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  1. Kjev

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    Just awesome. I can do graphic art, but I've got to admit, 3D modeling is beyond me.
  2. wlock

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    Lord manimal, on papekura viewer you can reset the texture, taking it off.
    And yes, the final model will be available for free right here

    I'm done remapping the parts, doing a test build now. All parts have been resized so they match the other warhammer models( more or less).

    I use reference pictures I found on the net to scale the model to a Baneblade, but I do not want to make it too small and compromise on detail
  3. Kjev

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    Just wondering, will it be Marine-less? I'd kind of prefer it that way, but YOU are the designer, and hence, God. I'd be tickled all sorts of colors no matter how you did it.
  4. Kjev

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    I know you, Armorman. What are you up to now? And when to we get to see more teasers?
  5. wlock

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    Yep, no marines. they would be too small to model
    But i'll do make the bolter for the top hatch.

    here goes a screenshot of the central part of the land raider on papekura.
    I'm adding the rear texture but the overall apperance looks good so far

    Again, no logos so it is a neutral mesh that can be customised later

    the size has changed as well so now it's closer to the size of a Leman russ than a baneblade

    I'm importing the two side elements into papekura then i'll do a new test build

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  6. Kjev

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    Looks great! This will make a fine addition to my little army (1 squad)
  7. Tirick

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    That does look impressive! I bought the first of the new Landraider kits my local retailer had on sale, and it was a beauty. The price point makes it somewhat prohibitive to have a lot in an army, but a paper-model would make a great addition to home games. I'm in the process of steeling myself up to start a build of the Baneblade now; I'm keen to see the results of this.

    A few questions though... you commented on 'size' of the print, are you intending to match this to the GW model? If so, do you need some measurements of the plastic kit? If so, I would be happy to provide some. Second, are you intending to release this with textures separate, to allow us to add/modify at need, or make separate releases for the various chapters?

    Excellent work, I look forward to the progress of this build!

  8. wlock

    wlock Member

    The testing went well, i even detailed a bit the central module. I'll post a few pictures later.
    Tirick, it would be really cool if you could post a few pictures of your model and the mesures of the plastic kit. It's really kind of you to propose that.

    Also any idea of the size of the Raider compared to a Leman Russ tank or a baneblade?
    A picture of those side to side would be really usefull to scale the model to the existing Warhammer paper models already available!!!

    I would like to make the model as close as possible to the real thing size and with as many variations as possible (weapons and colors). I will provide the textures for everybody to modify. Hopefully i'll make a Land Raider from a chapter and post here how to change the textures, on photoshop or Gimp

    I don't know Warhammer very well so i'll have to figure out what the painting is supposed to look like. I'm open to suggestions on what chapter to do
  9. Kjev

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    I have attempted to start the baneblade (my printer ran out of ink). Here's a few tips: The page size in pepakura is set for A4. If you'd like it in letter size (8.5x11 inches), I have one saved as a PDF file, but it's the desert skin.

    Flarebaffled did a great job on all his models though.
  10. Lord Manimal

    Lord Manimal Member

    You need measurements then Wlock? Accross the top, without the weapon sponsons, it's almost exactly 10cm wide. Front to back, it's almost exactly 17cm long, and that includes track protrusion. It's 6.5cm tall as it sets on a table. The weapon sponsons housing stick out 1.5cm from the side of the model, and the lasguns with their cover make the total 2cm exactly. The lasguns rotate inside of the 1.5cm housing, if that helps to clarify my meaning. The tracks are exactly 1.5cm wide.

    I think that sums up the basic measurements on her, hope this helps to get it released! I have an unbelievable number of these things, but I've got a hair up my arse to make an entire paper 40K army, and what you're doing here looks like the most promising land raider build I've seen. I can also offer to robo-ize your files to make them machine cutable if it turns out! The only restriction to making this happen is to design within 9 inches by 7.5 inches; then the conversion is easy, and I don't have to redesign your figure. ;-D
  11. Tirick

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    I won't call my paint work exceptional, but here are some pictures of my model. I've a Dark Angels army (codex), although I've modeled all my pieces as though at the end of a long and hard campaign. As such, mud is spattered all over the model.

    I have also modded my Landraider to allow transverse rotation of the autocannon turret just above the entryway. As you'll note, the lascannons also rotate freely.

    As for comparison with the Baneblade, I can't say. The one that FlareBaffled has designed looks a lot like the Forgeworld model, as opposed to the newer plastic kit, and to me (from pics) they seem dimensionally different.

    Let me know if there are any specific pics you would like, or measurements:


    *Edit* I apparently cannot post pics or links yet... not high enough post count. I wonder that the bandwidth usage here has dropped so sharply.

    If you would like me to e-mail you the pictures, please e-mail me and I will send them directly.

    I can't post a link to my e-mail either, wonder of frakin wonders. t.c.fire AT gmail.com
  12. wlock

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    It's ok, you'll get enough posts soon. I'll be looking at the mesures i have from Lord manimal. i took a few pictures of the prototype i have with the new dimentions with the model placed next to Flarebaffled models of the tank hunter, leman russ tank and the baneblade(still not finished...)

    Let me know what you guys thing.

    Tirick, can you use PM? If you send me a few side and top pictures i may even be able to place them on the model itself

    On the pictures bellow you can see the final textures for both the central module and the side modules, if I can get pictures that look more or less the same(top and side) it should be pretty easy

    finally I also have the craftrobo and the papekura version for it, tried but the model is just too big for the margins but editing should not really be a problem. Are there many people that have that machine?

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  13. wlock

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    can only post 6 pictures at a time so here are a few more
    the last two are the current textures I am using

    They already have been updated after i printed and build the model
    you see on the pictures

    Found a few errors on the structure but it's no big deal, should be corrected soon

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  14. Tirick

    Tirick Member

    Wow - Those are really sweet pictures; greyscaled at the least. Your UV (?) textures are very detailed. I'll play with my lighting and try and get some decent straight-on shots, although from what I can tell, you don't need them. Add a Color layer beneath your greyscaled images and you might well have enough, provided you have the correct transparencies. In GIMP you can also set a layer to Burn or Dodge layers beneath it instead of directly effecting the image.

    I'll check PM's, although I suspect no pictures there either... 4 posts to go!
  15. Lord Manimal

    Lord Manimal Member


    Well, I have a craft-robo and have been converting every warhammer item I can get my hands on, if it's a solid model. I was un-aware that there was a papekura tie in with the craft-robo. How does it work Wlock? Any chance I can trade robo-files for yours? ;-D I was actually considering seeing if a website would be interested in hosting the files, but after all the drama between here and papermodelers, I've been keeping an eye out elsewhere.

    I'm also considering starting up a private site to host roboized warhammer files, since everyone is so god-awful afraid of GW. They don't even allow paper models in tournaments, so why they'd be concerned is beyond me. The Golden Bolter society has had up tons of warhammer stuff for years, and never heard a peep out of GW.
  16. Tirick

    Tirick Member

    Awesome! I had never even heard of the Golden Bolter society... Thank you for the tip Manimal...

    On a side note... I think my post count is high enough that I can post pics of my Landraider for you wlock. I'll try for some good 90 deg shots of some of the key faces tonight.
  17. Kjev

    Kjev Member

    I never heard of the Golden Bolter Society either. Is there a link to them? And what does a craft robo do?

    Your baneblade looks awesome, by the way.


  19. Lord Manimal

    Lord Manimal Member

    Thanks armorman for posting that!

    A silhouette sd is the current and best version. It's basically a machine that cuts the cardstock for you. Comes with some software, and with a few nifty tricks, I've posted a brief how-to on the site in another thread (I forget where...) you can mass produce things that weren't even really possible before. Take for example support structures. I can print out and cut dozens of identical pieces that can be layered to make cardstock of any thickness, and by varrying the cuts, you can make laticework bridges, support structures etc that was just not feasable before. Nevermind the speed involved. I happen to like OneMonk's paper models, but the detail took forever to cut em out by hand. Now I make the files, print em up, stick em in the machine and can generate entire warhammer fantasy armies in hours, without lifting a craft knife. ;-D
  20. Tirick

    Tirick Member

    Here are some direct 90 Deg shots of my Landraider; let me know if you need some more, or close-ups of some specific areas:


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