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  1. paulhbell

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    I am not sure who sent me this, now. But I know that it was a member from cardmodels.net, so thanks. It was a while ago.

    I had a spare hour last night so I made this for my 3 year old nephew. When he came around today I gave him it and he loved it. I went in the kitchen, I could hear my niece laughing, so I went back in the living room and my nephew was jumping up and down on the spider saying die, die, die. sign1

    I was glad it only took an hour to make. It was about 8 inch's long and is now dead.

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  2. Master-Bruce

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    I think he's found his calling as a Pest Controller!! LOL

    That's quite cool Paul, My girls are terrified of them so building on of those would be one big no no in my house.

    Nice build buddy.
  3. dustey

    dustey New Member

    lol.. to bad you cant remember were you got it... it would make a nice halloween prop for me..
  4. knife

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    There can be no better ending for a paper model than in the hands of a laughing child.
  5. cgutzmer

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    I think the first one I made for my son (he was 2) lasted all of 5 minutes. It was an easy box looking car that he decided to monster truck (it was the squash o car) with his tonka dumptruck! Cool build, wish I had it!
  6. Mark_1984

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    Nice looking model Paul - I wish I could knock them out that quick. Glad you managed to snap it before it died ;)
  7. paulhbell

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    This is an after photo. It's a bit flat now.

    I have had a look back through my old emails and found who sent me the spider file, sent him a email last night to find out if he had any info on it, but I have not a a reply yet. If it's ok with Chris or one of the moderators I will send the guys email address and the pdf files so they can have a look to see if it's ok to post the spider file on here. All I know is The file has german writing on it. There is on copyright or names on the file, but I don't want to upset anyone by posting the file with out permission.

    I will still have a look around the web myself aswell.

    If either Chris or a mod want's to look just let me know.

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  8. PID

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  9. dansls1

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    Thanks for the link PID. There's also a sea turtle in their download archives, for those of you who like turtles ;)
  10. paulhbell

    paulhbell Guest

    Thanks Pid, saved me some work looking. Also show's how it go's together properly.
  11. dustey

    dustey New Member

    ooh thank you .. gotta make a few of these up quik so i can put them here and there on halloween night :)..
  12. elf

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    my nephew is going to pee himself when i give him this....he doesnt like bugs *smirk*

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