well guys, i think this is about it........

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by trainsteve2435, Jul 4, 2004.

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    looks very nice, keep up the great work :thumb: :thumb:
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    Sorry trainsteve, I am unable to post the plan tonight. My computer is only a 166 with 32 megs RAM and it's taking forever to load the images. I hate to post just 1 or 2, I want to post them all at once so it looks like it'll be tomorrow (Sunday) sometime.

    Back to the plan!

  3. hello trainclown, sorry for the mix up. yes, you are right, the room is 11'3" wide. i re measured it today after i read your post. sounds like im gonna have a nice size layout by the time your finished with the track work, 297', i like it already. im still thinking about useing code 83 rail for the main instead of code 100. only problem is that all my shinora switches are code 100:( . oh well, i will still probably replace what track i have with code 83 anyway, and just take my time and re buy code 83 switches to go with it. i really excited to see what you have come up with. thanks!
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    Well TrainSteve, there are going to be a lot of switches in the lower staging yard. If I was you, I would make all the track that isn't on the main level code 100. Just to make it easyer and cheaper and........well.........you already got the switches. Ran into a little clearence problenm I had to sort out, but fine now. I also put in some tunnel portals to show you where the mountains basicly go. I'll draw a sketch of what I see in my head to give you a better idea.

    3rd PlanIt always gives me grief when ever the designs get this large, and I have to keep re-loading the program. But...............such is life.

    Post to come tonight (Sunday).

    TrainClown ;)

    EDIT: Sorry. Can't be tonight. Puter froze up and gave me grief, and now it's to late to continue tonight. :mad: :curse: :( :confused: :cry: :oops:

    Monday for sure!!!!!!!!!! :rolleyes:

    TC :sleeping:
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    There is nothing wrong with a couple of loops. What I am mainly interested in is building model buildings and to have a couple of tracks run by. My room is only 14 x 12, so my space is limited, and my buildings are many. One thing I try to do is copy parts of another's plans, like the yard, and go from there. It is not easy for me either, and to be honest, I have no track laid as yet, I am just starting up again, and have been 'starting' for about 3 months now with barely a small piece of bench work up on one wall.

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