Touring the JGL (and NYC)

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by Gary Pfeil, Mar 18, 2007.

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    It is a big layout! If you're at one end of the basement, and you hear the whistle from a loco at the other end, it sounds like miles away! When a 2-8-8-2 at the head of 40 coal hoppers, with another 2-8-8-2 at the back door, can make multiple circuits of the layout, and never put a wheel on the ground, you know the track has been layed well.
    Great pics Gary, it's good to see you back here again. Oh, the JGL hopper has quite a few miles on it now. Funny though, it seems to always be in the company of a Nantahala Midland boxcar.
    Tell Blake I said HI!
  2. Gary Pfeil

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    Steamhead, I just took a look at your bridge, great job! Having built one awhile back, I can really appreciate what a great job you did with it! Nice looking layout too!

    Hi Pete, that was a fun night! Other than some goofs, things went well. And your train was most excellent. Come on back, there's more!

    I've spent most of my modeling time working on some locos, but I built another tree, got some other things to try in that regard. I'm going ahead with the river scene and only need a few trees along the bank so by the time I start getting better looking trees I'll have all I need. Actually, when I looked back at the last photo of the river scene above, I thought the trees work pretty well against the backdrop and I'll use what I've made for sure.

    Thanks for all the compliments!
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    Hey Gary,
    Looks great. Check you pm's.
  4. Matt Probst

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    : Doin' fine.thx. Gary! I always keep you in mind and I'll get out your way one of these days!!


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