Saturn V Main Engines

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  1. I'll post the second stage, the rest of it is Ton Notboom's sat v found on lower hudson valley
  2. Wait, people. Do not post files you didn't make yourself into the download section.
    You need permission from the designer. It is better to put a link here to the place where you can find them.

    And that's here.

    That way you don't "steal" the designers work.

    keep up the good work everyone!
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    Link did not work.

  4. Thanks for the heads up. I went back on the thread with the links to try good, I also copied and pasted in to search engine and brouser and still nothing???????
    Theres not really a web site that hosts these. What you see in the thread is what I copied from my last search.
    I stumbled across these twice now just doing a search for anything done by greelt on his sat v stack. have some splainin to do!
    PK....I don't understand how posting the files in the down load section is stealing. If everything is found free on the net, other free websites, and the designers name is printed on the parts. The pdf files are locked and unchangable? :confused: Any way they didn't upload correctly so I deleted them, redid the search and posted what I found.

    SW I just went back on and played around with the links, I figured out how to use it to get to the downloadable pdf, I edited the link thread with the instructions. :wave:
  5. Checked the link - it works fine. The place that holds the pdf files is an open directory. (for those of you not familiar with that: it's kind of looking into someone's private server.) You can download them by ctrl+clicking on the links and save them to your own computer.
    This way you don't "steal" the work of a designer. Before you put something in the download section of the forum, you really must have the permission of the person who made the design. Otherwise it is kind of stealing.

    Alfonso Moreno, for example offers a lot of very good shuttle stuff on his own site, AXM Paper Space Models. But when you would download one of his creations and put the pdf into the download section of the forum, you do not give him all the credit he deserves. besides, that way people might miss what else he has on his site.
    If I had a weblog and people would copy paste content of it to their own site without telling me I would be angry. The fact that it is free doesn't mean it's public property.

    The same with the Saturn stage. As long as Frederic Bouchar has not given you his blessing about stashing them into the downloads on Zealot, you should not do this. He might not have a website to host it, just an open directory, but that doesn't mean you can mess around with someone else's work without his consent.

    Placing a link to the site or location where you can find the stuff is the best way to get other people to download the model.

  6. Got it . That makes sense. :thumb:
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    Thanks for the link.:thumb:

    I've been mustering up the guts to do this myself...still working on that.

    Beautiful models, guys.
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    I finally have got round to doing a little more on the 2ND stage,this time I have made the thin ring that goes round the under side of the stage,the one with the holes in,
    the fuel pipes (from the 5 engines) go through these as well as several other smaller pipes,Ive still got loads of "bits" to put on inc brackets that hold the main fuel pipes onto the cone section,
    But at least Im up and running with it,as its been sat on a shelf gathering dust for several weeks :rolleyes:

    Pics soon

  9. :needpics:

    I've just been waiting for an excuse to use this!
  10. ovation

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    Here's a pic I grabbed earlier


    The top cross section (inc ring) isn't glued on yet,and the bottom black/white section is to be printed again (more deeper black)
    Also the ring with the holes in will be done again as a few of the pipes didn't match as good as I want,
    The other 4 engines are going to go on last,

    Ive been making the 4 "units" to the right (on the pic) of the engine feed pipes,I hate making stuff that's small :rolleyes:

    I wish I had the time to start from scratch again,as the whole thing would look better,Ive still got to finish my SkyLab (surfdukes) so Ive no time left :eek::mrgreen:

  11. This looks really great, I wanted to build mine this way but I wanted to be able to attach all the stages together. I couldn't see a way to do both, I actually made locking tabs that hang down into the top part of the stage below, you actually place the stage above into the one below and turn it to lock the two stages together. If you don't do something like this you won't be able to move the build around in one piece with out it falling apart.

    If you look close you can see the tabs on the bottom of the third stage and the top of the interstage. The second stage have the locking post inside between the outer skin and the tank.

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    Engine Details

    Love the work with the J2 engines with the detailing(fuel lines,tanks,etc.). This is some beautifully detailed work!

    Thank you,

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    Nice work Budy
  14. Epsilon 9

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    Jealous! :mrgreen:
  15. uiop

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    Very detalied.

  16. Rigobert

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    nice model, very detailed.
  17. ynot

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    very nice work
  18. Thagomizer

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    Well done! Someday I might get to this level of construction; until then I can watch what others do. Thanks for posting this.
  19. ovation

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    Its been a while that I dropped in here,
    my 2nd stage almost got finished before life took over,
    Its still sat here just needing the 5 engions glueing in etc and a load of piping and wiring fitting,
    I guess the more detail you want to put in the more you find (lol)
    Still finishing my 1/12 scale Mercury (Atomic City) and just got a Vostok and Gemini both in 1/24 scale to build up next,
    But the large Saturn V is next up to complete the 2nd stage engion section :)
  20. Space Boy

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    That's ASTONISHING!!! Absolutely unbelievable! Thanks for sharing!:-o

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