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Eating tau neutrinos from a radionucleotide.
freelance engineer

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Sep 27, 2015
    1. slax000
      hello sir masamune am a 15 year old boy my name is david I'm like peru transformers in Latin America my family is a little poor man and I make my paper toys and I liked yours, if you could not send me your models transformers g1 shockwave, jazz, traibreaker, seaspray please? you are a great designer I hope I can send some of his work would be an honor for me to make some of them help me, thank you very much greetings from peru
    2. wallas303
      Hello Masamune:

      I was looking for a "Johnny 5" from "Short Circuit" paper model, I visit this forum and I read that you have it, also I read that can send that model by email.

      I will be so happy if you can send that model to me, could you? my email is

      Thank a lot.
    3. jakeswolf
      Hello Masamune,

      I'm new into papercraft and your name came to my attention when I printed a Gamera model for my son that you made. Since then I've searched and seen some of your amazing models and tried desperately to access them (specifically the Transformers models) but have had no luck with any of the addresses I've come across on these old pages. I finally saw you had some old postings on this group and was hoping you might still check this site out once in a while. I'm hoping you are still making your models available and would be very grateful if you would allow me to access some of them.

      This is my Hail Mary Pass. I hope to hear from you at your convenience.

      Thanks! And thanks for the amazing work you've done!
      Jake Thompson
    4. nav
      Hi Mr.Masamune,

      Just an update ,I'm done with Omega Supreme.It is quite extraordinary...
      Any new transformers models yet?
    5. nav
      Hi Masamune,
      I'm new arround here but I have built your Devastator model and am in the process of buliding Omega Supreme.They are both great models ,but i was wondering if you made any more models yet.
      Since you have made models from the MYOTF web page ,I was wondering if you had the Ultra Magnus model as geocities has closed down may be if you have it you can send it to me at .

      Till all are one!sign1
    6. chris24jc
      Hey Masamune!
      I'm building the awesome Devstator papercraft now, and wanted to get your permission to post pics and video of it when I'm done. Is that okay?
      I think it's a great design, very cartoon accurate, and clever with the optional pieces. Great idea! I'm working on making those pieces swappable instead of gluing in place, like the eyes and mixer drum.
      Again, great design, and thanks for sharing!
      FYI, the email and link in the PDF seem to be way old... I tried contacting you there before, but doubt you got it. :)
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    Home page:
    Eating tau neutrinos from a radionucleotide.
    freelance engineer
    Mecha, anime and female models. Ecchi, obscure robots, hard SF, government black-ops technologies.


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