Time for the wife?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by csxengineer, Jul 7, 2003.

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    My wife has no interest in trains, but at least appears interested when I show her the fruits of my labor. She's very supportive of my hobby, for my birthday she bought me a couple engines and a box of stuff from Micro Mark (all stuff I picked out). I've said this before, she knows she could walk in to any bar and find men whose wives wish they were at home "playing with trains".

    She watches quite a bit of TV, after we got married I tried working on kits in the TV room while she watched TV. Unfortunately for us, it was a plastic kit and the cement fumes gave her a headache. Now that we have a house I do my thing in the basement. Just as well, I found the TV distracting, and working on a snack-table didn't cut it too well. Plus if it was light enough for me to see what I was doing it made too much glare on the TV, which didn't help her cement-induced headache.

    She also does needlepoint, and doesn't mind me raiding her leftover thread for train-use.

    We've actually worked out a good system, I don't require her to go to train shows with me, she doesn't require me to go clothes shopping with her.
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    I am not married but have been with my girlfriend for approaching 2 years and we recently have moved into our first house together.

    She has no interest in the operating of trains but is very enthusiastic about making the scenery, especially trees, when i have the loft space cleared ready for my new layout.

    I always try to support her in everything that she does and she knows that i will never be too busy to be with her because of the layout.

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