Some 3D models for figure design.

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    Because it's extremely difficult to make a good 3D humanoid model from scratch, and because some people have asked, I have uploaded a few metasequoia models to my site for those who wish to get a head start in figure design.
    The majority of the models are for educational purposes only, use them as reference and part donors to create your own figures.

    There are 4 models you can freely use with my permission, edit as you wish, these are models I have created over a number of years.
    They are
    masterfigurek2 : generic female
    bunnyc2 : which is masterfigurek2 posed
    fatfairy : one of my abandoned fairies
    figure2 : another generic female. (lower polycount) (3Mb) (4mb)

    Have fun.

    Note: All models were/are freely available from the internet, i have simply gathered them in a single place.
  2. Lex

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    Thanks for sharing the files :D
  3. K_2

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    Thought you might like em :)

    sorry about the image links in the WK folder - thought i fixed everything, guess not, but images are there anyways.
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    I tried to post a "thank you" this morning but my connection cut out. Anyway, "Thank you". :)
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