star wars 1 to 1 scale weapons/armor models

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  1. tk3470

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    I uploaded the full body pep with generic head and hands I did not use the head or hands for mine that was just in there for size so this version I never scaled or finsihed the unfold so anyone can scale it to work for there build
  2. mapleman

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    Hello Tk3470
    The HIC file is in-fact a HIC-Letter-pdf Adobe Acrobat document file.
    I think you have may placed the 1 to 1 scale printout of HIC not the Pepakura file.
    I may be wrong. But every time l try to download the file l get the full size printout of the 2D HIC.
    Thank you for your time.
  3. pulsar

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    Just a quick heads-up, someone posted pretty much all of the Star Wars costume pepakura in one file on here's the link: costume

    WARNING: This file is huge and takes a while to download. Enjoy!
  4. mapleman

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    Hello all
    I have tried to build a template of the HIC side panels; but l am having no luck.
    I don’t know how to use Pepakura designer program and l don’t even have a clue how to do one of those 3d models to us with Pepakura program.
    The way l have attempted building the template is very old school. Getting the measurement from a blueprint and drawing lines on paper and cutting out the shapes and folding and gluing them together. This is very slow and l have to make eight of them.
    I am aiming to make the side panels out of 200/220gm paper with some metal washers and other small metal parts to go on each of the different panels. The panel dose have a same bases, but each panels have different small parts, some parts would be paper others would be metal.
    The paper parts will be sprayed with silver metal spray cans and the metal parts added last with super glue.
    I would love to make a full size HIC costume as light as possible. It will be part of my Han in a slab costume. One side will be the HIC attached to my back as l will be wearing the Han Solo (ESB) costume on the front.
    The frame would be made out of light wood with steel rods along the back to help me hook the costume on to my shoulders and clip on to my waist
    The front panel will be part paper, polyurethane foam and clothing and potting mixture plus other stuff too.
    I looked on the internet to understand how to painting the final model to give it the carbonite finish.
    Does anyone know of any 3D file of any part of Han Solo in Carbonite that l can use on the Pepakura program. Please post web links or e-mail file, as l can NOT found a 3d HIC file on the internet.
    Thank you for your time.
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    how did this turn out?

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