Rock Island Model Rosters

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by rockislandmike, Aug 28, 2002.

  1. rockislandmike

    rockislandmike Active Member

    Dullcote does do that, Wolv. I've found that a "matte" varnish I got at REVY (our answer to your Lowe's) does the same job as Dullcote, for significantly less money, and does not wash as much of the chalks away.

    You still have to do a couple of coats of chalking, but certainly nowhere near the same amount as when I was using Dullcote.
  2. Wolv33

    Wolv33 Member


    Got the Walthers chainlink fencing replacement parts yesterday. So now I can work on the hard-to-do task, and finish up the distrib facility.

    I am going to try that Krylon clear spray and see what that does to a chalk job. When you mix chalks with a wet brush, they tend to adhere better to the car/engine and become darker. I can use a whisk/blusher brush to blend in the chalk to the rest of the car/engine, making it look a lot better than just streaking chalk on the plastic. Then, I will try the clear spray.

    I will let you know how it goes, and provide pics if I can get that camera. I am waiting on the Woman's contribution to the other half of the camera, since she wants it to be both of ours. That is fine by me. Hey, I don't mind spending $250 on a $500 camera. LOL!

    Later guys.
  3. IMRL393

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  4. Wolv33

    Wolv33 Member

    Hiya George!

    It's nice to see you here again.

    I want to personally thank you for all the information you post. Especially this time!!

    Now I can read about home, and some interesting tidbits about the ROCK.

    Hope to see you here again, George.

  5. RI541

    RI541 Member

    I'm going to my favorite train store in Lemeonster Mass. tomrrow afternoon for another round of fun. I'll be getting some vehicles and hopefully some industrial buildings.

    I'll let you know what I get

    are you making another round?
  6. Wolv33

    Wolv33 Member

    Happy Turkey Day, Mike!

    Just keeping this thread from going to the bottom.

    I have been hard at work with my display module that I am creating for my new camera, when it gets here.

    Just last night I laid the track finally, and today after work started on the ballast.

    One question though. Is it possible to get the ballast too wet before applying the scenic cement? I noticed that some of the ballast that covers the angles on the ege of either side of the roadbed was washed off...

    Any of you guys have a good way of keeping it on or applying it to the edges?

    Thanks. Later.

    PS I will post pics of it when it is finished.
  7. RI541

    RI541 Member

    Hey Guys,

    I got a bunch of goodies from the store. Mostly small detail stuff to put around here and there.

    I got a bunch of vehicals like cars and trucks. I painted up some trucks for the service dept. I had to make up the RI hearld on the printer. I cheated and photo copied the black hearld from a micro-scale package then resized it to what I thought would look good. They didn't come out have bad. The paper is kinda thick and I thought about sanding it down but the hearld was too small and I didn't realy want to make things worse. All in all I'm happy. Just need to finish up the paint and put the tires on them.

    I also got a few more structures, Geo. Roberts Printing CO from Cornerstone, Crafton Ave. service station from City Classics and a Deer Creek- Mackinaw Way Station from Railway Design Associates. and some other goodies. So I've been working on them.

    Well I am off for another go of it. Good day
  8. rockislandmike

    rockislandmike Active Member

    Thanks Wolv, too bad about RRL hey ??? Well, Joe certainly tried his best.

    It was kewl being a moderator while it lasted.

    I gotta go have lunch and then put together an order for internettrains.
  9. Wolv33

    Wolv33 Member


    Are they GONE for good or did he just bring them down to let everyone cool off, and so he can clean up the mess left behind?

    I don't think it is fair that we ALL should be punished for a few people's childish behavior.

    Anyhow, whatcha been doin'?

    I got a lot of the ballasting done on my display module, but I am not sure I will be able to post it here. They do not allow large pics to be posted here (file size not image size). One of the benefits I enjoyed on the RR-Line forums.

    Dang! I was half-way to 500 posts when they got shut down! :(

    Oh well....

  10. rockislandmike

    rockislandmike Active Member

    I think it's done for good this time.

    Haven't been doing too much train stuff the last week or so, work's getting extremely busy and then all those Thanksgiving commitments have made it pretty tough. Hope to get back at some projects sometime this week.
  11. Wolv33

    Wolv33 Member


    You are correct. I just got the email from Joe. Although, depending on what OS he is running, he could run IIS and block out the offender's IP address, so they cannot get back in.

    I took a look at the software he was running, and it DOES work in conjunction with IIS.

    Anyhow, I am examining my options here. I am currently looking at two sets of software packages that are NOT only free to use, but are web-based as well.

    Would you be interested in a new railroad forum, if I could swing that?

    I will try to get pics of my display module when it is done. Not sure, since this forum limits an image's file size.

    Ohh, I think I got a good target roster now. I can ship that off to ya either here or via email.

  12. rockislandmike

    rockislandmike Active Member

    E-mail's kewl, wolv.

    And I would certainly help you out with any new forum you're considering.

    Might tie in very nicely with that mail order biz you were considering.
  13. Wolv33

    Wolv33 Member


    Cool! Never thought of tying it in with that. Great idea! Though, would have to keep the forum as commercial-free as possible to get members.

    I would make you moderator of the ROCK forum. LOL!

  14. RI541

    RI541 Member

    I don't know about you computer guys...........:) :D

    I wish I knew an eigth of what you guys do.... I hope you don't start a forum and forget about us.

    Tommrow I'll clean off the lay-out and do some reorganizing. Right now it's been a catch all for all the unfinished prodjects I've been doing.

    If I cant reorganize it to fit my needs I'll buid a small diorama for my newest brain storm and have it as a modual. Then when room opens up I'll attach it permenently.

    If you would send me you snail mail address I'll send each of you a car to run on your layouts. I'll need to know what era you'd like. I have alot of HO stuff here, And yes I do have some blue. But most of it is pre '75. Oh I'll need to know what kind of car you'd like too,,ie box,gondala,flat I've got a white caboose I'd like to send George. I might have another red one too. I've got two of the red Tyco's but their toy stuff. But George gets first pick on the caboose's.

    Well the meds are kicking in so I'm off good nite
  15. Wolv33

    Wolv33 Member

    Hi Shane,

    Well, I THOUGHT I had a forum package, but the software did not support multiple forums. It would have just been one big topic with a lot of sub-topics. NOPE!

    I will keep looking. I am trying to get a forum package that has chat along with it, so users can interact with one another live.

    I will keep you guys posted.

    That is a very nice gesture, Shane. If you email me privately, I will send you my snail address. Perhaps, I could paint up a MWELX car for you too.

    I THINK you can email me from here. If not, lemme know.


    Later guys.

    Ohh, nearly forgot. I have a new pic of our first MWELX unit #001, and I will put it up if you guys want to see it. Again, it is a drawing, and only temporary till I get a unit painted and decaled.

  16. rockislandmike

    rockislandmike Active Member

    Hey wolv I'll wait until you get actual photos to see the MWELX units. More of a surprise that way.

    I put together an order yesterday for, including:

    - IHC Alco C-415 switcher, Rock Island (red/yellow)
    - Athearn EMD SD45 road switcher, Santa Fe Kodachrome
    - three MOPAC covered hoppers (Athearn), and a decal sheet so I can renumber two of 'em.
    - one MOPAC caboose (Athearn)
    - graffiti decals
    - NOPB boxcar decals (I have an undec that I wanted to use for an out-of-the-way railroad that would still likely be seen in my region).

    Should be getting the digital cam back from my bro in the next day or so, and then I'll post some pics of my work diorama (including the two weathered Rock SW1500's).
  17. rockislandmike

    rockislandmike Active Member

    Almost forgot, I also picked up a couple Intermountain 2-bay covered hoppers in The Rock paint scheme on the weekend. I was hoping to finish 'em up b4 our short work week started, but no such luck what with family commitments.

    They and the Stewart U25B are next on my project list.
  18. Wolv33

    Wolv33 Member


    No problem on the pics.

    Looking forward to yours though. Sounds like you will have your hands full.

  19. Wolv33

    Wolv33 Member


    I have been following the "Gauge Railway" post, and I like the idea!

    However, the car reporting marks are a bit confusing, but I do know that we ALL have numbers.

    If you put your mouse over the PROFILE button at the bottom of a post you make, you will see that the line ends in a certain number. This number is on EVERY post you make.


    I haven't got Shane's number yet.

    As per the discussion, the first letter is the forum, the second letter is the type of car, the first two numbers is the scale. The next three or four numbers is the member, the last 3 numbers is the car #.



    That should tell you the following:

    The car is of The Gauge Railway. The car is a boxcar. The car is HO scale. The member is Wolv-me. And finally, the car's number is 001 or the first.

    They originally came up with adding engines, but I think it would be easier and more sensible if we just stuck to cars.

    Not sure what car marks are what, but this could be a list:

    B-boxcars (all types)
    G-gondolas (all types)
    H-hoppers (all types)
    F-flatcars (all types)
    C-caboose (all types-including way cars and transfers)
    T-tank cars (all types)
    I-intermodal (all types, includes stack, piggyback, autoracks, etc.)
    M-MOW cars (all types)

    Did I leave anything out?

    Let's hear what ya have to say about this.

  20. rockislandmike

    rockislandmike Active Member

    I'm liking the idea as well, wolv, although I just added my own recommendations/suggestions about numbering/naming that you may wanna check out.

    Railroads just don't include the type of car in their reporting mark, and that's one thing I'd like to do away with in the system they're speaking of.

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