What is your layout sq ft and loco rolling stock ?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by fifer, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. fifer

    fifer Active Member

    Oh Yeah , I always think everyone does N Scale!!
    Kyle , I would love it if you find the site . would you PM Me with it?
    Thanks , Mike :wave:
  2. Russ Bellinis

    Russ Bellinis Active Member

    I'm going to build a 7 foot by 9 foot "l" shaped switching layout 30" deep. It will have one locomotive and as many modern freight cars as will look good on it without crowding too much. I have a bunch of locomotives and cars, passenger and freight, that I run on the modular club layout. I have WAYYYY more models than I can carry in my various cases too any one show. I usually plan what trains I want to run at a particular show and bring rolling stock accordingly.
  3. Relic

    Relic Member

    As I may have mentioned at some point ,in some thread that I kinda lept into this hobby without much (any) research so I ended up with half my" fleet" being wrong for my timeframe. ( I'm no rivet counter but I can't have a GP40 in 1963) so I saved all my pennys(I'm on disability so I don't have many pennys) and today my daughter took me to Moncton to a train show(she likes driving in traffic, I don't) Long story short I got 3 GP9's, one green and gold the other two black 'n' orange, even have real CN numbers (I looked 'em up as soon as I got home). Set me back the princely sum of 105 Canukian dollars. There was a point to this when I started, but it's gone now. I think what I'll do now is simply EXPAND my time frame since I can't bare to part with any of my hard earned and beloved units. And then I'll save up for the next show buy a ship load of cars(at $4.00 aech per) then I'll have an excuse for a few feet of staging. Man this railroading is hard work.:rolleyes:
  4. ausien

    ausien Active Member

    hey Relic, you could model two time frames, say like late 50`s to 60`s, then say 80`s to present day.... That way you dont have to part with your beloved loco`s... thats what I am doing/ going to do.... I just programed the boss to buy me train stuff, for birthdays ect...I modle 48-64 but she went out and bought me an SD90, I couldnt wouldnt, say its wrong, time line, wrong road name, wrong colour, wrong make,she did get the scale rightsign1.so I now moved into the prestent, to make her happy...

    they say the pleasure is in the giving, not the recieving. so......
  5. TruckLover

    TruckLover Mack CH613 & 53' Trailer

    My current layout is 15 feet long x 2 feet wide. I don't have any running trains cause there is no-way there would be enought room.:cry: I keep extending it and I put another probably 2 foot x 4 foot square going down the wall next to my layout and now my mom is starting to get a little mad :curse: cause my layout is starting to take over my room.sign1 sign1 (By the way, im only 16 so I still live at home)
    She said that I could clear out the garage and move my layout down there where I could make it as big as I want.
    I plan to make an 8 x8 foot or maybe even 12 x 10. Then I will be able to have a nice layout with lots of running trains.
  6. stagingyards

    stagingyards Member

    I too have steam and diesel right now my main track is done but want to run 1 ajacemt to my main I want main for comodity and other line for passenger I my have some cars you are looking for let me know and I can see for you :wave:
  7. EngineerKyle

    EngineerKyle Member

  8. ekiqa

    ekiqa New Member

    Layout was a 4' x 6', then had 6 - 10" added in the middle, atleast 6" added on one end, so 4.5' x 6.5', although its going to go soon. Thats about 29-30 sq ft.

    Am unable to count rolling stock at this time, but combined with my dads, well over 100, I think we have about 50-60 unbuilt kits!

    Locos: God, soooo many.
    3 BLI Hudson's
    1 BLI E8A
    1 Atlas TrainMaster
    2 P2K RS-10's
    2 IHC 2-6-0's
    1 IHC 2-8-2
    1 IHC 4-6-0
    1 IHC 4-8-2
    1 IHC 4-6-4
    1 IHC 0-8-0
    1 P2K RDC
    1 P2K GP9 w/sound
    2 P2K GP9 w/o sound
    1 P2K SW1200
    1 Atlas FP7
    1 P2K 2-8-4
    1 Hornby A3
    1 Bachmann 2-6-2t

    Plus numerous locos in the backshop, including, but not limited to an F7, RS-3, F40PH-2, GP-9.

    So my personal collection is 23 plus those in backshop. Almost 1 per sq ft.

    This is also just off the top of my head. I probably have more, but am 1000km away from them.

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