BSG Hanger Bay

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Commander Adama, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. That would be great.
  2. bigfan321

    bigfan321 New Member

    that's a shame,you put (hours spent building it here) hours working on DESIGNING this structure just to have it annihilated...
    If there were anything left to salvage of the model you could color its edges black and call it the "cylon-attacked/battle damaged version" in any case I wish you luck on your rebuild.

  3. I've gotten most pieces mapped out waiting to be cut. I've been busy and haven't the time to assemble them yet. I may have to wait a little while.
  4. theo

    theo Member

    Well Commander did you get this, the actual Viper launch control board from the Hangar Bay set.
    I found it on battlestarprops.
    It's sreens has the TOS vipers on it!
    Hope you can use it.
    Good luck on the rebuild.
  5. Thanks, I will find a way to incorparate it into my next build.
  6. On Hold

    Hi Guys,

    In Iraq at the moment, hold to do some building in my spare time. So any of you modelers in country feel free to contact me anytime. For all my friends state side, hope you keep to projects coming and producing those incredible builds this site is famous for.

  7. silveroxide

    silveroxide Well-Known Member

    Good to hear from you Husker, I am at Clarksville Tn, on another contract also. You take care and be safe. See you around in the forums.
  8. Plans

    The devil's have been busy and plans for my version of Silveroxide's hanger deck will be ready around the beginning of May, sorry it is taking so long but I am in Iraq for the time being. I'm dedicating my free time to this project because I really want see it come circle. Silver, will you do the first beta build for me as I'm not able to obtain everthing I need to do the bay here currently? I've seen your builds up close and I'd you see where you idea has taken me on this one.

  9. thokamous

    thokamous New Member

    man when i read this i damn near cried thats a lot of work down the crapper
  10. Bubbahearth

    Bubbahearth New Member

    Also when Starbuck is unable to launch along with her nuggets early on in the series, there's a scene where she talks to the space-traffic controller in the observation room.
  11. teckno viking

    teckno viking New Member

    WOW that hanger construction is amazing.
  12. Thanks Viking, currently in Afghanistan, cant wait to get home next year to restart this project. Revell has start his own buils base off of Silveroxide's build tread.

  13. Rhaven Blaack

    Rhaven Blaack ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    I am glad to see that you are still around. Be safe over there. I wish you all the best and hope that you come home to your family safe and in one piece.
    Thank you for your service.

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