Railroad name help needed

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by JimBrown, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. rekline

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    I'll give it a try,

    Rockland Regional Railroad
    Rockland and Ontario Railroad
    Roundabout Rockland Railway
    Circle Rockland Railroad
    Rockland and Brown Railroad
    Rockland Interchange Railroad

    Give those a thought. Look forward to your decision
  2. MadHatter

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    Rockland Belt Railroad.
  3. Triplex

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    That's because CN is (or rather, was) government-owned, as are railways in many other countries. Not the US, though. Okay, the USRA controlled the rail system during and after WW1, and Conrail was originally government-owned (but privatized in the 80s), and Amtrak is still government-owned. A local shortline in either country definitely wouldn't be "National".
  4. Thank you all for your suggestions.

    I do believe I've come to a decision. Several of you suggested it, and it is the one that I kept going back to when reviewing all of the suggestions.

    Keep your eye out for a new thread "Building the Rockland Belt Line". (But don't hold your breath, I'm a notoriously slow builder.)

    Thanks once again!

    Best regards,

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