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  1. mcusanelli

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    :wave:Hi ! I wanted to share some photos of my Defiant from Star Trek DS9.The model is from John Leslie's site, and was a pleasure to build. The colors and graphics, as well as the design, were really amazing. The only additions I made on the build were some layered details here and there, and after reading about how some studio models are detailed and weathered with pencils, I just had to try it! I also added panel lines and painted various sections using photos from the web of the actual ST film miniature. Oh, I also wanted to share a tecnique that really makes card modeling easier for me, as my fingers are too clumsy for thin paper.....I print the parts on 67 lb cover stock, seal it with Krylon Triple Thick Clear Glaze, and then laminate the sheet to another sheet of cover stock with Scotch brand craft sticks. This results in a very strong, plastic like part that doesn't dent or wrinkle, even with a lot of handling during construction. This also works great with cereal box cardboard, for bulkheads and internal structures, as well as building up details.
    Anyway, I hope this info is useful.

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  2. dhanners

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    That's a fine-lookin' build! You can see why the ship got nicknamed "The Porkburger," though....
  3. very nice build very clean too
  4. mcusanelli

    mcusanelli Member

    Thanks guys!:thumb:
    Your right, it does look like a flyin' burger!
  5. cdwheatley

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    Very very fine work indeed. It looks flawless! I've had this on my hard drive for quite a while but haven't got around to attemptimg it yet. All I can say is that whenever I do I just hope it ends up looking even half as good as this one.
  6. Paragon

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    Very nice looking. Any chance you could take a picture with something else to give us a sense of scale?

    ARMORMAN Guest

    I'm glad you liked it. Ninjatoes did a great job with the hand drawn design, which is why I fixed some design errors and redid the graphics as well as make instructions.

    Were the instructions clear enough?
  8. cmags

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    That looks excellent. Probably one of the best Defiant builds I've seen so far. Keep up the good work! :thumb:
  9. THE DC

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    Scale??? We dont need no stinkin' scaling....

    The size of the model may be easy to report, but the scale... well, that's a different matter!


    The creators at DS-9 were not very consistant in their depiction of the ship, either in weekly [excuse the pun] optics or in printed references. Even the main shuttle is a source of debate, given its observable size and visually displayed launching point! [The Sound of her Voice] This is one ship that's a head scratcher for nitpickers!


    In any event, the model IS excellent and I greatly enjoyed seeing a build of it.



    The DC
  10. Paragon

    Paragon Active Member

    Hah, well when I asked for scale, I mostly wanted to know the size ;)
  11. THE DC

    THE DC Member

    Ha, Ha!

    We wouldn't want to resolve a long term debate, would we Paragon!

    Your modeling skills are excellent, your designs impeccable, but you can't fix everything!



    The DC
  12. sneaker

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    First, that is an excellent build.

    Second. would you possibly have some build pics?:twisted: I ask because I just attempted this one last week.......twice and could not get it to build. Of course I did not get past the first piece (the nose). Now you have confirmed it is something I did :confused: . anyway Great build and perhaps I will give this another go.
  13. mcusanelli

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    Hey guys,
    Wow! Thanks for your kind words! As far as the size is concerned, it's exactly the size it was downloaded at...length 12 3/8'' x 8 7/8''....It was tricky to get some of the parts, especially the nose, together....I used super glue and did a small section at a time on this part especially. There's a lot of camoflaged mistakes on this model...hope you can't see 'em! I think this has to be built withe the method I described- laminating two sheets of card - or something similar - or else I would have crushed several sections during the construction. I also patched some areas I couldn't get to fit with strips of paper or ''plates'' where necessary. Oh, and by the way, Armorman - the instructions were excellent - very clear - don't change a thing.
  14. Mifune73

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  15. THE DC

    THE DC Member


    True, but what about the leg room?

    The DC
  16. Mifune73

    Mifune73 Member

    You're right. Starfleet regs forbid sliding bucket seats...
  17. THE DC

    THE DC Member

    Yesssssss sir!

    Yea, as long as they don't ban bench seats.

    :-oThat took all the romance outta the 80s!

    The DC
  18. 22point8

    22point8 New Member

    Very nice work! Did you hand paint that or use software to edit the textures and colours?
  19. hibiki_konzake

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    wow another model i have to build. great work


    Model comes pre textured. :mrgreen:

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