Robotech/Macross - not paper, but impressive....

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  2. Correction, and of course an EBay seller will be wrong:
    This is "Robotech" but not "Macross". Three series were mutilated to make "Robotech", this is Legioss from "Mospeada".

    "...arrives with damaged parts..." It already is, look at the right chest.

    Macross is one of the "holy grails" of Japanese animation (anime), but Robotech is in the history of American dubbing and story abuse.

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    I knew it wasn't Macross, but the abused U.S. version; however, I couldn't remember the original series name that it was from.

    Thanks for setting it straight.

    BTW, I see no damage on the chest.
  4. I retract that damage, but there is something not symmetrical about the foremost right chest part. The close-up images show some putty and sanding work not done to quality in areas.

    The third series trashed out to make "Robotech" was "Megazone23".

    Let's see, this is on EBay to start with, 99.2% postive feedback out of 490, it's in Chile. 2 days left, 0 bids. Starting bid $1K.
    Overpriced, not up to quality, questionable seller, and could have been profitable under $500 if build from corrugated box cardboard.
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