U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-C

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    My final bit of detailing was to add some running lights. I used Glamour Glitz Hot Fix Crystals size 12ss (3.5mm) I found at Hobby Lobby. They have these in a lot of sizes and colors and I think they make really good running lights. It is hard to tell light color on some ships because of their limited time on screen. And I'm convinced this isn't something the model makers always paid attention to. So, my goal was to put lights only were they are confirmed and for consistency I'm sticking with the Port Red/Center Clear/Green Starboard layout.

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    looking great so far, will be following this one. :D

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    Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing the details of the build. You should be very proud of your - C.
    I must admit - I can't get past the original or the the first movie version, they will always be my favorites!;)
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    Thanks Guys. Like most, I'm also most fond of the original Enterprise. But, I've learned to appreciate other ships. The last post shows the completed version of this model, but I'm working with Legal01 on a new vector art version that addresses a lot of the issues I found with this one. He's doing the actual design and it should be done in the near future, so stay tuned!

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