mine to finish this project. Also I wish to thank Silveroxide for inspiring me to to do this diarama of my favorite show and encouraging me to do my own tread. Hooah to my man.

    PS, template is locate in the tread for Silver Viper build
  13. jgderuvo

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    Might help if we knew where that site was ... ;)
  14. silveroxide

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    Click on my Avatar and look for my postings, or go to this Sci-Fi section and look for colonial viper detailing. Skip through the first viper build and somewhere in the middle is the build for my single hangar bay and the schematics. Good luck and enjoy.

    Adama, looking good so far, I am done with my contract and back to modeling. Still working on the raptor. For the tool boxes, don't forget to reduce to the size needed.
  15. jgderuvo

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    I did see that. But it's fairly low res. You did mention you had it on a RAR file in a higher res. Any chance we can get that?
  16. jgderuvo

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    I was going through the BSG Prop auction book and there's a really nice picture of a foam core model of the hangar bay. Check it out.
  17. Back Wall

    The more research and reference material I see, I just want to start over. Hobby Lobby has become my best friend today. This time I'm adding launch tubes and catapult control centers as well. I realize now I may be able to pull this off. I also thought about how to add lights. Silver I completed the back and going to mod the lower seperation walls to the old girl a realistic feel, then paint the lower half gray.

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  18. silveroxide

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    Very nice Adama. I like the backdrop. If you do the launch tube, remember the overhead beams connecting to the tubes. I did not put the pipes attached to the pylons, but in this case they may enhance your bay. Go guy, you are doing great.
  19. Silver, thanks, after watching the BSG on line, I have several idea's for additions. I think I can add working lights with the pylon connects, ceiling beams, and lauch doors. I will need a better camera to get those cool shots. Still debating on the ceiling. I will have to get the lighting right for sure. I really like the viper sign, hope to get a copy of it. Your Raptor is frakking awesome:eek::thumb: I can't wait to see what you do to it next. I may start on the stealth viper today. Think we can talk Jay into doing a showroom clean viper (Husker's)? :mrgreen:
  20. Some more fotos to gander at. Not where I got this expression, guess I'm becoming more Texan everyday. Feel free for any suggestions to be trown out there. :confused:

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