2001 ASO USSC Discovery One

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    ..... Continued.

    I now had a nice window assembly with clear windows. But, all I could see through the window, was the 'sticker hell' inside the sphere.
    I was in no mood for building a complete interior for this project, (that may come later,) so I wanted to create an 'impression' of the interior.
    I trawled the internet and found a picture of someone's plastic model with interior detail. I then played with the picture graphically and printed out the picture to size.


    I then glued this piece to the back of the windows.
    Looks good enough to me. :cool:


    So, typically, me being me, with the inability of leaving a good thing alone, I decided to play with the idea of lighting the cockpit! :eek:

    I made up a light box from dense black card and made some holes in it for leds and added a strip of aluminium tape to act as a reflector...


    I am still playing with different led's to get the right colour effect, but I temporarily clamped the window assembly to the sphere and held the light box in place on the back of the window assembly, to see how it would look .........
    I am definitely going to go with the idea, but I need to refine everything and work out how I am going to run wiring and switches etc ......

    So, whatcha all think of this then ????????

    DSC_0081.JPG DSC_0083.JPG DSC_0086.JPG DSC_0079.JPG

    Back soon with more, as and when I get the time ....

    Have a great weekend, one and all.
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    I like it but the pictures are too big for me for a close look. I have a speed limit and when I click at the first image I spend 20+ MB without even having seen it. :( Could you resize your pics in your future posts, please?
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    That is why I have now chosen thumbnails instead of the full picture in my last posts.
    I just upload the pics straight from my phone, as I have always done.

    The more time I spend on processing photos, is less time spent on building.....
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    The other option, RF, is to get a more economical contract for your phone, or watch the Discovery progress on the PC instead ..... ;);)
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    I AM watching it on my PC. I have an internet stick, yaknow..! ;) Well, maybe I'll find better conditions, as you suggest. :)

    (By all means, my comment was in no way supposed to attack your formidable work. You are doing an outstanding job on all the models you tackle and I really enjoy watching your threads, pal! :) )
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    No aminosity was taken or perceived.
    I will see if I can downsize the pics from now on.
    Of course, I'll keep posting the big pics where is deemed necessary for effect.

    Life was so much simpler without modern technology....

    GRR! And on that note; why can't I post any sort of smiley on here from my phone? I post the smiley and a second later it disappears.......
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    I appreciate that, especially when it comes to beauty pics! :) You are a great guy, Dan. Thank you! thumbsup
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    @Revell-Fan .... TEST!

    Is this a better resolution/size ????

    Thumbnail ....... General_284.JPG

    Full size .....

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    Perfect! :)
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    Sorted then!!! thumbsup

    Will make sure I remember do downsize in future in my enthusiasm of posting progress pics ....... :);)
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    While I am waiting to pick up some LEDs next week, I put the cockpit lighting and the upper dome to one side and continued the build of the lower.

    Now that I have got the greebling out of the way, the next major steps are the fitting of the airlock and 3 pod bay doors.

    I wanted to ensure that the pod bay doors were perfectly round. This included the recess ring that the actual door fits to.
    I had cut out the holes in the lower sphere as accurately as I could, but I wanted to make sure it was perfectly round without any imperfections.
    I used a piece of 150 grit sandpaper used on a belt sander. This sandpaper has a stiff backing and when rolled up it tends to want to spring back to flat.
    I used this to my advantage. I rolled the sandpaper into a cone shape and put this into the hole for the pod bay door. I released the pressure of my hand on the rolled cone and the paper sprang outwards with enough pressure to sand the paper of the hole. I fully turned the cone in the hole twice, that was enough to smooth things out a bit ........


    I then used various coloured water pencils to colour the edges of the sanded holes. The damp pencil helped in smoothing out the paper fibres left over from sanding too.

    Next up, I made the three recess rings for around the opening of the pod bay doors. This recess strip is only about 3 mm wide and I wanted to make sure I fitted it perfectly.

    Now, as I have said a few times in this thread, I am amazed at how many household items I have used as jigs or formers on this build.
    And this step of the build has another perfect example. My kitchen, or should I say my drinking habits, produced the next handy item.
    A tapered 'shot' glass!!


    I slid each ring onto the tapered glass and gently pushed it down the taper until the paper ring was 'stretched' perfectly round and the rings circumference was matched on the taper. I then folded over the tabs and applied glue to these with a brush. As the ring was snug to the glass, no glue can get onto the printed part of the ring.
    I actually used 2 glasses, 1 as a gluing-up jig and the other as a placement/fitting jig.

    I then placed a glass with the bottom facing up, i.e. the smallest part of the taper uppermost, and then placed the dome onto this, through the pod bay door opening from the outside, so that the smallest part of the taper was inside the dome. I then slid the glued-up ring onto the taper ....


    It was then just a case of sliding the ring down snug against the inside of the door opening.....
    And because I was working with a glass, I could see everything that was going on from all angles, and I could make sure everything was doing what it should .....


    And , unbelievably, the paper ring fitted so perfectly inside the rim of the glass, that it seemed the glass was made specifically for this job!
    (Maybe I could sell the glasses to paper modellers as a 'Discovery Pod Bay Door Placement Jig'......) ;):)
    I placed the dome inside my plastic ball jig and then placed the opening of the glass over the ring and pushed down hard to firmly set the ring to the inside of the opening. Using the plastic ball made sure the ring followed the contour of the dome perfectly.


    And this is how it turned out! Me VERY pleased!:D:D

    General_290.JPG General_291.JPG

    I temporarily placed a pod boy door, that I had made earlier in the thread, into the ring to see how it looks..... I cant complain about that!

    And using the same method, the other two rings were fitted....


    See you all soon!!!

    ( @Revell-Fan I hope that was better for your bandwidth...... ;):))
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    EXCELLENT! Claphands

    So next time you go shopping and buy some "adult stuff" to drink you can ease everyone sayin', "Hey, I need that for building. It's not my fault that the bottles do not come emtpty!" :happy:;):):Drinks::Drinks::Drinks:

    (Ahem, am I the only one thinking this thread should become a sticky?:cool:)
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    Sticky? I guess that will depend on how much of the 'adult stuff' you spill in the process...... ;):)
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    ROFL! Weeeeeee'llllllll ssssssseeeeeeeeeee......! :Drinks: Ch...Ch...Cheeeeeeeeers!!!! :D
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    I really like to added detail and the techniques you show on how you are putting this together.
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    Thanks RB, and WELCOME BACK!
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    Incredible! This is just incredible! I like the size pictures your uploading, it makes it easier to look at all of them, time wise. You really are bringing the model to life! :)

    p.s. Thread is now a "Sticky". :)
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