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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by cn nutbar, Oct 20, 2006.

  1. doctorwayne

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    Thanks for the kind resposes, folks. Nutbar and I are both pleased to be able to entertain you with our efforts.

  2. CCT70

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    Who made that Business car? I'd love to build something like that for my RR.
  3. doctorwayne

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    Business car Tyandaga was built in the shops of the EG&E.:rolleyes: Actually, the car is a slightly modified Rivarossi heavyweight observation car. I used some sheet styrene to modify the two paired windows to the right of the service door at the front end of the car, then added some roof detail to convert that area of the car into a galley/kitchen. Most of the underbody details are scratchbuilt, although the heavy generator, a/c equipment, and UC brake gear are from PSC. The car has interior partitions (made from sheet styrene), and some basic interior detail. The window shades are also styrene.
    Here's a photo of the Grand Valley's business car Rockhaven:


    And the opposite side:


    Rockhaven is an Athearn heavyweight observation, shortened, and with a completely new underbody.

    There are some more views of these and other cars at:

    kitbashed headend equipment

  4. steamhead

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    Whoooa there...!!!
    How'd I miss this thread??? Truly amazing stuff...!!!

    That's some of the best modeling around, anywhere!!! I do take some comfort in seeing that your layout and mine have something in common...a CV truss bridge. That's where the similarity ends.:cry:

    Thanks for letting us share in your accomplishments!!!sign1
  5. UP SD40-2

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    AWESOME passenger cars Wayne!!!:thumb: thats one of the(MANY)things i admire SO MUCH about your layout, you detail EVERY piece of equipment. that makes each piece you have REALLY STAND OUT!:thumb: FANTASTIC work Wayne;).
  6. CN1

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    I never tire of looking at your work.:thumb:

    I think its high time you submit those shots to a RR magazine or two:wave:

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