question about a lift gate....

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by trainsteve2435, Aug 29, 2004.

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    Check out His system is a bit expensive, but it will make a 2'x4' module that weighs about 7# total with scenery. I saw his presentation at a GAT Show, and he had a tool box fall on one of his dioramas on the way down to So Cal from the San Francisco Bay area. The corner of the tool box rode on the module trying to dig a hole through it. The result, some damage to details on the scenery, no damage to the module base at all. I think it would be the ideal material to use to make a light weight, strong access bridge.
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    Steve I think TC has struck gold!! :thumb:
    You could put a really great bridge scene on the lift-up portion to give the layout a focal point scene. Betcha TC could whip up a design or 2 of that as well on his fancy 'puter. Definately looks like the way to go... :thumb: :thumb:

  3. hey TC, your brilliant, just brillinat. your idea is great, and the bad thing is... i stood and looked at that spot for several hours yesterday, before i came to a final decision on a gate, and i never once thought of that. thanks man! also, i think i will make it lift out, instead of swing, what do you think? thanks again!:wave:

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