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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by stephen.irl, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. Gearz

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    Stephen ~ newbie shmubie, I recon you building like a seasoned modeler. Great job on the TOS Raider, it may be a tricky build, but you guys did a brilliant job of it. Baltar would be Proud !
  2. stephen.irl

    stephen.irl Member

    I don't know. I'm thinking about doing some vipers even smaller (mostly to see if i can) :twisted:. Maybe only the Mk2. It was ok to build.

    Gearz just got me a new raider so heres a few more pictures. Thanks Gearz

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  3. stephen.irl

    stephen.irl Member

    Just a few more pictures because I got snap happy.

    By the way, for scale, each box on my matt is 1cmX1cm.

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  4. Kjev

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    OK, I really have to ask. HOW do you physically put these together? I'm fairly dexterous, and I still feel like my fingers are clubs, even when I'm building a larger-scale model.

    Do you use a magnifiying glass? How do you make them look so good?

    Really, how?
  5. stephen.irl

    stephen.irl Member

    Tips for tiny building

    Here are my tips for tiny models. I am by no means an expert. These are only tips I've picked up or learned for myself so there is probably more and better tips out there already so here we go:

    1. Tools
    The tools in the picture are the only ones I've used for these tinys.

    - Knife blade is very important. I use no.11 swann-morton surgical blades (usually a new one because they're really sharp and a new blade won't buckle the paper when you’re cutting. Also the tips don't break off. If you have blades with the tiny tips broken off you might get away with it for bigger models but they're useless for cutting out small parts). Handle is your choice. Any really that you like. I like my cushy xacto. You really do need good blades though.

    - I have two pretty fine tweezers. Mostly use one for holding small parts and placing them. I use the second one sometimes when the part I'm gluing things too are also really small.
    **A handy thing I do when working with tweezers and small parts is I rest the heels of my hands on my matt as opposed to holding the tweezers and lifting them up to eye level. This stops my hand from shaking. Any shake in your hand at this size makes putting these small parts together pretty hard.

    - I use the pointy thingy with the blue handle for scoring usually but you can't really score at this scale. For the tinys I use it for shaping and curving. The toothpick also does the same job but the blue handle thingy is better. The tweezers also have a curve on them leading down to the point. I use them for shaping too.

    2. Paper
    I don't use card at this scale. I use regular printer paper, 80gsm. Just regular paper. I'd never use it for normal models because I like stronger card but at this scale thicker stuff is just too hard to work with. The ordinary paper is the easiest to work with.

    3. Glue
    I use PVA glue. Can't really offer much help here. Whatever you like using as long as it doesn't leave marks. I know the PVA can leave marks but I only use really tiny amounts. That’s important too. Don't use too much or else you'll cover the whole model.

    A lot of it is down to the models themselves. Gearz has done a really good job designing. Most of these don't have many parts and there pretty manageable (with patience). For now, only the original series stuff are available. There new stuff are still at the test phase. The original stuff is here on Ekuths thread:
    Give them a go and post you pictures here.

    Think that covers everything. I don't use a magnifying glass but I suppose you could if you wanted to. My eyes are ok at the moment. Haven’t wrecked them.... yet! If I think of any more tips I'll add them to the list or if you have more questions give me a shout.

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  6. Kjev

    Kjev Member

    Awesome! Thanks a lot. Now. . . . as soon as Gearz gets the Hammerhead done!
  7. ThunderChild

    ThunderChild Active Member

    Truly amazing models!
    I'm currently on a galactica marathon, watching all episodes. I may just try my hand at these! Good job Stephen!
  8. Elliott

    Elliott Senior Member

    For more help in how to build tiny look at this thread here .
  9. stephen.irl

    stephen.irl Member

    This is the last model Gearz has designed for me so this will probably be my last mini for a little while. I'm gona try my hand at designing and make my own tiny heavy raider to finish off the set. Maybe even a tiny Galactica (have to learn to design first though). There doesn't seem to be many tiny models out there. Anyone know where I can find more?

    Anyway, as I said, The Raptor is the last one for now. Thank you again to Gearz for designing these. He's been really great :thumb:

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  10. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member


    And yeah, Gearz is a designin' fool! He's the man!

    And responsible for many papercuts, cursing, eyestrain... sign1
  11. ThunderChild

    ThunderChild Active Member

    Here's mine...

    I just loved these little guys!
    Had to share my builds...

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  12. Gearz

    Gearz Member

    Very nice builds TC :thumb:

    All we need now is bunch of 1/450 Galactica builds to give them all a home.sign1

    ThunderChild's BSG Shuttle, in the picture above, is now included in the BSG Mini Model Pack available HERE

    Great work on these guys :thumb::mrgreen::thumb:
  13. grifco2000

    grifco2000 Member


    I continue to be amazed and greatful for the work you guys put into these. :eek:

    Unfortunately, Ive done a rotator cuff and cant even make any of my favourite hoby subjects at the moment, (doctor is saying up to a year!!!!wall1) Just when I had finally started the 3-foot galactica too. Anf Gearz, your original big G is fantastic, she graces my wall at home and I have made several for my son and my nephews. thanks again guys:wave::thumb:
  14. hawkman67

    hawkman67 Member

    Wow! once again way coolies:mrgreen: Now we just need a mini original shuttle and the set would be complete. it is kinda fun to collect and build the little guys, they certainly don't take up much room, that is for sure. and heck you could do an entire squadron and still not take that much space. on the subject on minis... any thought on the ISSAPC to go with the Hammerhead?
    Thanks Again, Gearz.
  15. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member

    Mini original shuttle? Hmmmm.... you mean like the one I did for my Big G mega build? :mrgreen:

    I'll see if I can find the bloody thing and shoot it to Gearz... although mine is a reduction of some one else's model, so there might be issues there. Let me look into it. :thumb:
  16. Gearz

    Gearz Member

    Thanks grifco, glad you liked the tos bigG. Its always good to hear a model has made a fun build. Sorry to hear about the rotator cuff mate, that would suc big time. I'd gladly swap a broken leg, rather than loose the use of an arm + hand. Hope you heal up soon cousin. :wave:

    Hey Jeff, K'Jev has a really nice ISSAPC already done, I'm not sure if it could be reduced to 1-450 though..? I'll scope it out.
  17. hawkman67

    hawkman67 Member

    Coolies!! thanx Gearz! I have that model and it is very nice one of these days will build it.
  18. hawkman67

    hawkman67 Member

    Ekuth; Yes that would be the one! I love the model fo the Big G:mrgreen:
  19. Kjev

    Kjev Member

    Hmmmm... It was drawn in Illustrator, and all the master files were on my old PC which more or less went kaboom.

    All that exists now is the PDF file. BUT, I think I could redraw it, and I planned on adding a few more options for the cargo section (gunship, missile boat, Heavy Lifter, Bomber, etc.). I also planned on doing a smaller version eventually, and re-skinning it for a Battletech dropship (1:285). If anyone wants to tackle the reduction process, feel free. I'd like a copy though!:mrgreen:

    I'll take a look at what I've got and see what I can do about those extra options, too.
  20. stephen.irl

    stephen.irl Member

    Cool. Mini shuttle. Thanks Gearz and Thunderchild for making this one available :wave:. Another one for the collection. Good work on your collection Thunderchild. They look great.

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