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    Hello All,

    I have been sitting in the back row on this project to avoid pestering from lurkers only looking for more free models they can sell. And also to avoid dissapointment when the inevitable stall occurs :(

    I hoped to have had it avaliable round or shortly after Christmas but my unfortunate accident left me unable to complete the project. I'm happy to announce that it is in the final stages. I've been conspiring this project with Janx who has done quite a lot of work on it already and he's cooking up a few more bits for it to.

    What is it already?

    While I was waiting on new parts for Janx's VF2SS I had the thought to do re-colors of the VF-1S from SF PaperCraftGallery. I thought it would be a quick little project that would only take a couple weeks, 3 tops......................yeah right :p

    I ended up making a ton of little improvements and re-worked the Gerwalk quite a bit. I also produced Battroid parts to as well as landing gear and the correct VT-1D version :D Janx made a few mods to as well as designed the GU-11 Gunpod, Super Armor, and is still working on the rest of the payload weapon sets. Oh the DYRL schemes have been done to and the Striker Cannons for the DYRL VF-1S Fast Paks has been designed but I'm currently still un-able to test build them due to my broken fingers :(

    I have sent a select few some files to do trial builds to see if anything needed improvements or clarification of instructions ect. Of those only 1 has been building so I have to go on his input only. I've test built them extensivly so further testing is not needed.

    Oh before some web-nazi decides to take a deep breath and blow their little whistle on me for altering SFPCG's model let me shove my boot in your mouth. I contacted the original designer and have got his permission to do this. What was that? Prove it? Here you go,


    Ok I've rambled on long enough :p On with the pics!


    Note these are pics of the prototypes and parts have been changed in a lot of cases. For instance the fighter in these pics has the old nose and intakes before Janx did a change to the intake and my final version of the nose.

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  2. Getter1

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    Arms continued.

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  3. Getter1

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    Here we have the Grewalk. Note this one has the Fighter mode B.Pak. I made a bigger B. Pak as an optional part for Gerwalk and Battroid. The last pic is the Gerwalk's shoulder joint.

    The larger B.Pak can bee seen on the rear view of the Battroid.

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  4. Soaring

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    Wow, sweet build! You and Janx really outdid yourselves....again! :) Keep it up!

    EDIT: Dang, while I was typing the above another update was posted and I must say, that second post containing the battroid blew my mind off. Literaly, I can't find it!
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    Here we have the test parts for the VT-1D laid on the test fighter unit.

    2nd shot is the comparison with the regular 1 seat canopy.

    3rd shot is the VT-1D Battroid body test. I had the test build 80% done and soilled my tea cup on my desk. I managed to sve 3 parts and had to re-build the rest :p I'm suprised at how well I held my normally bad temper :p

    4-6 are details of the VF-1A head. I made the gun rotate :D

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    Here we have the back of the A head, the Battroid (with VF-1J head) holding Janx's GU-11 Gunpod, the Battroid with Janx's Super armor on, the Gerwalk upper leg details, and the VF-1S head (came from another VF-1S model avaliable on the web. I had to widen the "mouth" area). I have yet to hear from that designer on permission to use his model's head. It is from the un-textured VF-1S fighter mode model found here,


    Hey Soaring,

    Glad you likes :D I lost my brain a long time ago and don't want it back :p

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  7. Getter1

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    Here we have details of hand holding the GU-11. Note the GU-11 here is an un-textured test version. Janx has since textured it :)

    Also we have the test build of the Super Fighter. Note the nose and hip blisters here are 3D where as the original had them as printed on details. I left the printed ons intact in case you don't want to do them 3D. You may also see the opening for the head (VF-1A) dosen't quite fit the contour of the head. That has been corrected. That "head cradle" was fitted to an older version of the A head that I wasn't happy with. Finding bits like that is what test building is all about :p

    I have to date done bout 41 color schemes. All the TV versions, DYRL (minus the Ostrich and Elient Seeker....yet), and somr from the Robotech Battlecry game and the Revell Robotech Changers schemes (minus Orbot....again yet).

    Janx has done several schemes and has more planned so there will be plenty to download in the future so saty tuned ;)

    That's it for tonight folks, hope you all enjoy the pics as much as I had doing this project :D


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  8. MOS95B

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    Wow!!! Even as a test buid, those look better than the p*****c one's I have built in the past!!
  9. ohgodwhy

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  10. 57townsman

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    Wow that's really looking nice, and its good sized too. Looks to be about 10 inches in length?

    You mentioned the Elint Seeker and the Ostrich versions, are they in your plans too?

  11. Getter1

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    Thanks for the compliments :D


    The original files are PDFs and I can't get A4 cardstock so I don't know exactaly what size the original model prints to. The files I've created from the original are Bitmaps and when printed on letter size stock at fit to page they came out exactly 1/72. That was a nice suprise. The original designer (Shunichi Makino) based his design on the 1/72 plastic kits by Hasagawa so Janx and I stayed with the Hasagawa styling to match his intentions.

    I'm planning on building a bunch perhaps in 1/144 scale as the 2 plastic Zentradi kits I have are 1/144.

    I'm getting the rest of the files ready tonight and will be mailing Janx a disk with them on for a final editing. He will then submit them to a Moderator for the download section. I think it best he do that part as I still have a dial-up connection and would take an eternity for me to get them all up :p

    Well back to work :D

  12. Getter1

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    Doah!!! Just realized I didn't answer the ? bout the Elient and Ostrich. Indeed they are on the to do list as well as the YF-1R from the Battlecry game (just a new head). However they are on hold ATM as I need to do test building as I go for the way I design. My healing fingers are holding me back so I'm pushing to get what's done so far ready for download.

  13. Janx

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    Lol I just know I have a heap of stuff coming my way (ducks and hides)
  14. greenelf1967

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    I must say i'm totally blown away by your work... so clean and tidy... sir I bow to you ;)
  15. Getter1

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    Oh yeah :p You can't hide, I know where you live :p
  16. Getter1

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    Glad you like it :D

    I used MS Paint for the parts. Everything is precise. I used the cordinates and a lot of geometry. I do the same thing as CAD users do. I just do things the hard way :p Can't do cones though, that's where I turn it over to Janx ;)

    Now if anyone knows how to make and lay out a pattern for cones and spheres using geometry let me know. I can produce stuff faster if I ever figure that out. Of course learning a CAD program would take less time but I'm resistant to learn them for some reason :p

  17. Stev0

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    Wow, that's gotta be the best VF card model ever. I think it's tops from plastic kits I have had.

    *remembers horrible Revelle kit*
  18. Janx

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    Even with one hand his card work is so clean I could scream in fits of jealousy, I'll stick to creating on a pc it saves all the rubbing out and ink getting every where :p

    BTW also have an armoured valk body kit on the go but like all the other things until this Fox model is done I am a bit tied up.
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    I got to say I had the same thought myself :p I had broke out a couple plastic ones in the painting stage I had done yaers back to try and get them finished and when next to the paper Battroid I was wondering if it was worth finishing them at all?

    Are you refering to the 1/72 transforming Valks by Revell? I rather liked those but transform em a couple times and you got a floppy mess :( Other thing, the gun couldn't mount to the underside :( Other than that they weren't bad, probably the best kit before the hasagawa kits.

    Below a pic of 2 plastic 1/100 Battroids. The VF-1A is an ARII (worst of the plastic kits) and a Ban Dai transforming Super Valk (the worst Ban Dai kit I've ever built). The ARII A-Type is a kit bash. The head and legs are from the Battroid kit. The arms are from ther Gerwalk kit (hands from Battroid), and the body is from the gerwalk kit chopped up and re-assembled into Battroid form. A ton of work. The transforming Ban Dai J-Type had so many mods to it done just to get it to work properly as well as a lot of cosmetic mods done. I have 2 more of those on the shelf to..........shudders :p

    The paper ones build fast, are fairly accurate and look quite good IMO Not to mention you caan build a fleet of em at a fraction of the cost of plastic. Also you can have all styles and color schemes to match :D :D :D !!!


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    I hope to have the hand out of the splints on Tuesday. I'm out of the cast so I have some function back but it will be a while to get the stiffness out completly :(

    Hmmmmmm where's that bar of soap?

    I'm itchin to see that armor set :D :D :D Yes folks there will be an armored Battroid via Janx!!!


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