VF-1 Valkyrie

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    Just wondering, I was able to download the files at the download section but when I try to open it with winrar, all I see are numbers and lot of number...

    What am I doing wrong? Or rather does my PC lack the proper program to open it?

    Help and thanks in advance! :wave:
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    Hola... vi los modelos y los encontre geniales... pero hasta ahora no se de donde puede dscargar una VF en modalidad battroid... puedes ayudarme con eso?

    de ante mano gracias... excelnte trabajo :thumb:

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  4. Getter1

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    That looks like the VF-1D from robotechworld.

    Here's the build I did of the VF-1D from the modifications developed by Janx and myself.


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  5. Getter1

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    More shots.

    Also a teaser shot of the Battroid armor developed by Janx. It will NOT be hosted here but is over at the "other" site ;)


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  6. Elliott

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    Thanks for returning and continuing the thread here as well Getter1! Noticed and much appreciated. It would be great if some of the other participants in this thread would return as well. Here's hopin'.
  7. ThunderChild

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    Oh, I'm sure they are lurking around here somewhere... :D
  8. ekuth

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    That is just simply a superb model. I've been in love with the Veritech for over 20 years now.

    Also, please feel free to post links: This is not the Spanish Inquisition anymore, folks. :rolleyes:

    The armor version will be hosted on www.papermodelers.com... so head on over and have a look! :thumb:
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    :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o
    :eek:I'm wordlees
    Great change for a great place
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    I was wondering if there were any plans to do transformable versions of these models in the future?

    Excellent work, by the way.
  11. ThunderChild

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    The problem with transformable parts, is that, because the medium is paper, you can't really get the moving parts to stay where they are suppose to, so you end up with a floppy heap of parts that don't really stick to one mode or the other.

    Having said that, it's not impossible either. There is a member on the other forum that seems to have done a nice job in getting the Shunichi/Getter1/Janx Veritech to be transformable.

    However, with the amount of valks already available, I seriously doubt that one will be designed and released that way anytime soon.
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    Meus parabens!!!
  15. gbwhitman

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    My models look like poorly drawn stick people next to yours. Thanks for sharing your skills, I have a benchmark now!
  16. Dopedidu

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    An incredible build.

    I wish i could build papermodels like you
  17. canage

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    Old post I know but these are some of the best robotech vf fighters I have seen. I wonder I could work in flexible plastic in some areas to allow for transformations. Will prob build one and then see what parts can be converted.
  18. l0rdg

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    amazing VF fighters...I llike the detail

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