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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by cn nutbar, Oct 20, 2006.

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    Wayne, I love seeing pics of your layout, and in this thread I've seen a couple new areas
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    Again, thanks to all for the comments and questions. LoudMusic, the tracks are connected to the rest of the layout and are operational. I couldn't find a good picture of the shop, even in a panoramic view of the area, but here are a couple that I did locate.

    The track at the lower right hand corner connects with the other track diverging to the right, which in turn leads, to the right, to the loco shop supply track and a caboose/work train storage track. That flatcar with the tall stakes is parked just outside the front doors of the carshop, whose roof (removeable) is just visible at the bottom centre of the picture.


    Here's a somewhat better view of the shop, in a scene not seen when viewing the layout. The view looks east, with the camera sitting on the north Main. The track diverging to the left leads to the coaling tower, seen in the previous picture. The carshop itself was made from the walls of a Faller single stall enginehouse. I hacked some of them up in order to make brick end walls (the kit's were wooden), then used most of the remaining wall sections on the side facing the aisle. This "annex" was made from Evergreen board and batten siding, to cover the resulting gap in the wall. It houses work areas, parts storage, and a lunchroom for the workers. There's a small brick annex on the opposite side for the foreman's and clerks' offices, and some room for record storage. You can see some of the "junk", plus the derelict loco, just past the end of the building.


    The lumber load was built-up from basswood strips (sides, ends, and tops only, the centre is hollow to conserve material) and was staked and braced according to a drawing of the prototype. I applied a thin wash of Floquil (orange and yellow, I think) to tone down the whiteness of the wood. Despite the fact that it's appeared on this car in several photos :oops: , it is removeable.:D

    Fluesheet, you've got a good eye. (on my monitor, everything looks green:rolleyes: ) The insulators were painted with Aqueous Hobby Color #H89 Metallic Green, made by Gunze Sangyo. I was looking for something similar from either Testors or Pactra, but found this in the model car paints at the LHS.
    The poles themselves probably got a couple of swipes with a razor saw, then a wash of Floquil. I have some much more accurate telegraph poles by Rix. The crossarms, sold separately, are moulded in transparent green: you simply paint the arms a suitable wood colour. I'll be using them on the upper level of the layout, when it gets built.:rolleyes:
    As for stringing wire, I have done it on a photo diorama that I built many years ago, and found it quite effective visually, even though I used waxed thread. I bought some E-Z-Line,
    which I plan to use for making some TiteLock wire fencing, but it should also be useful for wires. The diameter is .003", good enough for telegraph wire, and heavier gauges are available for power lines. (Fairly pricey, though.) While the wires can certainly get in the way, the main reason for not stringing them was that the scenery along the tracksides is not yet complete, and I also need to install that afoementioned fencing around the fields between the Maitland River and Chippawa Creek. I haven't had the need to clean track, except after making scenery, so wires could eventually be installed. MadCow has made very effective use of them.

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    A little more photographic information on the track layout in the area in question has come to light. Mister Nutbar has e-mailed a few pictures to me that show things a little more clearly.

    First up is a view that shows the back end of the carshop. it also shows that I wasn't kidding when I said it was right at the edge of the layout.:D That's the foreman's and clerks' offices, right at the edge of the world.

    Here, we're still hanging around at the edge of the layout. The locomotive in the front, at the extreme left edge, is sitting in front of the carshop, while the doubleheaded locos at the front are headed towards the main line.

    In this view, the carshop is visible just to the left of the coaling tower, while that's the locomotive shop roof in the foreground. The low altitude from which this picture was taken attests to the fact that Barney Secord has nerves of steel....and a brain to match.:rolleyes:

    The last photograph, snapped by young Mister Nutbar as he stood at the front of the carshop, has quite a few odd elements to it. Looking along the track, those doubleheaded locos to the right appear to be coming out of the loco shop's supply track. Hidden behind the lead engine (EG&E 4807) is the caboose and plow track, which runs alongside the shop building. That out-of-scale piece of lumber, sprouting from the shop roof, is a support for the double-sided backdrop - straight on the right, and curved to the left. That patch of black above the shop roof, and also visible through the coaling tower supports, is the south staging yard at Dunnville, and all of those brick structures in the background are also in Dunnville, which, by rail, is as far as you can get from these shops in Lowbanks. It also appears as if the Chicken was right, as part of the "sky" over the city has fallen. And, finally, for all those trains that don't make it around that curve at the layout's edge, there's a big orange "backshop" standing under the layout at Dunnville.

    I hope this better explains how things are arranged at Lowbanks and my thanks to my good friend cn nutbar for so generously providing the photos.:wave:

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    Wayne, THANK YOU for posting those "over all" pics of your layout!:thumb: i ALWAYS wanted to see just how you had some of those areas:thumb::D . it shows a lot of the layout we really dont see. THANKS!!!:D -Deano
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    I have seen behind the curtain! The wizard is a mere man! It's all smoke'n mirrors!

    It's nice to see that your layout is indeed not perfect - just really close to it :) I can't remember seeing pictures previously of the exposed edges or ceiling. You've done a very good job with the photography to enhance the illusion of realism.

    I really like your engine facilities. It seems busy and "important" instead of just stuck over on the side somewhere. How deep is that benchwork? It looks like maybe a couple feet.
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    More AWSOME pictures guys!!:thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
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    Thanks again, on behalf of both cn nutbar and myself. Here's something that I just made up (it's a bit crude, but it is my first try.:D ) that may help to explain where the pictures have been taken. Below, is a not-to-scale drawing of the layout room. There is no trackplan included (I'll try to do one on paper, then, when I get a scanner, I can post it...this "Paint" program is pretty clumsy in my hands.:oops: ). The towns modelled so far are included, along with the major water "hazards". My monitor is acting up today, so I'm not sure what colours I've used, but the darker areas (Elfrida, Lowbanks, Port Maitland, and staging) are all areas that will have a second level built over them. That lumpy-looking peninsula near the upper right is the grade to the upper level - it starts in South Cayuga and ends where the darker colour at Elfrida begins.
    As I've mentioned before, this is a very odd-shaped room: total floor area is about 560 square feet.
    LoudMusic, the benchwork at Elfrida and Lowbanks is 30" deep, while the end at Chippawa Creek is 36". Port Maitland and staging are both 21". The planned second level will be the same depth as the level below, with the exception of the area over Port Maitland: that will be 24" deep, widening to 30" at the doorway, to accomodate a fairly large locomotive servicing facility. It'll be a "watch your head" area when you enter the room.:D


    I hope this helps to clarify the situation with the photographs.

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    Wow, cool. I always like seeing layout room drawings. MS Paint is clumsy in anyones' hands, so no worries there.

    I think you've got one of those situations where I could see myself watching trains creep around the room for hours on end.
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    WOW!!!! Well, Wayne and CN Nutbar, after viewing all these great photo's and all that great modeling, I am in "overload". You both do awesome work.

    Wayne... what make of turntable is that on your layout?

    Once again, guys... thanks for sharing such excellent modeling and photography!!!

    Bob :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
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    CN Nutbar, Wayne, what can I say that has not been said before about your outstanding photography and modeling? Thank you for sharing. I like the pics that give an overall view. Looking forward to see your trackplan, Wayne, this will be really interesting (BTW, the colors you used for the diffeerent areas in your drawing are green and grey :D )
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    Bob, the turntable is scratchbuilt, and is manually operated, as it's well within reach from the edge of the layout. Here's a link to a thread that gives a bit more info about it:

    Thanks for the colour update, cnw1961; that's what I see now, too, but when I was making the diagram, the green area showed as bright yellow. I'm really looking forward to the time when I can update this antiquated equipment. :D

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    WOW !!!!! thanks everyone and especially doctor wayne for all the great responses---in my opinion,this is what makes the gauge such an outstanding web-site---just post a thread and see what happens.with that thought in mind,here's a couple more shots from doctor wayne's world for your consideration


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    Beautiful realistic angles. Love it!
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    W O W!!!!!! jawdrop
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    Great Photo's. Thanks for sharing them with us.:thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
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    Those are fantastic pictures! I like the below bridge level perspective too! It almost looks like the photographer must have been treading water in that first shot! :)
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    Lookin good:thumb: :thumb:
    What better way to go.. your out on the river fishing by the bridge and along comes some trains!
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    You two are like the dynamic duo! Great modeling and great photography, as usual. I'd love to be able to see this layout in person.

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    i COULDN'T have said it better:thumb: . :D -Deano
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    WOW! Simply Marvelous. Truly Inspirational.

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