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    Anyone with Acrobat Professional can open the PDO on the PC and print to PDF. I do it all the time at work, and take the PDF home to the MAC.
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    Good ones...

    If you start at the top of this one there are a number of thunderbird-like models on the EXTRA page. Click the fourth button in the menu bar at left.

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  4. Gixergs

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    Hi Pete, nice TSR2 skin I look forward to taking her for a test crash!!.:twisted:
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    The Aquaphibians and Lord Titan

    Right, Gixergs!

    The Aquaphibians! I remember now.

    I think I actually have a big reel of spliced WALTON black & white Super 8mm STINGRAY silent movies stashed away somewhere in the attic - I have to go look for it, to experience these magnificent fish-creatures again, as well as the WASP puppet crew. It´s time to get the ol´movie projector rolling again . . .

    Bengt :thumb:
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    Original 'FAB 1' Rolls Limo/Sub

    Hey guys,

    I know this is the STINGRAY thread, but wouldn´t it be really cool to have Lady Penelope´s pink 6-wheel 'FAB 1' limo as a paper model, perhaps with a heat-molded plastic top/canopy . . ?
    This is the one I mean - the 'original' Rolls-Royce FAB 1, with the long engine hood:


    NOT THIS recent strange soap-shaped one:


    Would that be something that you would be interested in attempting, Gary?

    That would almost complete the Gerry Anderson-inspired fleet of Thinderbirds card models, wouldn´t it?

    All the best from Stockholm,
    Bengt :thumb:
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    Hi Bengt, sounds like a nice evening Super 8 Stingray maybe a small sip of something or indeed a large gulp!.aussie Lady Penny's FAB 1,was Rolls Royce approved,one of the few independent builds to be so and so it was allowed to have the proper grill and Spirit of Ecstasy Emblem. The live action film well lets never speak of it or it's vehicle's? again..EVER!!!.:curse:
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    Hi Pete
    Back in the stone age when i had an atari STFM I used Imagine 3D modelling and rendering program to design my models ,then came the PC and 3D modelling ground to a halt.I found the PC version of Imagine but forgot how to use it!
    I stumbled across Metasequoia and found it easy to use
    For unfolding I use Pepakura............
  9. Rrrrhababababaddbaa ...TB5 theme music?

    Here's an Orbiter mesh - may be of use for some talented person?

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    Ooooo yes please
    where can i find it
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    Woo Hoo! you know we were all thinking your name when Some talented person was mentioned. Enjoying building the TSR2 as well so thank you for that.
  12. and use the search engine - it's a biiiiig library. UMC2 can convert and use IRFANVIEW to convert the DDS textures....
    or I send you an .mqo file.

    I've been having a look around. No luck with a FAB 1 or a Zero-X mesh
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    Me please....pretty please:eek:you mentioned Super 8mm film and Stingray all in the same sentence WOW... that's one of my SPECIAL HOBBIES Bengt ! what have you got in your collection and what type of projector do you use ?
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    Ayup mate. She's really easy to crash test but awesome to fly. Trust the build is coming along well my friend :thumb: Regards your mate Pete :wave:
  15. peter taft

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    Thanks for the info friend :thumb: Regards Pete
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    Stingray on Super 8mm

    Hello Peter,

    Well, you will get me going on this subject . . . just tell me when to stop!

    Apart from some short copies of the Stingray series and Thunderbirds, and some cartoons like Popeye, Mickey Mouse from the late 30s, or Donald Duck from the 40s, I also have a couple of full-length feature films on Super 8mm. The finest in my collection would be the 1933 release of KING KONG. It is a superb Blackhawk copy with a high quality optical soundtrack, which I bought in the outskirts of London in 1981. When I want to watch this type of sound film, I use an ELMO ST1200 M/O projector. I have also recently bought a very fine Beaulieu 708 EL projector (eBay in Sweden!), with magnetic sound, an adjustable shutter, and 700 meter reel capacity.

    I also have a full-length Super 8 version of David W. Griffith´s silent masterpiece from 1916, 'Intolerance'.

    I used to make quite a lot of Super 8 movies in the late 70s and early 80s, when I was working at a cinema lab here in Stockholm.

    Still being something of a movie nerd, I have a couple of functioning Beaulieu Super 8 cameras (silent and magnetic sound) and I also recently bought a magnificent Canon Sound Scoopic 200 SE 16mm camera from a cinematographer (also eBay in Sweden!). I plan to shoot in both 16mm and Super 8 this summer, and edit digitally in Apple Final Cut Pro, after a telecine of the film negatives. These days, several professional, fine-grain VISION 2 and 3 negative films are available from KODAK in regular Super 8 cartridges, which opens up a fully professional editing approach even to this smaller format:

    In the US, for example, Super 8 has become the preferred medium of skateboard enthusiasts, due to the unique possibilities of slow-motion cinematography, of up to 80 fps (Beaulieu). Furthermore, in the US, there are many labs catering to Super 8 filmmakers - Pro8mm in Burbank, California (formerly Super8 Sound), can scan Super 8 film to full HD resolution, direct to portable hard drives or to CDs/DVDs:
    And Dwayne´s Photo lab in Parsons, Kansas, still process the supersharp Kodachrome films in Super 8 or 16mm (at least as long as the people at KODAK in the US still make them in 35mm):
    Kodachrome films are actually black & white films (hence the thin, fine-grain, sharp emulsion), and the color dyes are added in the extremely complicated K-14M process.

    Have you seen the filmmaker magazine 'Super8 Today', by the way? It is published by Super 8 enthusiast filmmaker Chris Cottrill in the US and it´s currently the only magazine of it´s kind in English. The German magazine Schmalfilm, used to have an edition in English, Smallformat, however, sadly, it is gone now, since about two months back. I am a regular subscriber to Super8 Today and I can wholeheartedly recommend it, if you are interested in technical issues (cameras, projectors, telecine, editing), or what is happening around the world, re. film festivals, new film releases, filmmaker interviews, etc:

    All the best from Stockholm,
    Bengt :thumb:
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    found the model and more!!!!
    now i need to find a UMC2 download please can ya help!!!!
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    Doh ! found it should`a looked closer to home !
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    next problem!!!!
    i cant get UMC2 to load orbiter msh files and just crashes with an error something about "NTDLL"

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