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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Mortarion, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. Mortarion

    Mortarion New Member

    I have always had a fascination with armoured trains and bringing them to the 40k universe isnt all that hard, so I started a project making an armoured train for the Imperial forces, the pics of my first attempt are attached.

    Its all made from card and basic junk it has it drawbacks as a model.

    Although its ok, its not quite wide enough and does not look heavy enough, so I am working on a new version, I will post more pics of the new version soon. I am also planning a full blog on the subject too if there would be anyone interested, although I do enjoy talking to myself.

    Anyone have any ideas that can be added to the design or weapons that one would find on the armoured train?

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    I'd mount a Leman Russ Turret on a car and a set of whirlwind missiles. Also adding a land raider style side turrets would be cool.
  3. mysteroid

    mysteroid Member

    Great job!

    Reminds me of the armored train from an ancient PS1 game called "Einhander".

  4. Mortarion

    Mortarion New Member

    The engine is based on the one off of ghosts of mars. I think the whirlwind could look good mounted on it. I have the new Locamotove engine almost done for the new train, I will kepp you informed
  5. Mortarion

    Mortarion New Member

    here are some pics of the locomotive so far. All made of card.

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  6. Patron_zero

    Patron_zero Member

    That's very cool and very original, thanks for sharing !
  7. wow very good:thumb:
  8. Tirick

    Tirick Member

    That is brilliant! Very good for nearly any terrain project, and potentially great for reinforcements or objectives.
  9. FlareBaffled

    FlareBaffled Member

    If you download my LandRaider add ons you can have parts for various weapons I made to turn the Land Raider into a Razorback/Damocles etc. They are all in self-contained turret forms that you could just glue onto your train.

    Another possibiliy is to download hte Dreadnought and use the weapon options available for the arms too.
  10. Mortarion

    Mortarion New Member

    The painted engine

    Here is the
    Fully Painted engine to the armoured train. Its mounted on its tracks with lamps on the bottom to give the model a little more detail. The train is armed with the bank of 6 Heavy bolters on each side. The Camouflage is different from what I first planned which was a blue, instead I went for a cream mix of bleached bone and codex gray with the pattern made of gray and black. Done in lines. I used this camo on a Imperial Thunderbolt fighter and quite liked it so went for this as a overall paint job for the train.

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    looks nice!
  12. PRO-PAIN

    PRO-PAIN New Member

    Here is the
    Happy to be here!
  13. cyclonus

    cyclonus New Member

    Excellent model! Any templates?
  14. Arsen NonLupin

    Arsen NonLupin New Member

    Is it result of your imagination? Or some types of armored train described in the rules of original wargame univerce?
  15. can't_decide

    can't_decide New Member

    Interesting idea. I think you've pulled it off quite well.
  16. Mortarion

    Mortarion New Member

    Thanks for the support, I have been working on a gun/troop car but I keep getting sidfe tracked with 2 Ork stompers, but I will keep on with it and post an update.

    Again I love any ideas you can give me for this project.
  17. Hats

    Hats New Member

    Stompas you say? Are these papercraft as well or plastic models?
  18. aly

    aly New Member

    Wow, armoured trains...well done.
  19. matzieq

    matzieq New Member

    Do they still use armoured trains in the 41st millenium? Was there a STC for them? :)
  20. Rashura

    Rashura New Member

    What about a wagon where two sides split open, set foot on the ground for stability and exposing a huge artillery gun?

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