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  1. Paragon

    Paragon Active Member

    There seems to be a lot of recent interest in Babylon 5 among paper modelers right now, I think due in part to Hulu and The WB now airing episodes online. I decided to rewatch a bunch of them, and finally decided to fill a void in the paper model world, by designing the first Whitestar card model.


    Of course, the Sci-Fi rivalry demanded this picture. As you can see, the Defiant is a good bit smaller than the Whitestar. Which do you think would win?


    I'm almost done with the files. If the administration here can figure out why my password keeps resetting every time I post (I'm looking at you, Maico), and fix it, I might be convinced to post the files of what is sure to be a popular model in this forum's download section.
  2. Bunnyear

    Bunnyear Member


    "Hail to Paragon Pray to him and write his Name in Stone" :eek:

    I never belived that this one could made in Paper,...

    this is a great work unbelivable,....
  3. Dr. Aerospace

    Dr. Aerospace New Member

    The photos look amazing. I'm not sure how you did it but I couldn't be happier. Thanks a bunch!
  4. ShadowKnight

    ShadowKnight New Member

    Looks to be a great model. How many posts do you have to have to get the photos to load correctly and be able to access the downloads?

  5. Paragon

    Paragon Active Member

    I finished it up, but I haven't posted it to the download section. Not sure if I'm going to or not.

    For now, it's available on my website.
  6. hibiki_konzake

    hibiki_konzake New Member

    it looks great paragorn.
    i must find time to build it.
  7. Dracofunk

    Dracofunk New Member

    Where is the whitestar available I can't seem to find it.
  8. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member

    I'd definately love to host this here, or just to have the model for my own...
  9. frontiernx01

    frontiernx01 New Member

    Website pleeeeease?

    Sorry Paragon, I don't know your website...I just have to have more paper models! Especially the Whitestar!
  10. Millenniumfalsehood

    Millenniumfalsehood Active Member

    Just look in his profile. :cool:
  11. frontiernx01

    frontiernx01 New Member

    Oh yeah, thanks

    Well duh on me! Thanks! I just downloaded it...sweeeet.sign1
  12. Dracofunk

    Dracofunk New Member

    I had looked there earlier and did not find it, but I looked again. It's in the "other" section.

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