Your Favorite HO Scale Manufacturer?

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Tuned MP5T, Nov 5, 2004.


Your Favorite HO Scale Manufacturer?

  1. Athearn

  2. Atlas

  3. Bachmann

  4. Concor

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  5. Kato

  6. LifeLike

  7. Lionel

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  8. Marklin

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  9. Other

  1. Tuned MP5T

    Tuned MP5T New Member

    Your Favorite HO Scale (Diesel) Manufacturer?

    I did a poll in the N Scale forum, so I think I should do one for HO scale. Being that I'm undecided on which Scale to Model in, what sucks is that I purchased a N scale Locomotive already.
  2. kchronister

    kchronister Member

    Voted for Bachmann, but meaning ONLY Spectrum. Best combo of price versus quality & features.
  3. I put in a conditional vote for Atlas on the basis of my new DL&W H-24-66 Trainmasters with sound and decoders. They are truely awesome in every detail. I have other manufacturer's diesels....P2K, P1K, Stewart, Kato, Alco Models (brass) and another Atlas job, an S1. So far, I really like them all. Does anyone have BLI units?
  4. Jon Grant

    Jon Grant Member

    I love the detail and running properties of all my P2K and Heritage stuff.

  5. vanda32547

    vanda32547 Member

    Broadway Limited...I think...

    Since I just ordered my first Broadway Limited Steam Locomotive but haven't received it yet, I think this will end up being my favorite :D from everything I've read and heard from fellow model railroaders. I can't wait to see and hear it operate on my DCC layout. :)

  6. b28_82

    b28_82 Member

    I've seen some Broadway Limited locos. The first run of Hudsons were finicky but the more recent ones are fine as well as the Mikado and F7s i've seen. One guy runs 2 A units and 2 B units around and it gets pretty loud. Kinda cool but gets sorta old after a while due to the volume in an enclosed room.
    I have Kato, Atlas, older Athearn, Athearn with accurate lighting motors. I don't know about the newer Athearn too much but what i've seen has been nice.
  7. Ching Chong

    Ching Chong New Member

    i voted Atlas. the locos they put out are amazing and so are the ready to roll pieces. 2nd would probably be athearn, the locos are cheap and look great, the kits are also very cheap for a beginner and look great. third is a tie between Life Like - Proto 2000 and Accurail. i have a bunch of accurail kits and they are all great. they look good as well. P2K's are some of the best locos as well. i have 3 and they are all great runners
  8. RioGrande

    RioGrande Member

    You should remove Lionel from the HO poll and replace it with Intermountain... Lionel is only marginal in the HO scale - Intermountain is major!

    For me, it's kind of a toss up between Atlas and Athearn because I love the Genesis freight car and my new RTR SD50's are nice too. I'll give the nod to Atlas even though they don't specialize in western like Athearn does.
  9. Fred_M

    Fred_M Guest

    I would remove Lionel also, one item for sale in a scale don't make you a player :D . We could also add Accurail and MDC pretty easily. There are a ton of companies selling HO items. Picking a favorite is impossibe because no one comany can supply all the items you would need, let alone want. What about Bar Mills? Walthers? Kirbi? Bowser? Cal Scale? Design Preservations? Woodland scenics? Rusty Stumps? :) The list is almost endless. Fred
  10. RioGrande

    RioGrande Member

    That was my first thought - I mean Lionel has made only a couple engines in all time. They ducked in and ducked out years ago with a GP30, and now they ducked in with a steam engine and recently quit HO a second time.

    Yeah, but for polls you need to narrow down to the major players, especially those who sell a variety including engines and rolling stock.
  11. Fred_M

    Fred_M Guest

    I reread the first post and the Tuned titles it "Your Favorite HO Scale Manufacturer? " but then says the poll is "Your Favorite HO Scale (Diesel) Manufacturer?" Guess that confused me. I thought the poll was your favorite HO scale manufacturer but it's really about diesel locomotive. So I stand on what I say about Lionel, but if we are talking locomotives I would think Broadway would need included also. But Atlas and Athearns will win because they make nice modestly price locos and are popular for that reason, which shouldn't be confused with who makes the best. Fred
  12. brakie

    brakie Active Member

    My favorite company is a tie.Both Athearn and Atlas..In a very close second is Life Like(P2K).But seeing 98% of my locomotives is from those 3 companies perhaps it should be a three way tie? :D
  13. kchronister

    kchronister Member

    Oh... I had the same issue Fred did: You should ignore my vote/comment as I own not one single diesel.
  14. spitfire

    spitfire Active Member

    Broadway Limited Imports is my clear favourite when it comes to steam locos. I don't have many deisels, but have ordered an FP7 from Intermountain. LL Proto 2000 are great quality for the money.

  15. CNWGP38

    CNWGP38 New Member

    Athearn is to me hands down, I love their products
  16. spitfire

    spitfire Active Member

    Hi Tuned, it occurs to me that maybe the question you should be asking is "what scale should I model in?" Of course product research is good and will help with a decision but with your permission I'd like to offer some suggestions, and discuss the relative merits of HO and N as I see it.

    The advantage to N scale is that it's much smaller, allowing for "larger" layouts in the same space. This means more track, more industries, and longer, more prototypical trains. If you like big spaces, big rosters with lots of engines and rolling stock, N provides it.

    The drawback to N scale is that it's that much smaller. This means smaller parts that are harder to see and harder to work with, less detail, no on-board sound. It also means you'll need more engines and rolling stock, more industries, more turnouts, etc. That can get expensive fast.

    The advantage to HO is that it's bigger. More detail (including building interiors etc), onboard sound, and easier to work with. Also, there are more products available in HO, although N is gaining ground.

    The disadvantage to HO is that it's bigger - you get the idea - less room for track, compression a necessity, shorter trains, etc.

    I made the choice to model in HO mainly because I like buildings and factories as much as I like trains and operations - maybe more. There are times, during track planning, that I wish I'd gotten into N because of space limitations, but basically this is the choice that works best for me. Also, my eyesight is not getting any better, and I find HO detail parts and kits are still pretty eensy beensy!!

    The best approach is to determine where your main interest lies. Is it prototypical operations? Switching? Running long unit trains? Super detailing?

    If you're new to the hobby you may not have decided this yet. In that case, you could start by building a small diorama - one that contains some tracks and a building or 2 so you can practice track laying, ballasting etc. Since you have an N locomotive already, why not start with a small N scale diorama? If you like working in that scale, stick with it. If you find it too difficult, try one in HO.

    In any case, welcome to an awesome hobby, and welcome to the Gauge!!!!

  17. Clark A.

    Clark A. Member

    Life Like

    I would choose LifeLike hands down. My first train nice and affordable......Clark
  18. Clark A.

    Clark A. Member

    Also in response to spitfire HO is my choice because of limited space and prices once again.
  19. Chessie6459

    Chessie6459 Gauge Oldtimer

    I have some Athearn's & one Spectrum models. The Spectrum is a Union Pacific Doodle Bug. I got it brand new for $25.00. I know they cost more than that but hey it was on sale and i couldn't pass that up. :D :D
  20. kchronister

    kchronister Member

    Matthew - What do you think about the Doodlebug? I keep wavering (buy it/not buy it) and I'm curious to hear how you like it.

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