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    Wolv, the eraser (pencil eraser seems to work better, but the gum eraser also works) has worked on all the Athearn units I've tried it on so far, locos and rolling stock.

    With as many railroads as you're running, Wolv, five MOPAC locos might be enough for now. If you're looking for more info on the locos they run, the best website is as follows:

    I've also got the book "Missouri Pacific Diesel Power" in my hands now, so any info you want on their locos feel free to ask. I'm still assembling their actual roster as of JUNE 1980 based on the info in the book, it's taking some time obviously. So far I've got the two GP15-1's, an SD40-2, and a GP35. At the top of my wishlist is an Atlas U23B.
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    Ohhh cool! I don't have to buy anything new for that "eraser" operation then. hehehe...

    I worked out a deal on a guy that was getting rid of all his Athearn blue box to be replaced with RTR and Genesis models.

    I picked up over 200+ cars from him tonight, for as little as $.50 to 1.00 each. Man WHAT A FIND! I felt a little guilty, so I made sure to tell him they were worth a bit more, since a lot of them were still new in the box. He told me it was fine, and that he really needed the room for all the RTR and Genesis cars he had ordered for his garage space. I asked one final time, and he said to take them and go. LOL!

    I thanked him, paid him, and before I knew it, I was home in the living room sitting on the floor, with a pile of Athearn bluebox model kits surrounding me. To my amazement NOT one car will be tossed out! They all fit within my era and have no defects or missing parts.


    I was actually thinking of a target of 8 or a little more for MOPAC. The Great Northern will have fewer than that, and the CB&Q will have a higher amount than MOPAC. Next in the order will be ATSF, then BNSF, then ROCK, and then BN. I will acquire my MWELX, FURX, and a few more lease lines as soon as I hit my targets for MOPAC and GN.

    I think I have pretty much got all of my ROCK Intermodal units now. I have like ten of them so far. The majority of them are SD40-2s and GP40-2s, but I have a small amount of GP35s and a few GP38-2s.

    I came up with a new ROCK 2000s scheme...all-black units for my ROCK coal unit trains. These will match the new ROCK 100-ton 12-panel hoppers I ordered. The logo will be a simple large white "R" with blue and white "THE ROCK" slogan, and will also contain an all-light blue herald for the cabs with a cursive "coal"above the herald and a cursive "hauler" below the herald. This herald will be located directly below the engine number. The engine number will be painted in white.

    once I get one drawn, I will post the file to my website in the roster.

    The ROCK coal unit engines will be GP50s, GP60s, AC4400s, DASH-9s, and SD40-2s. I plan to build my ROCK line a little more versatile than what originally existed, and still fit it into today's modern diesel era.

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    Ooops. First of all, I meant twenty, not TEN Intermodal units.

    Second, I am a bit miffed at what parts are needed to detail the Athearns, Walthers, Bachmanns, and a couple of P2K models I recently got...

    I went to both Walthers and a few hobby stores online, and Cannon, Detail Associates, and Details West do not list what parts for what locos, at least not enough to know that you need those parts or not.

    Do you have any websites that show parts that are needed to upgrade those units. I mean, nearly NONE of them come with MU hoses or snowplows, beacon lights, coupler bars or other important details that may be needed to make the units look a little more realistic.

    Any help is appreciated here. Thanks so much.
  4. Wolv33

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    Here is the image for the new coal unit motive power. This is just the design, and the 4500 may or may not be a unit of that division.

    In other news, the MWDLRR has acquired 4 GP40-2 Wisconsin Central units and will be adding these to the MWELX fleet. These units will arrive towards the end of February-beginning of March.

    Our BN/BNSF division is also proud to announce the coming of 4 brand new SD60M units. Two of these will have BN paint and markings, and two will be decorated in BNSF heritage 2 colors. One of the BN units is due to arrive this month, while the other 3 will arrive between February and March of 2003.

    Five of eight Missouri Pacific units have also arrived on schedule. These units include an SD40-2, GP38-2, GP50, and 2 GP15-1s.
    Due to arrive later this month is another GP50 and 2 more SD40-2 units.

    Our ROCK division has also acquired some GE road power. Due to arrive this month or next are the following:

    2 AC4400
    4 C44-9W
    1 C40-8
    1 C40-8W

    The ROCK has also finished its acquisition for its Intermodal Fleet, bringing the total up to 25 units strong.

    Finally, it is our pleasure to announce a 10th road to join our corporation. Please welcome the Missouri Central to our large family! The MWDLRR has acquired 4 GP9, 2 GP35 and 1 GP38-2 plus numerous rolling stock for this new line.

    More information will be posted to our site as it develops. Thanks.

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    I just thought I would bring this up from the bottom before it got buried.

    I seen that George is done with The Gauge, as he has finally come to his 360th post. Well, that is what he said anyhow. Are we still posting to this area, or should be aware of another ROCK area that we all are conversing at?

    I can keep ya updated on my progress through email. I do not have to post here if you want.

    I miss you guys and your posts. :(

    Please lemme know. Just feel our ROCK family is coming apart.

    It would be sad to see George go, since I have enjoyed his many posts and informative articles.

    Later guys.
  6. rockislandmike

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    We can still continue to communicate here, I see no reason to change. I just haven't had much to report recently, and I've been kinda busy at work is all.

    I completed weathering on the pair of ROCK SW1500's, they'll probably make their way to work tomorrow for a bit. I was doing some other weathering on the weekend. Also received my Stewart U25B on Friday - $99.99CDN including shipping, damned fine deal. I'll be assembling that puppy sometime this week, as well as a pair of Athearn MOPAC SD40-2's.
  7. Wolv33

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    The MOPAC received their SD40-2 a few days ago as mentioned. Sadly though, the unit had not been kept very well and now it has to be returned to the shops area to be repaired. The clear glass is missing, no lights were installed, some of her paint markings are missing on the rear, one side with her numbers has practically come off, and to make matters worse, her chassis hole for the retaining pin was totally broken off.

    Not something I would expect from a new unit.

    Our purchasing has ordered the Gp15-1s from Walthers, rather than the hobbyshop I usually deal with online. Walthers had a special this month of GP-15-1s for $29.99 a piece.

    I am still waiting to hear back from TrainWorld on the huge purchase order for new units. The units I listed before have changed, and as soon as they make up their minds as to what the MDWLRR is receiving I will post it here and at the site.

    Nice to see you again. Will post later on my findings.

    Have a good one.
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    I am still here!

    I am still here. I have been busy with other things.

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    I see the lights are on again in here.

    Thats good. I know whats its like to be busy. I've been busy working on differant things for the lay-out, I numbered my 0-6-0 and my new 2-8-0 but the hearalds that I have are too small. I'll have to try some HO decals.
  10. rockislandmike

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    Finally finished the SW1500 twins, ROCK #945 and ROCK #947. That Shamus is a genius - I followed his weathering technique to a tee, and they turned out really really good.

    I'm gonna take 'em to work and position them on my diorama there for a couple of days. Will take pics when I finish the U25B (no point in getting the camera back from my bro until then).

    I also updated of my website - major changes are in the "Other" section of freight railroads; I've also added an "OER" for my freight cars which can be accessed on the "Freight" page.
  11. Wolv33

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    Cool Mike,

    I will take a visit to your site sometime today and check it all out.

    Can't wait to see your pics on your new engines. So, what was this weathering technique. You cannot just provide that much about it and not expect inquiring minds to want to know...LOL!


    I am still working out final purchasing arrangements with our various builders. I will post an update when I KNOW what units will be arriving and when.

    I do know since our ROCK division has grown, many more units are joining the fleet.

    What did you think of our new coal unit train design scheme?

    Well, time to fly. Talk to you fine gents a bit later.

    Andy, good to see you again!
  12. Wolv33

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    Oooops! :rolleyes: :eek:

    Sorry Shane,

    Didn't see your post sneek in there till I had already typed my last one.

    Good to see you too!

    Later guys.
  13. rockislandmike

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    Coal unit scheme looks very kewl, I'm looking forward to seeing pics.

    I'll refer to Shamus' weathering techniques when I take the pic - if you're curious in the meantime, his article is in "The Academy" forum.

    I notice the IHC C-415's are now in at Walthers. This month's train purchase will be restricted to one unit, as I need the rest of the room on my VISA for my trip to Trains 2002 in Vancouver. I'm undecided whether to get a ROCK C415, or an ATSF SD45 in Kodachrome (it will be the only Kodachrome loco on my layout).
  14. Wolv33

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    Pics will be forthcoming but it is up to the decal paper arriving, the new digital camera being bought, and the arrival of the new coal unit motive power.

    I'd say you have a dilemma there. Ever try eenie meenie miney moe? LOL!

    Personally, I would go with the ROCK unit, but I already have 30-some Santa Fe units in my fleet so it makes it easier for me.

    As mentioned, once the orders start arriving, my MOPAC fleet is complete, as is my ROCK intermodal. I still have many ROCK units to purchase, then I am going to start on my BNSF units.

    Mainline area has been purchased and track will start being laid in February/March. (that is if the house deal comes out as planned-managed to find one right on the tracks of the UP's Sedalia sub, and the basement is 75' long by 30' wide)

    I posted a little bit of my BN and ATSF fleet on a small display module I am working on for taking pics of rolling stock and motive power. I posted this at RR-Line and it is under ROSTER SHOTS by Tom Fassett. I also posted two new weathered car pics under my own topic in the photo forum-2 Weathered Cars.

    If you get time, Mike, check them out. They were fun weathering, and one is a RI boxcar.

    The roster pics were just to satisfy Tom's request for roster shots. LOL!

  15. Wolv33

    Wolv33 Member



    This is my official purchase order invoice. The following units will be added to the MWDLRR as of today. We are expecting delivery later this month...

    MOPAC Division

    2 GP-15-1
    2 GP-50
    2 SD40-2
    2 GP38-2

    BN Division

    1 GP50
    1 GP40-2
    1 SD60M

    ROCK Division

    4 SD40-2
    2 GP60
    1 GP50
    1 C40-8
    1 C40-8W
    4 AC4400
    4 C44-9W

    AMTRAK Division

    1 AMD103 P40
    1 AMD103 P42

    The following units will be added to the MWDLRR in February of 2003 and we are expecting delivery of these no later than March...

    4 GP40-Wisconsin Central
    (added to MWELX from Wisconsin Central)

    4 GP40-RF&P
    (added to either MOPAC Division or MWELX from CSXT)

    2 SD60M-BN
    (added to Burlington Northern Division from EMD)

    2 SD70M/MAC-BN
    (added to Burlington Northern Division from EMD)

    4 GP60-EMD
    (added to MWELX from EMD)

    6 GP38-2-ROCK
    (added to ROCK Division from EMD)

    4 SD40-2-ROCK
    (added to ROCK Division from EMD)

    In addition, the MWDLRR will begin track-laying operations in March of 2003. This process will create a double-line main that takes up 719 square feet of space. That is 8,626 inches of track!

    Later guys.

    PS Photos of each unit will be available as soon as all materials arrive and the display module is complete.
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    My wife is taking me to the train store so I can buy what ever I need. I think thats cool.

    What started this was I went to the DR's today to get out my stitches. And the DR yelled at me becouse I've been doing things I'm not supposed to,so the wife said she'd take me there to get some things and that will keep me home. I can't even drive my truck:( :( :(

    I knew that $50.00 I slipped the DR would pay off:D :D :D :D

    Well I've got some thinking to do.
  17. Wolv33

    Wolv33 Member


    Unless your layout is completed and you can run trains, the best thing I have found that keeps me busy is building kits and structures and weathering cars and motive power.

    I hate walking into a HS and trying to figure out what I want.. I pretty much always have a list of things I am looking for before I get there. For the simple reason that it is hard to make a decision with all that neat stuff surrounding you, and the Woman tapping her toe at you. LOL!

    Good luck!
  18. rockislandmike

    rockislandmike Active Member

    Hope you had fun Shane !! That'll be the day when my wife even goes into the hobby shop with me !!!

    Wolv, I'm totally jealous !! I wish I could buy all that motive power !!!!!

    PS - I think I've decided to get both locos I mentioned in a post earlier today; I'm pretty sure the wallet can handle it.
  19. RI541

    RI541 Member

    I've been building some structures, I need to see where I'm at over all. I've got the lay-out in shambles right now. Can't figure out the service yard and towns. I'm running out of room for what I want. maybe I can do a little of both in one area. then I can have two towns.

    I think all the worry of surgery scambled my brain. I'll have all day for the next four weeks to refigure out what I need to do.

    P.S. I love taking the wife with me on adventures. The store I go to next is a 2 hr. round trip. This gives us some private time to talk about the events that are going on around us. Kids,family,friends. Plus she enjoys it. She say's I'm like a little kid in a candy shop, she likes the way my eyes light up LOL:) :D :)

    If shes happy the RR prospers.:) :D
  20. Wolv33

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    I have been saving since I arrived in Missouri. I have a separate RR account, and the bank is aware of the fact that I will use it for that purpose ONLY.

    I only took out a small amount this time ($800.00) for the list I gave in an earlier post and some extra structure and car kits. Come February, I will have $1600.00 to spend on trains. By July, I should have another $1,000.00 to spend.

    February will see the mainline finally being laid in that monster track plan you guys have seen. After that, I will work on the hump yard being laid and the Intermodal facility. Next will come the branchline and the secondary yards. Then from there, I am not sure. I had to stretch it out, since 650+ pieces of flextrack and 240+ switches got expensive awfully fast!

    Of course, this is just track. Next I will worry about scenery and roadbed, which is also going to be quite high in price. I have decided to off-set the cost of the benchwork by going with foamboard for the top layer, and using 1 x 6s and 1 x 4s for the framework. I will probably go with homosote for the facia, since it is much more flexible than wood and can be curved.

    I have enough car and structure kits to last most of the winter, so I won't be too board. Hahaha! There is also weathering and decaling to be done.


    The Woman is kinda like yours. She gets a kick out of watching my reaction when visiting the hobbyshops. Plus, she has an interest in N-scale steam too, and what really makes me all fired up, is that Her layout will be completely laid and she can then work on the scenery and run trains, while I am still waiting for my mainline to get done! Oh well. hahahaha!

    While making the order to Walthers for the MOPAC power, I somehow ordered a couple GP15-1s for BN too. I have to go over to another site and see why my decals are taking so dog-gone long to get here.


    I ordered two sets of starter paper from Bel. With 20 sheets clear, and 20 sheets white, that should be enough to finish my entire ROCK Intermoal and Coal Unit designs. They said I can get the Krylon clear spray at Lowes. I wonder if that spray will work as a replacement for dullcoat. I am still trying to find something to seal in my weathering jobs, without having to worry about washing it all off with an application of dullcoat. I use chalks quite a bit, mixed with water and then applied to the cars sides, trucks, couplers, and under-carriage. Using dullcoat has nearly wiped off most of the white or light-colored chalks almost every time.

    Have a good night guys. I am glad to see you all posting here again. I was getting worried.


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