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  1. Getter1

    Getter1 Active Member

    Rear view

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  2. Getter1

    Getter1 Active Member

    another side view at a diffrent angle

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  3. rlc321

    rlc321 Gundam designer wannabe

    this model looks really good is it ready for release i would relly like to have a go at it. if not how far has it progressed.
  4. Getter1

    Getter1 Active Member

    I've started the final layout of the parts sheets. I still want to redesign a few parts here and there, but for the most part it's done and needs to be laid out for printing on color sheets (no edge coloring required :D ).

    I've been working between it and my Rolland C.II when I have the energy after work :( Overtime, snow-removal, and being on call really sux so all that saps me out all week long. I am trying to get these kits ready but don't want to rush it and make a bad kit.

    Funny I just finished watching the 2nd season of the catroon this robot comes from and I'm feeling inspired to get serious on it agian. I just ordered the 3rd season (which I think is the last, but could be wrong).

    Getter 1
  5. Bad_Scorpion

    Bad_Scorpion Member

    I had forgoten about this one. Nice to see is coming along.
  6. rlc321

    rlc321 Gundam designer wannabe

    any luck so far hows it going i wiuld like to build this myself. keeo uo the good work
  7. Getter1

    Getter1 Active Member

    I've started some of the re-design parts already. The mods have to be applied to the parts sheets as my design method is somewhat strange.

    Patience Grasshopper,
  8. rlc321

    rlc321 Gundam designer wannabe

    yes oh master i shall show patience, bows humbly to master. maybe if i can take the pebble from your hand i might be able to call you getter1 instead of master lol.
    thanks for the update.
  9. rlc321

    rlc321 Gundam designer wannabe

    hi ya getter1 hows the progress so far any luck???
  10. Getter1

    Getter1 Active Member

    Hey rlc321,

    A little bit here and there. The upper body is currently under going a redesign in the back area and the front was brought out further. It's close to completion but lately I've been trying to clear off the desk of several on going projects. I'm trying to stop the bad habit of starting a new project when many many others are lying around unfinished :(

    The new model kit that arrived in the mail today is not helping with that problem either. Here's a link to the new "plastic" kit I got,


    Anywho, I've not forgotten Ryujinmaru, just slowed down on progress :(

    Getter 1
  11. rlc321

    rlc321 Gundam designer wannabe

    i know

    i know that feeling i am doing the sd zz gundam the full exs gundam build a white base model from gundam 0079.:grin:
    but any way it does look good cant wait to build it.:twisted:

    ps the plastic kit looks great

    pps also i am designing my very first gundam paper model i have blue prints of the nt alex gundam left side, back and front views. got shoulder pads done and i am working on the bottom torso.
    wish me luck on that as i am learning metasequa as i go..

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