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    Hey Jimmy that structure looks fantastic could you share a few of your details with us rookies. I'm trying to make a farm/barn scene and love the look of your siding. I want it to look like it was all made by handtools. Since that is the inturpitation I get when I look at yours it would fit perfectly.:D Again great work. And by the way I love the lights also I think it's definately something to consider.
  2. Matthyro

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    I am honoured to have my name on the sign Jimmy. The finished building looks great.
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    Hi Belg ... as my layout will be early logging my thoughts for the buildings were " Utility " rough wood planks from the saw mill,very little planed timber,hand tools... Yes... As we have very little access to Hobby shops,most of what we make must come from our own work shops, I have used my Bandsaw to cut very thin strips of wood, some Pine and some of the harder woods which we get here ( Sepele mahogany) The blade in my saw at the moment has about 12 teeth per inch so it gives me timber which is quite rough a little sanding soon fixes this, I cut the basic structure from corrigated cardboar(as per Matthyro ) and the sit for hours glueing on the siding plank by plank. either flat as in the top floor of my building or Clinker built ( as we used to say in the Navy )that is half lapped. Some of the roofs have been shingles each one layed by hand (as per Shamus )But for that building I used somethink my wife had in her kitchen drawer, those wire things they use for tying the bags used in the deep freeze I will start a new buiding next week and take photo's as it progresses, attached is the photo of the building, a barn - Blacksmith

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  4. Matthyro

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    A real beauty Jimmy. Nicely done. Worth all the time it took when you see it finished.
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    Jimmy that is an outstanding little building! :)
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    Jimmy another great structure! I was hoping that you could expand on your info a little more. Or do you have a reference on where else to look for this? I'm trying not to be a pain but just trying to learn.If I understand correctly you cut every small stick of wood on your bandsaw and then glue them on your substrait made of cardboard? As you said you where building another structure if you could show a few pictures of the wood and other items you use I would probably grasp the concept much better.Can't wait to see the progess.:)
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    Hope I did not give the wrong impression .Its a picture which I got off the Internet to use as a reference for my new project If mine looks like that I will be very pleased

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