Saturn V Main Engines

Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by ovation, Sep 11, 2010.

  1. ovation

    ovation Member

    Hi all,
    Ive been patiently making Greelt's Saturn V,well..the engines and lower section,
    I did make 1 of the engines with its display stand and I guess it went from there :mrgreen:

    Making 5 of these things was quite repetitive but although its not as perfect as I intended I'm still hoping to continue with the full 1'st stage body ....




    This has been one of the biggest models Ive started on and it feels a bit daunting when I see pics of the completed model,

    Ive already made the upper stage J-2 as well,

  2. bulldogowner

    bulldogowner Destroyer of Spam Moderator

    Excellent build!! I have to admit, I've started the engines on this a couple times...sadly I haven't gotten this far. More pics of the rest of the build please!!
  3. SAustin16

    SAustin16 Member

    Beautiful build of a truly beautiful and detailed model. Greelt's model will be sought after for years to come. I only hope he continues developing the rest of the stack. I second Bulldog...please continue to post your progress.
  4. willis398

    willis398 willispsu

  5. I love the detail on those engines. Great job! From where I'm standing it looks clean and pretty well made. Curious if you'll build further up. I'd try and make use of other builders' kits. Like Craig Hewlett's CSM.
  6. Ridgeback

    Ridgeback New Member

    Beautiful job! I hope Greelt can be persuaded to complete production of all the stages of this amazing Saturn V kit.
  7. ovation

    ovation Member

    Thanks for the comments,But all I did was print/cut out/glue :mrgreen:
    full respect to Greelt for the model,

    Im waiting for a realy detailed 2nd and 3rd stage engine section before continuing,

    JJ-UK :thumb:
  8. jparenti

    jparenti Member

    Very nice work! I still need to get back on top of my model -- I only have three and a half main engines done, and I haven't even started on the stage itself. :)
  9. I hate to burst your buble but Greelt has'nt been heard from in three years. But not to worry, I just completed the 1/48 Sat V stack, I had to do some searching but I found parts from other designers that will work. Fredric Boucher has the second stage based on greelt's design, however he doesn't have the top ring that goes before the tapered section so I used the top ring from Ton's second stage and used ton's third stage and SM. You can find ton's stack on Lower Hudson Valley web site. I used Greelt's J2's on the third and second stage and made alot of my own parts, I'm including some photos.

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  10. Here's a few more. Oh by the way your going to have to make some locking tabs to hold the stages together or you won't be able to move it without it falling apart, or disassembleing and reassembaling it every time you want to move it.

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  11. ovation

    ovation Member

    It is one seriously big model aint it ?
    I was thinking about making just the engine thrust structures and fairings and leaving out the actual long fuel stages,
    It'd look a bit strange .. but at least it'd fit in the room :mrgreen:

  12. Yea, it's big. over six feet standing on Greelt's launch pad. My wife gave me alot of static as it grew... where you gonna put that thing...where you gonna put that thing. I told her if she didn't quit worrying about it I would get rid of her six foot curryer cabinet and all those little nick nackes and put it right there.
    As far as only building the engine and display or thrust structure, yea, well thats all I thought I was going to do. if you do decied to go all the way, count on building the launch pad because the engines won't handle the weight with out damaging them.
  13. ennder

    ennder Member

    Very nice build :) Looks better then mine.

    Closet Astronaut yours looks good too :)
  14. ovation

    ovation Member

    "Fredric Boucher has the second stage based on greelt's design"

    Is this a free kit too ?
    If so have you a link please ??

  15. I didn,t keep the link. the way I found it was by searching the net, I think I found it through a thread I was linked to from the search on paper modelers forum. It doesn,t have all the parts needed, I had to incorperate some of Ton's second stage to complete it. If you PM me with an e-email I'll try to send it to you. I'll dig around again to see if I can find the link.
  16. SWA2873

    SWA2873 New Member

    Beautiful Job!!!

  17. ovation
    check your e-mail I shipped the parts you needed. Also I think the reason your search and mine was no good is I spelled fredrerics name wrong, correct spelling....Bouchar.. not er.
  18. For those searching for stage 2 "Frederic Bouchar" the previous spelling was incorrect. This is based on greelt's design.
  19. mysteroid

    mysteroid Member

    Ovation, great build! :thumb:

    I've got the engines done myself and am working on the thrust structure. I was going to cross the upper stage bridge when I got there.

    Closet, your build looks marvelous. Any chance on a separate build thread or some more specific details? Also, could you upload your parts to the download section (since many of us will probably need them!)?

  20. ovation

    ovation Member

    Thanks,got the email and the parts,
    (it was in my spam bin :rolleyes: )

    .. just ran out of ink :rolleyes::mrgreen:


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